President Wife is A Man

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

hapter 12 - A rival or A Matchmaker?

Today, Jiang Qi arrive at the office quite early .

Unexpectedly to meet this person, Wang Si Qi, together waiting for elevator .

“Good Morning, Manager Wang . ”

Today Wang Si Qi neatly combed her wavy hair to fall on her shoulder, wearing sleeveless lavender blouse and short white skirt, looking quite elegant . This set of clothes exactly as Xiao an has showed Jiang Qi on a magazine last week while praising the beauty of that assembled .

“Oh, Manager Jiang, Good Morning . ” Wang Si Qi exposed a graceful smile but in her heart there is some grievance when she thought back to what happen on last time lunch treat .

Ding! The elevator opened up and both walked into its interior .

“I heard you are acquainted with President’s Assistant Yang Shao Yu?” Wang Si Qi broke the silent atmosphere inside the elevator with this question .

“Yes . . I knew him . ”

“Then . . . . . ” Have not finished, the elevator already reached her designated floor . Wang Si Qi walked out of the elevator: “Manager Jiang, if you have time later, why not we meet after work to chat?”

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Qi replied: “Okay . ”

Elevator gradually closed and Jiang Qi suddenly realizes one thing: Later, where to meet oh???

Lunch time, Jiang Qi and Xiao an went to company cafeteria to eat, sitting face to face . Xiao an one hand hold a pair a chopstick while another hand holding a spoon, at this time speaking while gesturing: “Jiang Qi, have you seen Wang Si Qi today? She’s wearing that beautiful clothes and the appearance also quite good looking ah . You tell me, why my appearance not beautiful . Not beautiful it’s okay, but why my face have to look like steam buns ah . ”During working hour Xiao an would call Jiang Qi manager but off duty she usually call directly his name .

Looking at Xiao an sad expression, Jiang could not help but to laugh for a bit while comforting her: “Steam bun face also not bad ah!”

Listening to Jiang Qi comforting word, Xiao an couldn’t help but to look at the ceiling: “You really do not know how to comfort people, at this time you should say steam bun face also quite cute ah, only correct . ” while talking she use both hands to support her face and blinks her eyelid repeatedly at Jiang Qi .

Jiang Qi immediately getting goose bumps .

“But, to be a beautiful woman is certainly every girls wish!”

“No need to think anymore, eat faster . I am done so I’ll go first . ”

“Ai, why didn’t you wait for me, no gentleman manners at all . ” Xiao an loudly cried out .

Because of that, Jiang Qi once again sit down and waited for her to finish .


After work .

Jiang Qi meets Wang Si Qi at company’s entrance .

Wang Si Qi smiles sweetly towards him and said: “Let’s go to the opposite side for coffee . ”

“Alright, let’s go . ”

The two sat down with a cup of coffee each . Wang Si Qi started the conversation and straight out asked: “Manager Jiang, previously you said that you knew assistant Yang, then both of you are friends or . . . ?”

“We are friends and we used to go to the same college . ”In Jiang Qi’s mind: Don’t tell me she likes Yang Shao Yu?

“Oh . ” Wang Si Qi paused then continued: “Then, are you also familiar with President Ke?” After she finished, a trace of blush can be seen on her face .

Jiang Qi’s heart almost left his body, finally understood Wang Si Qi line of thoughts . The cup of coffee seems heavy inside his hand and the thoughts to fling the coffee inside towards Wang Si Qi beautiful face appeared .

Wang Si Qi of course not aware and keep on smiling sweetly and said: “Assistant Yang and President Ke also good friends, then you . . . ”

“Although I and Assistant Yang are friends, but I am not familiar with President . ” Jiang Qi cut Wang Si Qi’s words half way through .

“Oh . . is that right?”Wang Si Qi’s face suddenly changed, no longer smiling . The tone also turned much colder . She felt that Jiang Qi deliberately don’t want to help her .

Well, in fact, what she thinks is not wrong .

At this time, Jiang Qi’s phone suddenly rang . Answering the phone, it’s actually a call from Aunt Li .

“Hello, Jiang Qi . Today I want to cook for dinner but there are no ingredients inside the refrigerator . Help me go to the supermarket to buy, okay . ”

“Alright, I will go and buy something back . Bye . ”

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Qi apologized to Wang Si Qi while smiling: “I have something to do so I’ll go first . Today is my treat . ” After talking he put the money on top of the table and left .

Looking at Jiang Qi’s silhouettes from behind, Wang Si Qi beautiful face changed, gnashing her teeth in anger . At this moment, a slightly fat man sit on the chair originally occupied by Jiang Qi, nervously twisting his hands, in a stammering voice said: “Wang . . . Manager Wang . . . I . . I . . I . . . like . . . like you so long . . . please . . please . . accept me . After finished, he anxiously lowered his head and his sweats seem to drip out from his forehead .

Wang Si Qi looked at the man with disdain, picked her handbag and stands up . Coldly leaving a few words behind: “Are you qualified? Look at your face in the mirror ba!!” Finished the words, she walked out from the coffee shop without looking back .

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