President Wife is A Man

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Aunt Li

“Nhnn . . . ” Ke Yan kissed Jiang Qi to wake him up . Jiang Qi, still in daze used his hand to push on Ke Yan’s shoulder .

Ke Yan open and lift up Jiang Qi’s sleeping shirt, gently fondled his body and lightly pinched his waist . Jiang Qi felt a slight pain but his body too weak to resist, completely being manhandled by Ke Yan .

Ke Yan from kissing Jiang Qi’s lip continues to descend and started kissing his chin then down to his neck . Biting gently and licking the pain away leaving traces of red marks one after another . Those red marks contrasted with previous love bites which already turned to purple colours . He continued to kiss his way down to Jiang Qi supple chest leaving more traces of hickeys along the way .

“Ngnn . . . Ke Yan!!” Finally, Jiang Qi wakes up from his hazy moments and his face slowly turns to red .

Jiang Qi once again went to his lip and kissed him up . Afterwards said: “Good boy . . fast call me Yan . ”

“En . . . . . Yan . ”

TN: Let me make it clear in regards with their dialogue . Chinese culture is like this . . to show that you respect someone especially older person or your husband . . every time you meet them you must greet and call out to them . Calling out their name or their status . . This is what my husband taught me earlier in our marriage since our culture is different . So during family dinner I was like . . Pa eat,mom eat, Jie(sis) eat, dear eat and so on . . . only then I can eat . . . wu wu wu . . . sanfu wo this daughter in law . .

Ke Yan’s hand went into Jiang Qi’s pant,to hold . . . .

Jiang Qi blushed red and the blood quickly surge upwards, “Ah . . . mhmmm” Jiang Qi issued sweet moans, both hand grabbing to hold Ke Yan naked back . Ke Yan took off Jiang Qi’s pant and his finger slowly entered Jiang Qi’s behind . . . .

Finally stretched open, fingers extracted ready to push in . . .

“Ai . . wait, wait, wait . ” Jiang Qi trying to stop . “To cover . . . ” Ke Yan quick to reply: “There’s no need!” Then straight away continue to enter his body .

Afterwards . . . Jiang Qi weakly stayed in Ke Yan’s chest to cuddle: “So tired, my waist also ached . ”

Ke Yan helps to massage Jiang Qi’s waist: “Do not need you to move also tired ah . ”

Jiang Qi turns around facing Ke Yan and said: “Then . . next time let me be on top . ”

“Do not even think about it . . . wife . ” Ke Yan slapped Jiang Qi’s waist while openly teasing him .

Jiang Qi with dejected expression pinches Ke Yan and said sulkily: “I want to take a bath . ”

“Alright . ”Ke Yan picked up Jiang Qi from the bed and holds him up towards bathroom .

Ding Dong . . . .

Two guys come out from the bathroom after bathing . In the middle of dressing, suddenly the doorbell downstairs rang . Ke Yan quickly to finish getting ready and said: “I’ll go to open the door . ”

“Young Master . . . ”

Standing outside the door is the person in charge of cooking for Ke Family main house . Everyone call her as Aunt Li . With cheerful personality, all day can always see her smiling face . Her husband is Ke Family housekeeper, therefore Ke Yan quite familiar with her .

“Come inside ba . ”

“Okay . ”

Both of them walk to the living room and coincidently Jiang Qi walks down from upstairs . Looking at the unknown person, Jiang Qi slightly taken aback .

Aunt Li also quite surprised to see Jiang Qi .

Why there is someone else in Young master’s house? Furthermore it’s a man? Also wearing comfortable stay at house clothing style? Is it his friend?

On Aunt Li’s mind flashed these several questions but she did not open her mouth to ask it out .

“She is?” Jiang Qi asked .

“Aunt Li, to help cooking . ”Ke Yan replied and sits down on the sofa .

“Hello, how are you . . just call me Aunt Li . ” Aunt Li greetings to Jiang Qi .

“Oh . . hello . My name is Jiang Qi . ”

“Mr . Jiang . . ”

“Oh . . there’s no need for pleasantries . Just call me Jiang Qi . ”

“Okay, Jiang Qi . ” Aunt Li call his name while “he he” laughing . Looking at Jiang Qi, the more she looks the fonder she gets . Tall and handsome furthermore so easy to get along . If he is a girl would be better ah . . can ask Young Master to marry as a wife .

“Hmm? Aunt Li found that Jiang Qi had numerous red marks and some of them already in purplish colour .

“Jiang Qi ah . . your neck like that . . are you allergic to something? Or is it bitten by mosquitoes? Do you need to apply medicine?”

Jiang Qi being rendered speechless, completely embarrassed and trying to cover up his neck .

Ke Yan timely rescued him to reply: “Yeah . . he being bitten by mosquitoes but he already applied medicine over it . ”

“Oh . . then, that’s good . I’ll go and cook now . ”

Jiang Qi sit next to Ke Yan asked: “Hey, why suddenly Aunt Li comes here to cook?”

“I am afraid that one day you would burn our kitchen down . ” After a pause he continues on saying: “Also, I am afraid that one day your hand would be wounded again . ” Finish saying he could not help but to laugh . Really could not blame Ke Yan for laughing at Jiang Qi . Person like him is really rare . How can go washing hand but accidentally injured by a knife .

Jiang Qi face blushing red with embarrassment, cannot help but to raise his hand and pinched Ke Yan’s arm .

“I go to help Aunt Li preparing the food . ” Finished talking he fled to the kitchen .

Ke Yan did not stop him because he know Jiang Qi will be driven out later .

Aunt Li while preparing to cook heard Ke Yan’s laughter cannot help but to feel astonished, expressing unbelievable expression . The person laughing is our cold Young Master ne?

Aunt Li cannot help but to doubt her hearing .

At this time Jiang Qi went into the kitchen thus interrupting Aunt Li’s line of thinking: “Aunt Li, I help you to cook ba . ”

“Okay ba . ” Aunt Li smiled and replied .

But soon, sure enough as Ke Yan has predicted . Aunt Li holding a spatula kicked Jiang Qi out of the kitchen while muttering: “Absolutely cannot let him next time into the kitchen . ”

Jiang Qi feeling quite defeated goes back to Ke Yan’s side . Ke Yan strokes and caress Jiang Qi’s head: “It’s alright . . just stay by my side to watch the TV ba . ”

Aunt Li returned to Ke Family main house, walked into the European style room and saw her beautiful and graceful mistress with her head on a pillow lay on the soft sofa reading comic book . . . . . .

Aunt Li reported everything that she seen today to her .

This woman shows curiosity in her expression: “Oh?” A word left from her mouth .

Jiang Qi ah? Really curious to see what sort of person he is!

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