President Wife is A Man

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Fall Down and Catch

After their dinner, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sat on the rattan chair outside their balcony looking at the night scenery . Jiang Qi leans against Ke Yan’s chest, embraced by him to avoid summer night wind . “Do you remember when we were in college, we often sitting like this, enjoying the wind’s blow . ” Jiang Qi suddenly asked . “Remember, at that time you were always daydreaming compare to nowadays . Even walking around will often trip and fall . ”

“Ah . . my mom said she also trip and fall when giving birth to me . ” Jiang Qi thinks it’s funny, could not help but laugh a little .

Ke Yan pinched Jiang Qi’s nose: “Dare to laugh? Fortunately, your life was not in danger . ” Otherwise I will never meet you . This words Ke Yan never said it out loud, he only whispered it silently inside his heart . . . .

Listening to his words, Jiang Qi hold on to Ke Yan’s hand tightly: “Correct ah, luckily my life are longer . ” Otherwise, I will never meet you . Jiang Qi secretly thought inside his mind . . . . .

Two people, holding each other hands tightly, did not realize even their heart are closely knit to each other . . . . ****

The starting point of their true love . . . .

Morning . Jiang Qi’s house .

Jiang Qi and his parent sat on at the dining table eating porridge with You Tiao (fried dough stick) . Jiang Lu was yelling at their living room while sorting her school bag: “ Will be late, will be late . . . a . . . a . . . why didn’t wake me up earlier . ”

“I already called you so many times but you did not wake up, moreover, Jiang Lu ah, why can’t you pack your bag at night before you go to sleep? And do not forget your things, I don’t want to be force in helping you to send it to your school later on . Last term I have helped you several times to deliver things you’ve forgotten . This term I won’t help you anymore, you take care of yourself . ” Jiang mother reprimanded Jiang Lu . This little girl truly did not allow people to worry less .

“Early in the morning why so lively ah, so sleepy . ” Jiang Bu yawned came out from the room, shaking his head and sit down for breakfast .

“Jiang Bu ah, looks at your own self . If Yun Hui saw you right now, she probably would avoid you ah . ” Jiang mother looking at her eldest son messy appearance cannot help but to complain . “My wife likes me the way I am . ”

“Have not marry already called his wife . ” Jiang Lu laugh mockingly at Jiang Bu in front of the door and then quickly gone away .

“Hey, this little girl, really have no respect for someone older . ” Jiang Bu gnashed his teeth in anger .

“I am full already . ” After listening to their chatter, Jiang Qi stands and picked up his bowl and put it in the kitchen sink . Out from the kitchen he looked at the time and said: “I also need to go already . ”

“Wait for a while, let you brother send you to go . ”

“No need ba . It’s okay for me to go by myself . ” Finished his speech, he went inside the room and took his luggage to go . “This child, how to be so anxious to leave . ”

“Your son already grown up . ” Jiang father, previously sitting so calmly suddenly spoke .

Jiang Qi dormitory located at fifth floor, so he has to drag his heavy luggage floor by floor up to the fifth . Right now Jiang Qi is simply too tired almost want to lie down on the floor . Opening his dormitory door he discovers there’s already someone arrived before him and politely greets that person: “Hello, my name is Jiang Qi . ”

“Hello, you can call me Liu Hao . In the future please take care of me . ” Liu Hao winked at Jiang Qi light-heartedly .

Liu Hao looks so delicate, more than a girl, his skin seems tender and fair, his attitude also quite warm-hearted . This is Jiang Qi first impression on Liu Hao . Jiang Qi chose the lower berth of the bunk-bed . He scared he would falls down at night if he chose the upper one . Liu Hao also chose the lower berth . Both of them immediately begin to unpack their luggage .

“Jiang Qi, I go out for awhile . Later at noon we eat together, okay . ” “En, okay . ”

After Liu Hao went out, Jiang Qi felt really bored alone . He step out from his dormitory and lean against the hand-rail outside looking at the scenery around the area while in one hand played with a necklace, an amulet given by his mother . Jiang Qi always wears it from childhood until now, but he never expected today the chain suddenly loosen up and the necklace to drop down . “Ah, my necklace . ” Jiang Qi shouted while his hand stretched trying to catch the falling necklace . . . . . . but to no avail . Downstairs, listened to the above outcry, Ke Yan raise his head and look up . Coincidentally saw something falls down from the sky, stretched his hand and the necklace dropped into his palm .

Jiang Qi saw a boy on the fourth floor caught his necklace, immediately called out: “That’s mine, don’t move . ” And quickly ran to the fourth floor .

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