President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 2296

Ling Sinan has nearly got rid of several killers. There are too many of them. Ling Sinan's arms have been wiped by bullets. His white clothes are red with blood. He hears the continuous gunfire behind him and curses a few words in his heart.

"Young master, go this way..." several dark guards rushed over and protected him to run to a passage. "Be careful, pay attention to safety and don't touch it." Ling Sinan recognized that he was under his father's hand and told him anxiously.

Those people didn't care about the danger, just to cover the only seedling of the Ling family and leave safely.

Ling Sinan had run far away. He turned back and didn't hear the gunshot again. He quickly covered his arm and walked towards the taxi not far away.

Just as he was about to stop the taxi, a black motorcycle passed by him.

Ling Sinan stared warily at the motorcycle. When she rode, she was a woman. She was very hot. She had long hair tied up high and a fox mask. The whole person looked wild, hard to tame and frivolous.

"Ah." the woman uttered a mockery, and the accelerator blew fiercely at her feet, rolling over towards Ling Sinan. Ling Sinan narrowly avoided, but the other party was so fast that he fell down on the side of the road.

Passers-by who were close to the scene kept away. At first glance, there was a gang fight. This kind of excitement can't join in. It will kill people.

Ling Sinan cursed. It seemed that the other party was desperate to send him to heaven.

The black motorcycle turned around again and continued to run over towards him.

Ling Sinan stretched out his hand and took out a short knife from his waist. At the moment the other party drove over, he must have thrown it into the tire, and the short knife was rubbed and sparked.

As soon as the motorcycle wheels stagnated, the woman on board was thrown into the air, but she didn't fall. On the contrary, she was light, turned over and fell gracefully in mid air and landed perfectly.

Ling Sinan looked at each other like a wild cat and approached him step by step.

"Who are you? Why did you kill me?" Ling Sinan asked coldly.

Xia Xiyao looked at the man through the mask. He was really tenacious.

Injured and able to escape here.

"Why? Mute?" Ling Sinan saw that the other party didn't speak, just looked at him coldly, and he made a mockery.

Xia Xiyao raised her foot and kicked him in the abdomen. Although Ling Sinan was injured, her combat effectiveness was still amazing. He turned and avoided. Xia Xiyao's legs fell empty, and her fist hit the man's chest again. It looks like a delicate body, but the fist is very fierce.

Ling Sinan narrowly avoided, but she still got a fist, and her healthy body stepped back a few steps.

Xia Xiyao continued to attack. She pulled down an iron chain from the motorcycle and shook her hand. The chain rubbed on the floor and sparked. It can be seen how painful it would be if she was thrown a whip.

"Young and so cruel, how did your family educate you?" Ling Sinan judged from her figure that she should be very young, in her early twenties at most.

A girl of this age should have been educated on a university campus, but she became a killer. Xia Xiyao sneered and his voice became heavy: "does it have anything to do with you? Those surnamed Ling deserve to die."

Xia Xiyao whipped up. Ling Sinan reached out and grabbed the iron chain she threw over. The palm of her big palm was instantly worn out and hurt, but Ling Sinan didn't let go.

Blood fell from the chain, and Xia Xiyao's heart was shocked.

"Let go." Xia Xiyao didn't expect that he would pick it up with his hand and thought he would escape. This dog man is so stupid.

Ling Sinan not only didn't let go, but also pulled hard. Xia Xiyao didn't expect him to fight back. Her delicate body trembled and was dragged by him. She was only less than one meter away from him.

"Let me see what you look like." Ling Sinan reached out to take off her mask.

Xia Xiyao panicked and released her hand. She didn't want the chain. She turned over and jumped a few meters away.

Ling Sinan threw the iron chain to the ground and looked at her coldly: "many people want to kill me, but I will never die in the hands of women."

"You discriminate against women?" Xia Xiyao pressed her voice.

"No, in my eyes, women are gentle and lovely. They shouldn't participate in this bloody killing. Your age is not much different from my sister. You'd better go back to education..."

"Don't preach to me." Xia Xiyao angrily took a short knife and threw it at him.

The tip of the knife rubbed Ling Sinan's ear, but it didn't hurt him. It just scratched his short hair.

Xia Xiyao left her hand, which annoyed her very much. She turned and left.

Ling Sinan looked at her back and suddenly said, "your eyes are like a person I know."

Xia Xiyao was stiff. The man's eyes were really hot.

"If you knew me, you would have gone to hell." Xia Xiyao deliberately pressed her voice.

Ling Sinan tightened his eyebrows. At this time, Xiao Han hurried to him anxiously, pushed the door and jumped out of the car: "my God, you're so badly hurt, go to the hospital."

Ling Sinan covered his injured arm and found that his big palm was also badly hurt.

"Don't go out alone in the future. There are really many people who want your life." Xiao Han was really frightened. He had met killers in China before, but they all narrowly avoided and were not injured.

"There was a woman just now... It seems that she looks familiar." Ling Sinan is still remembering what happened just now. He is always sensitive to familiar people. He is trained to remember a person's appearance from his nuances.

Just now the woman deliberately suppressed her voice and pretended to be hoarse.

Why did she change her voice?

Afraid he'll recognize it?

"No, are there killers lurking around us?" Xiao Han's eyes were shocked.

"Xia Hualan and her sisters, it's a coincidence to go abroad with us." Ling Sinan suddenly said.

"Ah?" Xiao Han was even more frightened and looked frightened: "you don't doubt their two sisters."

"I didn't doubt it, but just now, there were so many coincidences that I had to think more." Ling Sinan said in a deep voice.

"What coincidence?" Xiao Han was surprised.

"I want to take Xia Xiyao to see an ophthalmologist. She pretends to have a stomachache and refuses to go upstairs." Ling Sinan said.

"You doubt her just because she won't go to the doctor?"

"No, and the female killer wearing a mask who came to kill me just now. Her breath... Is very similar to that of Xia Xiyao." Ling Sinan sneered.

"Oh, by the way, I forgot that you have a pair of very sensitive noses, but how can you be sure that she is Xia Xiyao based on these two points?" Xiao Han still felt that the evidence was insufficient.

"Well, there's one more thing that makes me wonder." Ling Sinan said, a little difficult to say: "in fact, when women are in their physiological period, I can smell the smell of blood."

"Ah?" Xiao Han was shocked.

"Xia Xiyao said she came there just now, but I didn't smell it. She lied to me." Ling Sinan also knew that with this kind of evidence, it was shameless, but it was also one of the evidence.

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