President Wife is A Man

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Guy in Black??

Jiang Qi ran to Ke Yan’s front and stretched his hand for the necklace . Ke Yan held the string with the tip of his fingers and dropped it on Jiang Qi’s palm . Ke Yan to give back and Jiang Qi to accept . The necklace returned to the original owner .

“Thank . . . . ” Jiang Qi who wanted to express his gratitude to Ke Yan suddenly froze when he set his eyes on his face . Thinking that this person is really good-looking . This is the first time that Jiang Qi has ever thought that a man also can have such a handsome face . . . . . . . Ke Yan looking at Jiang Qi lost in thought furrowed his brow and walk back into his dormitory . . . . . . . Bang! Looking at the closed door, Jiang Qi cannot help but feel ashamed with his behaviour just now . He actually froze in amazement looking at a man . Jiang Qi walked towards the fifth floor but halfway through he remember just now he did not say thanks to that person . Stroking the bridge of his nose over and over again, he walks back . . . . . . . . . Knock! Knock! He knocked on Ke Yan’s dormitory door . After a while, Ke Yan opens the door . Jiang Qi quickly speaks: “Just now, really thanks to you . ”

“No need . ” Finished these two words, Ke Yan at once shut the door back . The person is so good-looking, but why the attitude is so cold . Even the way he speaks also very cold . Jiang Qi touched his nose lost in thoughts . Back inside his dormitory he put his necklace inside the drawer, afraid it will be lost next time and couldn’t get it back . Shortly afterwards he picked up his wallet ready to go and have a meal, completely forgetting he has agreed to eat the meal with Liu Hao . . . . . Without care Jiang Qi went for his meal . At this time Liu Hao calmly bring his girlfriend inside the dormitory building to find Jiang Qi for lunch . Both of them did not realize there was someone walking closely behind them . This person tall and big, wearing all black . Black T-shirt, black jeans and black canvas shoes . Dragging a big black luggage . On his face there’s a pair of big sunglasses and his whole behaviour seems really suspicious . Passerby students could not help but to have this feeling that he had killed somebody and now hiding the corpse . Of course they couldn’t stop peeking at the big black luggage . Really there’s a corpse inside ba? Having these thoughts in mind, they quickly scattered once they in the vicinity of this suspicious character donned in black .

The guy in black looking at Liu Hao entering room 505, raising his eyebrows followed them in . Jiang Qi eat a mouthful after another of his food, keep thinking that he forgot something but unable to recall what it is and finally just stop thinking about it . At this time several female students sit behind him and started to gossip . Jiang Qi couldn’t help but listening to their gossip .

“Let me tell you, today I saw too handsome, too handsome of a man . ”

“I also saw him at the school gate . I, from small until this big, this is the first time that I’ve seen such a handsome guy . ”

Handsome guy? It is the same guy which has helped me catch my necklace?

“All of you didn’t know ah, that guy name is Ke Yan . ” “How did you know?” Several girls asked at the same time . “Oh . . . this thing ah . . ” The gossiping girl pretending to hold on to the interesting titbits .

“Aiya . . do not keep us guessing ba, faster tell us . ” They hastily urged the girl to divulge . “Alright, I’ll tell you ba . . . my cousin sister is in Student’s Union . She knew all the information on new students . ” “Ah . . I also want to see it . ”

Done eating, Jiang Qi put down his chopstick . Ke Yan? Between him and that man, which one is the most handsome ne? Jiang Qi hopelessly shook his head, even his own self also has become a gossiper .

Back to his dormitory, Jiang Qi found out that their 505 front door had so many students lingered do not know talking about what . Jiang Qi squeezed through the crowd to take a look and saw Liu Hao and another unknown guy wearing all blacks quarrelling . Nearby there’s a girl similar to their age standing in embarrassment . . . . . . . . . a girl? A girl to enter boy’s dormitory? Jiang Qi’s face immediately turned black . Jiang Qi shut the door to separate them from prying eyes of outsiders and asked: “What happen to both of you?” “What! I was about to introduce my girlfriend to you, suddenly this bastard hit me . If not for my quick reflex, I would already been beaten by him . ” Liu Hao obviously very angry, his white tender face now is really red, through and through . The guy in black also did not offer any explanation, merely glance at the girl . Being stared at, the girl lowered her head until finally she could not help it and called: “Cousin . . . cousin brother . ”

Liu Hao was surprised: “You are her cousin? But even if you are her cousin, you also cannot act like that ah . . I did not do any indecent things towards her . ” “Humph . . ” the guy in black coldly snorted: “Then, did you know that she’s underage . ”

“What?” Jiang Qi and Liu Hao’s eyes wide open, feeling shocked . Liu Hao speaks innocently: “I do not know . ”

“Underage love did not break the law ah . Moreover, on what basis that they can control my affair . ” The girl did not reconciled, trying to defend herself .

“Then you go to your parents and said this thing to them ah, it’s them that asked me for help . ” The guy in black indifferently said . Jiang Qi thinks that his indifferent appearance really get on people’s nerves .

The girl stomped her feet couple of times, pouted and walked away .

Watching the girl left, the guy in black grin frivolously to Liu Hao and said: “ Bro, just now do not take it to your heart ah and do not be angry ba . . . no need to look so fierce . I only try to correct my cousin sister only .

“Humph, my heart is not so small . ” However he still felt a little bit depressed ba .

“Then, it’s good . My name is Meng Qing and I am your other roommate . By the way, I’m feeling very hungry . . . let’s go and eat together ba . ” “I’ve already eaten . ” Jiang Qi felt that his stomach too full eating too much . Meng Qing looked at Jiang Qi and Liu Hao: “It doesn’t matter, you just have to eat once again ba . ”

“He said correct, just eat once more ba . Already agreed to eat together, how come have gone and ate on your own . ” Jiang Qi at this moment already remembered what he thought he forgotten before, however, to eat another meal . . . . . . Please, spare me ba . . .

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