President Wife is A Man

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - Ghost??

Inside the library, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi sitting opposite each other, each looking at the book in front of them . After a while, Jiang Qi put the book in his hand down, looked at Ke Yan and suddenly asked, “ Ke Yan . . why do you like to read?”

Ke Yan lifted his head from the book, looked at Jiang Qi curious face and asked back: “You?”

Being countered, Jiang Qi slightly surprised and after thinking for a while he realize Ke Yan almost finished reading his book: “I do not know, it seems from small I already likes to read and became accustomed to . How about you?”

Ke Yan did not reply but lightly close the book in his hand and stood up: “Come on, let’s go . ”

“Ah, okay . ”

Summer night if without wind would be depressingly hot . Two people taking a small road on their way back to the dormitory with Jiang Qi walking behind Ke Yan . Looking at Ke Yan’s figure, he wander what would Ke Yan’s answer would be if he replied on his question just now .

“Save me ah!!” Jiang Qi was lost in thoughts, when he heard the sound calling for help . Both Ke Yan and Jiang Qi’s footstep halted . Jiang Qi’s ears perks up trying to locate the origin of the sound but maybe they misheard since that sound never appeared again . The night seems darker with only both of them walking on the small road . The faint light from the street lamp with insects flitted below it reflected on the ground . Jiang Qi felt a little bit uneasy and subconsciously grabbed on Ke Yan’s hand .

Ke Yan wanted to shake Jiang Qi’s hand but immediately being clutched by Jiang Qi . Jiang Qi grasped Ke Yan’s hand tightly, anxiously looking around and whispered: “Ke Yan, should we look around this surrounding area?”

Ke Yan answered with a cold voice: “Are you sure?”

“Hmm . First let go of my hand . ”

“I don’t want to . ”

“Quickly let go . ” His voice was getting colder by the moment .

“But I’m a little bit scared . ”

“Then hold on to your own hand . ”

“But there’s no sense of security . . . . ”

In the end Jiang Qi still holding to Ke Yan’s hand and both of them went looking around searching for the source of the voice calling for help .

“Ke Yan, just now the voice calling for help seems to be a women . ”

“Hmm . ”

“Maybe it’s a ghost of a woman?”

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi and did not expect that he was scared of a ghost: “How could it be, don’t think anymore . ”

Two guys walking around for a while, not even half a shadow can be seen . Ke Yan’s hand already started to ache painfully being tightly grasped by Jiang Qi . So after looking around for a time, he said: “Seems to be nobody, let’s go back ba . ”

“Do not . What if that person really need us to save her?”

“Then, you find her on your own ba . ”

“Do not . . . . ah wait, I seems to hear some voices in front . ”

Helplessly Ke Yan resigned himself to follow Jiang Qi walking ahead, after walking for a while, they finally able to pin-point the source location for the sound . Jiang Qi hid behind Ke Yan and seized his clothes, taking a small step at a time walking forward .

When they reached to a corner, Ke Yan stopped his pace and Jiang Qi followed as well . This time Jiang Qi heard the voice calling for help getting nearer and he wanted to go closer to have a look . However Ke Yan stopped him and told him to not move from there . Jiang Qi obediently stayed .

Ke Yan walking one step ahead towards another corner and looking at the scene right before his eyes feeling his hand itched to beat someone . In front of him there were 3 people, 2 girls and 1 boy wearing black outfit with white mask on their face . One of them was wearing a skeleton mask and this 2 people seems to be in a dispute because they are quarrelling in low voices while waving their flashlight . 3 people having a guilty conscience after being discovered by Ke Yan dare not uttered any sound and obediently standing there like a statue .

Jiang Qi being left behind found that Ke Yan was too quiet, walking forward and call out in a low voice: “Ke Yan?”

Ke Yan turned around, stretched his hand to cover Jiang Qi’s eyes: “Let’s go . Just a bunch of cats only . ”

With his eyes being covered by Ke Yan, Jiang Qi could not see anything . He only relied on Ke Yan to bring him forward and listening to Ke Yan’s words could not help but asked: “Cat how to call for help ne?”

“That you heard it wrong . ”

“Is that right?”

“Hmm . ”

Left behind, the 3 people who originally wanted to scare Ke Yan one by one stick out their head looking at the departure of Ke Yan and Jiang Qi . One of them said: “Who is that boy, how could he and Xiao Ke got together . ”

TLN: (Small Ke – xiao usually used to call someone’s close)

The second person bit the handkerchief and said: “It was truly ridiculous, we never had opportunity to hold Xiao Yan’s hand de . ”

The first person asked: “Hey Surname Yang, did you have any idea about this?”

“I have no idea whatsoever . ”

“Really useless . How could you go to the same college with Xiao Ke but didn’t even know about this thing . ”

“Hey, I have not been to college for some time, how was it possible for me to know?

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