President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Report Is Out

“En, I will definitely eat up mommy’s breakfast that was made with love.” The little boy then picked up the chopsticks and began eating.

Cheng Liyue answered Linda’s phone call. It turned out that Shen Junyao had requested for the draft design to be sent over to the Lu Group. And Cheng Liyue had to be the one to personally send it over.

Cheng Liyue was somewhat angry. Shen Junyao was simply outrageous. She was purposely making things difficult for her.

“It can’t be helped. I’d talked to her nicely about it. But she refused to change her mind. You’re to personally send it over or else she will call off the order. You’ve got to understand that if she goes through with this order, the company will rack up millions in design fees. The company attaches great importance to this.”

Cheng Liyue took in a deep breath and exhaled the grievances from the depths of her heart. Chewing on her lips, she replied, “Okay, I’ll go.”

“Leave your son at home. I’ll send Tang Weiwei over to your house to babysit him. She’s a good girl, she’ll take good care of Xiao Ze.”

“Alright.” Cheng Liyue thought that caring for him at home was better than looking after him at the company.

“Liyue, do your best! If you really find it difficult to handle Shen Junyao’s commission, I’ll help you out.”

“Thank you, Linda jie.” Cheng Liyue felt a rush of warmth in her heart.

“You’re welcome.” Linda then hung up the phone.

Cheng Liyue was feeling somewhat unsettled. Having her make a trip to Lu Group could only mean one thing — Shen Junyao was definitely prepared to humiliate her. And what was more, she might even bump into Lu Junxuan.

Cheng Liyue nibbled on her lower lip as she struggled with her emotions. Turning her head, she looked at the peaceful and serene little boy at the table who was eating his noodles. The resentment burning in her heart immediately dissipated.

Cheng Liyue, for the sake of your son, what grievances cannot be suffered?

Half an hour later, Tang Weiwei came over. She brought with her a bunch of toys. Cheng Liyue liked this assistant very much even though she was older than her by three months.

“Liyue jie, rest assured, I’ll take care of Xiao Ze.” Tang Weiwei was in love with this little bean.

“Alright, then I’ll leave him to you. I’ll be going to the company now. I may not be back until much later. If I’m still not back for dinner, you can just give him some noodles.” Cheng Liyue laid down the plan.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to take care of him.” Tang Weiwei reassured her.

“Mommy, you can be at ease. I absolutely won’t stir up trouble. I’ll obediently listen to Aunt Tang.” The little boy assured her.

Cheng Liyue walked up to him with a smile. Holding his small head with both hands, she leaned in to kiss him on the forehead. “Wait for mommy to return.”

“En! Goodbye, mommy. ”

Cheng Liyue left her unit and went down to where Linda was waiting for her. They headed to the office first to get the draft design. After awhile, Linda accompanied her to the Lu Group.

In the hospital, Yan Yang who was dressed in a fitted gray suit walked through the corridor of the hospital, drawing the gaze of a number of men.

She went to the office of the doctor in charge and said with a smile, “Doctor Wu, is the DNA report out yet?”

The doctor took out the report from his drawer and handed it to her. “It’s out.”

“May I ask what are the results?” Yan Yang asked curiously. She had already surmised that one of the hair sample belonged to her boss and the other belonged to the boy who had appeared in the boss’ office yesterday.

She was really curious about their relationship.

“The two hair samples that you’ve sent in, to whom do they belonged to?”

“Oh, they’re my friends’. Yan Yang bluffed. Of course she couldn’t say it was the boss’. She had to maintain his privacy.

“Well, the result of the DNA comparison indicates that these two persons have a father-son relationship.” The doctor casually announced.

This caused Yan Yang’s hazel eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets. What? The little boy yesterday and her boss had…

A father and son relationship?

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