President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Tossing It Out After A Glance

Heavens! When did the boss have a son that big?

This was huge news!

“Dr. Wu, are you certain about this! You can’t possibly be mistaken right! ” Yan Yang cautiously asked.

“I’m certain.” The doctor answered.

Yan Yang clutched the report to her chest. A pair of high heels hurried out of the room seemingly eager to leave.

Once she entered her car, she slammed her foot on the accelerator and headed off to the company.

She was still in a state of shock. Women all over the country were vying to be her boss’ baby mama. She really didn’t know what sort of character the little boy’s mother had, to be able to secretly give birth to a son for the boss. Unexpectedly, the little boy was already that big.

Yan Yang was really curious about this. But she thought to herself, did the woman know that the child was the boss’ from the start? So she deliberately had the child appear at the company? And she intentionally had the child pull out a few strands of his hair for the boss to do a DNA comparison?

If that was the case, then this woman was too calculating. Giving birth to a son that was already that big, no doubt, she had become a winner at life.

Gotta hand it to her!

Arriving at the parking garage, Yan Yang turned off the car engine then hurried to the elevator and directly pushed the button to the floor of the President’s office.

She looked down at the report in her hands and wondered what the boss’ reaction would be towards this piece of news. She thought that the boss’ usual, indifferent-even-in-the-face of-a-collapsed-Mount-Tai poker face was bound to show some shock! [1]

Thinking of this, she was filled with anticipation.

After getting off the elevator, Yan Yang came face to face with an assistant. She asked curiously, “Where is the boss now?”

“The boss is holding a meeting in the conference room.”

Yan Yang contemplated whether to immediately inform him of this earth-shattering news or to wait for him at the office.

Yan Yang was aware of Gong Yexiao’s principles. She’d better just place the report on the desk and wait for his meeting to end.

She waited and waited. At about eleven, she eventually caught sight of Gong Yexiao’s imposing figure striding down the hallway. An effortless, dignified, awe-inspiring, and intimidating figure.

Yan Yang immediately rose to her feet and walked up to him. “Boss, I’ve completed the task that you’d assigned to me yesterday.”

But all she saw was Gong Yexiao creasing his brows as if he had already forgotten about the matter. He asked in his deep voice, “What task?”

“That is… the matter about the DNA comparison. Boss, don’t you remember?”

Gong Yexiao suddenly recalled it. Having no expectations in mind as he’d long known what the results would show, he arched his brows, “Right… What’s the outcome?”

“I… I didn’t inquire about it. Have a look at it yourself!” She then handed the report over to Gong Yexiao.

Reaching out to receive the report, Gong Yexiao then walked straight into his office.

Yan Yang wanted to follow after him but she stopped midway. No matter how curious she was, it was not her place to pry into his affairs.

At this time, a female assistant beside her asked curiously, “What report did you just hand over to the boss?”

“It’s nothing. Just some urgent documents.” Yan Yang did not dare to reveal the truth.

Stepping into his office, Gong Yexiao sat on the leather executive chair. With his legs crossed and brows furrowed, he glanced at the report and let out a self-deprecating smile.

Who would have known that he would proceed with such a pointless endeavor. He was aware of the fact that the child could not possibly be his and yet he still had this matter pursued.

Since the report was already out, he should at least give it a glance before tossing it out.

[1] TL Note: I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning behind this line which is unfortunately beyond my comprehension (and the MTL’s) lol. Original line:老板那素来泰山崩于前而面不改色的扑克脸,也得震几震吧!

But based of what little knowledge I have, the sentence above^ is what I’d figured this line meant. Mount Tai (泰山) is a symbol of great weight and import. It can also mean father-in-law (which is obviously not the context here). So if GYX does not even bat an eyelid in front of a collapsed Mount Tai, he’s definitely got one hell of a poker face!

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