President Wife is A Man

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – What are you doing here??

The wind blew through the night, allowing the hot summer night to produce a trace of cool and refreshing air . The wind blowing through the trees producing rustling sound and the lamp near the road surrounded by small bugs thus it does not appear to be so desolate . At 9 . 30, the campus entrance seems quiet, 200 meter from the entrance there’s a large shrubbery where 3 silhouettes can be seen sneaking around . One of them is sitting on the grass while managing a camera in one hand and the two behind suddenly asked: “Are you sure, you want to do that?” “Or course, we cannot back out already . ”

“Exactly, we both already took the money . ”

“Why do I have to follow both of you?”

One of the silhouettes patted his shoulder: “As your friends of course we have to share it with you, if there’s any opportunity to make money I certainly would not forget you ah . Be grateful to me ba .

“I’d rather go back to sleep . ” “Cannot . ”

“We already came, so wait for a while then together go back . ”

Jiang Qi feeling depressed, on one hand holding the camera while yawning . Looking up to the sky and thinking that today it will rain . These two days Liu Hao and Meng Qing do not know engaged with what, letting those girls despatched them to tail after Ke Yan . He finished eating dinner has been dragged by them outside to be eaten by the mosquitoes . But this Ke Yan, in these few days Jiang Qi felt that he often heard of this name being uttered .

“Are you sure he will pass through here . ” Right now Jiang Qi felt that both of them are not sensible .

“Of course . . . . ” Meng Qing has not finished the words, Liu Hao excitedly interrupted: “Hey, you see . . he’s coming . ”

Together they turn around looking at the road, Meng Qing hastily urged: Faster, Jiang Qi, faster take a shot . ”

Jiang Qi picked up the camera and took few shots, felt that Ke Yan look very familiar .

“Okay it’s settle, let’s go back ba . ” Finished saying Jiang Qi turned around wanted to leave but his clothes was pulled back from behind by Meng Qing . Liu Hao said: “Our task has not completed, we still has to find where his residence only can walk away . ”

“Are you kidding me?” Jiang Qi exclaimed: “If we got caught, how to do? Some more our dormitory is about to close, still don’t want to go back?” “Hush, lower your voice a bit . If we’re careful then nothing will happen ba . ” “Fast to catch up, if not we will lose him . ” As a result three persons with extreme caution tailing after with Liu Hao walking in the front while Meng Qing taking in consideration of Jiang Qi trying to slip away dragged him at the back . At this moment Jiang Qi felt his own self has become a crazy stalker . . . . . . . .

Three persons with their crappy tactics following behind Ke Yan for about ten minutes, watching Ke Yan reach a house take out keys to open the door and go inside the house . Jiang Qi used the camera and took two photos . And asked: “Like this we can already go back ba . ” But no one responded . Jiang Qi look around him and see only empty air . Then he looks around and saw both of them hiding by Ke Yan’s house window, peeping . Jiang Qi immediately felt the weight of the camera in his hand really heavy, he really want to throw it out so badly .

Feeling helpless, Jiang Qi sneaked to their side: “You guys are not afraid of being caught ah . ”

Both of them pretended not to hear . Liu Hao said: “Jiang Qi, you go to the front waiting for us . We will go to the back window to have a look . ” Jiang Qi : “ . . . . . . . . . . . ” Jiang Qi : “Okay . ”

Jiang Qi walked to the front door and sit down on the staircase, looking at the photos he took . Looks like the photos were shot well . “What are you doing here?” Behind Jiang Qi suddenly there’s a sound of a very cold voice . Jiang Qi jumped in surprised, really did not expect that someone would suddenly appeared behind him . He stands up to face Ke Yan and unconsciously hide the camera his holding behind him . “Who are you?” “Jiang . . . . Jiang Qi . ” Jiang Qi nervously stammered .

“You are here for what?”

Feeling guilty being questioned, Jiang Qi replied: “I merely on the way pass through . ”

Listening to Jiang Qi’s answer made Ke Yan frowned . Did they really think that he did not realize he has been followed by them? Rumbles . . . . . . suddenly loud thunder came from the sky . Shaaa . . . shaaa . . . the rain gradually fell down . Ke Yan looking at Jiang Qi’s clothes gradually being soaked by the rain and said: “Come in ba . ”

Jiang Qi stupefied, his hand tighten on the camera . There’s a trace of indescribable shameful feeling inside his mind . Thinking that this person is really nice .

Looking at Jiang Qi’s stupefied face makes Ke Yan feel funny: “Hmm, you do not want to come in?”

“Ah,in . . . . I’ll come in . ” Listening to Ke Yan’s question, his heartbeats seem to accelerate, feeling himself so strange . Jiang Qi going in but did not forget the camera in his hand . After looking around, he quickly throw the camera into the side bushes and quickly go in .

Ke Yan looked at the direction of the bushes, afterwards followed him inside .

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