President Wife is A Man

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter 13- Jiang Qi Invite Ke Yan to eat .

Jiang Qi went to supermarket, but he only bought some potatoes and a few Bok Choy .

Back home, Aunt Li looked at Jiang Qi’s hand, once look : Why only bought potatoes and Bok Choy back? Don’t tell me today to cook vegetarian dish? Then asked: “Jiang Qi ah, today wants to cook what dish?”

Jiang Qi did not respond to her question but asked back in reply: “Did Ke Yan come back?”

“Ah not yet, I think he will arrive soon ba . ”

“Oh . . . Aunt Li, today just let me do the cooking . ”

“You are cooking?” Aunt Li’s voice faltered, she cannot forget the horror of the day Jiang Qi helped her to cook .

“Do not worry, these two dishes I can cook, I have done it so many times before . ”

“A lot of times do?” Aunt Li a little uncertain asked: “Don’t tell me you cook for Young Master to eat ba?”

“Exactly . ”


Seeing Aunt Li not moving from where she stands, Jiang Qi gently pushed her out: “Aunt Li, you don’t have to worry, I can do it properly so today you go back early ba . ”

“Then, I’ll go back first ah?”

“Okay, goodbye Aunt . ”

Looking at Aunt Li’s departing figure, Jiang Qi returned to the kitchen . Taking the Bok Choy out from the plastic bag to wash . He rinsed the leaf one by one and then break it from the stem with his hand, afterwards soaked the veggies in the water . Then he took the potato onto the chopping board and used the knife to peel off the skin and in the blink of an eye the rounded potatoes turned into tiny squares .

Afterwards he continued to cut several potatoes into tiny squares .

Well, actually the cut is not too tiny, each squares more or less as big as Jiang Qi’s finger . Ordinarily, Jiang Qi will be more attentive and carefully cut the potatoes but today . . . . . .

He opened the fire, pour some cooking oil and throw all the potatoes into the pan . He added soy sauce which in ordinary times he never use, picked up the salt jar and pour nearly half of the insides out . And without waiting for it to fully cook, he removes it from the pan and serve it on the plate .

He took the Bak Choy previously soaked in water and put in on the chopping board and raised the knife . . . . “kacha . . kacha” . . . .

He casually cut the Bak Choy, do not care whether the cut big or small, some of the cut not even thoroughly severed from the stem, then he threw them onto the pan . Acting more ruthless he took the sugar jar and poured the whole thing in, added water and boiled them . Then he took the “sweet Bak Choy” and mixed it together with the “salty potatoes” inside a big bowl and waited for Ke Yan to come home to eat . . . . .

Jiang Qi put the dish on the table, he also never cooks the rice, just this one dish . . .

Ke Yan entered their house saw Jiang Qi standing beside the table lost in thoughts, asked him: “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan comes back, took Ke Yan’s hand and pulled him to the dining table to sit, take the chopstick and stuffed it into his hand, then motioned him to eat .

Ke Yan looked at the terrifying dish on the dining table, feeling slightly cold, then looking at Jiang Qi gloomy expression: “What happened today?”

“You eat first . ”

Looking at the dish on the table and then look back at Jiang Qi, Ke Yan feel he really stuck in a difficult situation . With heavy heart he picked up his chopstick and took a mouthful of Bak Choy and immediately spit it back out, too sweet . Then, testing the potatoes . . . too salty .

Jiang Qi looking at Ke Yan’s expression and felt really comical and could not help but laughing out loud .

Looking at Jiang Qi laughing, Ke Yan sighed with relief: “What happened?”

“You always attracting peach blossom . ”

“Peach blossom? Who ah?” Ke Yan answered Jiang Qi, feeling uncertain .

TLN: Peach blossom = Beautiful Young Woman

“Wang Si Qi . Today asked me to be a matchmaker, to bring together both of you . ”

“What? Ah, she truly is competent . ” Ke Yan scorned, smile mockingly .

Jiang Qi looking at Ke Yan smiling as such, knew that he was a little angry, ask in baffled: “Why are you angry, I also did not get angry . ”

“Because she should have not made you angry, if previous matter happens once again in the future, I will not forgive her . ”

Jiang Qi naturally knew what Ke Yan implied by “previous matter”: “Don’t worry, it will not happen again . ”

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