President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 2297

Xiao Han absolutely believed what Ling Sinan said. Since he suspected that the two sisters of the Xia family had different purposes, he naturally had to be vigilant: "young master, what are we going to do next?"

Ling Sinan Junrong is gloomy. To tell the truth, he really doesn't like being cheated and playing as a fool.

If the Xia sisters really took advantage of his compassion, he would drive them out mercilessly.

"Take the plan." Ling Sinan thought for two seconds and said, "if they are really killers, we should find out who is behind them through them."

"That's reasonable. They lied to us and couldn't let them go easily." Xiao Han was also very angry.

"I made a lot of tricks, but this time I almost fell down." Ling Sinan laughed at himself.

"They know you have benevolence and righteousness, so they pretend to be so poor and attract you." Xiao Han also mocked.

Ling Sinan sighed low: "if she's not blind, it's a good thing."

"You still care about the blind man. She has beautiful eyes. If she's not blind, she's really charming. However, I have to remind you that when you get to a high position, what kind of woman do you want to marry? Let me see, the little girl of the Ji family is very suitable." Xiao Han suddenly thought of the youngest daughter of the Ji family, It really matches Ling Sinan. The two are world friends. They are invincible in the world.

"Don't talk nonsense, uncle Ji's daughter, I've always treated it as a sister. If I really had that idea, I would have shown it." Ling Sinan didn't have this idea. He saw his big little sister since childhood. He only had the mind of a brother.

"Well, even if Ji family can't, there are Mu family and Luo family. In short, there are many excellent women for you to choose." Xiao Han still hopes Ling Sinan can find a woman suitable for him.

"Did I say I was going to get married?" Ling Sinan was annoyed by him.

"But I'm afraid you... Really fall in love with Xia Xiyao. The more beautiful a woman is, the more toxic it may be. Although I think you are invincible, you are also a normal man. Seven emotions and six desires. If Xia Xiyao really tries to seduce you, can you still sit still?" Xiao Han was very worried.

Ling Sinan shouted in pain: "all right, stop nagging, my wound hurts."

Xiao gave him a cold look: "I'm not a mother. Why am I nagging? I care about you..."

"Otherwise, you'd better care about yourself first. Don't you have a single dog?" Ling Sinan couldn't help teasing him.

Xiao was cold and speechless. Who did the single dog offend? Why do you say that about him?

"Well, my cousin... She has a big chest and no brain. She is a good match for you." Xiao said coldly.

Ling Si Nan Mei Feng said, "you want me to harm your cousin?"

"Harm?" Xiao Han didn't think of me: "my cousin wants you to harm her. Isn't it because she knows you're here?"

"No, for your sake, I will never harm her." Ling Sinan said solemnly.

"I see it. You can't look at a serious woman. If you look at it, you're not a serious person." Xiao said coldly.

Ling Sinan looked speechless: "who said I fell in love with her?"

"You are caring and warm these days. I don't believe you don't have a heart."

Ling Sinan's expression was stiff. Was he so obvious?

"Well, don't talk. When you go back, act according to your circumstances." Ling Sinan whispered.

When Xia Xiyao returned to the restaurant, Xiao Lin immediately came over and asked, "you won't go to save Ling Sinan."

"I just went to test his skill. What? Do I need to explain to you what I do?" Xia Xiyao said coldly and didn't take Xiao Lin seriously.

"Yao Yao, I'm worried about you. If Ling Sinan guesses your identity, he'll take you back and ask for guilt. Then..."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful." Xia Xiyao said, turning to Xia Hualan, "take me home."

Xia Hualan did not dare to neglect, so she quickly took a taxi and sent Xia Xiyao back to all the houses of Ling Sinan. Xia Xiyao continued to explain: "Ling Sinan is injured. You send me to show your concern."

Xia Hualan immediately took her hand and took her to the hall where Ling Sinan lived.

At this moment, Ling Sinan has just returned, and her arm has been wrapped up.

"Brother Ling, I baked fresh bread, you pay." Xiao Ranran suddenly appeared, holding the bread she had just made. As soon as she came in and saw the two sisters of the Xia family, she turned her face and snorted, "what are you doing here?"

Ling Sinan came out of the bedroom, saw the Xia sisters and said, "Miss Xia, are you okay? Are you scared?"

Xia Xiyao immediately shook her head and opened her mouth in a weak tone: "I'm fine. Thank you for Mr. Ling's help. I'll remember your kindness."

"It's because of me that I scared you. I dare not take this kindness." Ling Sinan smiled and pretended that everything was as usual, but his eyes were more suspicious.

"Brother Ling, you pay for it. I've been baking all morning." Xiao ran whined and came over and raised the plate in his hand.

"Thank you, Ran Ran Ran." Ling Sinan took a bite of the bread and praised, "it's delicious, but don't do it again next time."

"Does brother Ling feel delicious?" Xiao Ran Ran's happy eyes are stars.

Ling Sinan can't eat any more because it's too sweet and sticky.

"Well, it's OK. Take the rest to your cousin's room. He must like to eat." Ling Sinan decided to throw all the beauty to Xiao Han.

"Well, I'll give it to him." Xiao ran went happily.

The two sisters of the Xia family were obviously left out in the cold, especially Xia Xiyao. Just now, she looked at Ling Sinan and spoke gently to Xiao Ranran. Her tone and expression... Although she was not spoiled, her heart was very bad.

Ling Sinan is so kind and gentle to women. No wonder he has so many suitors.

Hum, scum man potential.

"Mr. Ling, I really appreciate you protecting my sister. We don't have anything to send. In the evening, I'll cook a meal for you. I'm good at cooking." Xia Hualan said quickly.

"No, just leave the work to the servant. If you have nothing else to do, go back and have a rest." Ling Sinan said, turned and went back to his room.

The Xia sisters returned to their residence.

There was no more communication between the two people in the whole process, only talking about some very normal words.

However, in the room, Xia Xiyao took paper and wrote a line of words.

"Don't you think Ling Sinan is a little strange today?"

Xia Hualan immediately wrote: "what's strange? I think it's quite normal."

"He is too cold to me."

"He wasn't enthusiastic about you before?"

Xia Xiyao stared at Xia Hualan with a knife. Xia Hualan was cold and shivered.

"I decided to seduce him." Xia Xiyao wrote again.

Xia Hualan was stunned and immediately wrote, "how are you going to seduce him?"

"Create opportunities to be alone." Xia Xiyao herself is a killer. She is very open to skin relatives. Besides, she doesn't hate Ling Sinan. She doesn't resent his touch.

"Boss, you don't want to sacrifice your innocence, is it worth it?" Xia Hualan asked worried.

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