President Wife is A Man

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Drunk Jiang Qi

Down at the lobby, Ke Yan grabbed the staggering Jiang Qi’s hand to walk outside but Jiang Qi with a loud belch shakes Ke Yan’s hand off: “I don’t want to go, I want to sleep . ” Afterwards, with his staggering steps walked towards the big sofa in the middle of the lobby .

Ke Yan immediately stop Jiang Qi .

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes looking at the person trying to block his front and retreated two steps back . Suddenly, two steps back and then move forwards showing no sign of recent unstable drunken behaviour, he ran to the sofa, kicked off his shoes and the whole body fall down lying on the sofa .

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi lying on the sofa planning to sleep, gritted his teeth~~ action really quick ah .

Jiang Qi looking at the sofa in dislike and complained it was not comfortable, turned over his body to find the right position .

Looking at him Ke Yan cannot help but sighed and shook his head .

He came forward, bent over and pinched Jiang Qi’s face with quite a force .

Jiang Qi to eat the pain opened up his eyes . Red eyes . . . full of dissatisfaction trying to throw off Ke Yan’s hand . But Jiang Qi felt the more he struggle to throw off the hands, the more intense he felt of being pinched . Jiang Qi’s face has gotten really red before Ke Yan finally releases him .

Jiang Qi rubbed his sore cheek and this time he finally wakes up . . . really thoroughly awake .

Ke Yan stood up and looked down on Jiang Qi who started to rise up from the sofa: “Come on, let’s go back . ”

Jiang Qi rubbed his face with a vague speech said: “Do not go back . ”

“Then goodbye . ” Finished after Ke Yan turned to go .

Just taken two steps, he was pulled by Jiang Qi .

Jiang Qi using his strength to hold on Ke Yan’s clothing making the originally white and neat shirt at once wrinkled .

“Do not go . . I want to drink water . . . so thirsty” Jiang Qi asked with a soft voice .


Even though his heart thinks so, Ke Yan however complied and requested from a waitress strolling nearby for a glass of water . The waitress blushed while handing over the water to Ke Yan .

The water was placed in front of Jiang Qi but he did not take it, instead he was shaking his head and said: “I, I want . . . . ” words has not finish, his head suddenly felt dizzy . Rubbing his head he said: “Want to drink fruit juice . ”

Ke Yan clutched the glass tightly in his hand ~~ This Jiang Qi!!!

But shortly afterwards he was amazed, Jiang Qi this way really looks a little bit childish .

Ke Yan has to ask for a cup of juice and after a moment, the waiter brings over a freshly extracted watermelon juice . Ke Yan took the juice and gave it to Jiang Qi . Jiang Qi took over and after 3 mouthful . . . 2 mouthful . . he drink until nothing left . Feeling comfortable he gave a loud burp .

Out on the road . . .

From the restaurant out, Ke Yan walked in front while Jiang Qi staggering walking behind him . Ke Yan walked leisurely while Jiang Qi walked in a crooked line .

Ke Yan looked at the time and it’s already 12 o’clock at midnight . He did not expect the day has been so late already . The dormitory has long being closed . Looking back at Jiang Qi staggering in crooked line walking . . . Ke Yan heaved a sigh, looks like is their own fault to find this trouble!

Walking and walking . . . Ke Yan saw that Jiang Qi did not keep up with him, turned around and found him standing still staring at him . He walked to his front and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Qi pouting, taking a chance when Ke Yan did not pay attention to pinch both sides of his cheek . But without the use of any force .

Ke Yan was slightly stunned, immediately reacted and pulled Jiang Qi’s both hands and lightly breaks away . Jiang Qi also did not resist, merely looking at Ke Yan in silence .

Ke Yan hold Jiang Qi’s left hand and pulled him to walk forward .

Looking at their hands together, he felt the temperature of Ke Yan’s palm . Jiang Qi opened up his mouth: “Na . . Ke Yan . . ”


“You are really good-looking . ”

“ . . . . . Is it? . . . . ”Ke Yan always hated people telling him how good he looks, but right now his mouth was slightly curved upwards . However, it was really fast to disappear .

Back house, Ke Yan heaved a sigh of relief and said: “Go to the upstairs guest room to sleep . ”Finish saying he left Jiang Qi alone and entered another room to take a bath to sleep .

Came out from the bathroom, Ke Yan discovered on his bed there’s a lump and his heart emerged a bad premonition . Opened up the quilt he found Jiang Qi sleeping soundly, his body smelled of alcohol . At this moment, Ke Yan’s hand really itchy wanting to suffocate him to death .

Or course afterwards, he’s not as far as to cover Jiang Qi’s head but only put the quilt to cover up to his shoulder .

With no way out, Ke Yan step out of the room and close the door, decided to take the guest room to sleep for the night .

The next day . . .

The sun shines coming from outside the window dazzled Jiang Qi to slowly opened his eyes . His vision alternated with black and white colour of the night stand and the desk lamp . .

“Hmmm? Where is this?”

Jiang Qi turned over his body to sit up however felt a little faint in addition to a sudden pain of headache . Hands rubbed and kneaded his aching temple . . . somehow it seems last night he was drinking too much ba .

Opened up the quilt, Jiang Qi out from the bed and walked to the window to pull apart the thin white curtain . Familiar scenery registered in his mind however for a while he was still unable to fully grasp where he was .

Walking out the door of the room Jiang Qi felt that this house really familiar ~~ Oh . . . this is not Ke Yan’s house? Then . . where’s Ke Yan?

Jiang Qi went around in circle looking for Ke Yan downstairs but could not find . Looking at the white stairs . . If I went up directly wouldn’t it be considered as impolite?

Thinking for a moment, Jiang Qi took the stairs and went up to the first floor . He likes Ke Yan’s house staircase and he felt it resembled closely to chocolate . White steps and black handrail . The surfaces of the steps were irregular like stepping on a piece by piece of chocolate .

Upstairs there were 3 rooms . Jiang Qi subconsciously excluded 2 weird rooms separated by the bathroom and opened up the guest room . As expected . . . . he is here . Ke Yan was sleeping on the bed . With light footsteps, slowly step by step to walk in until reach the bedside . Crouching, he watched Ke Yan sleeping and felt that this kind of Ke Yan did not carry the same alienated feeling as he normally does in school, not that cold . . not that . . . . . ah?

“Waaa . . . ah!!!!” Jiang Qi did not expect Ke Yan would suddenly opened his eyes . Scared him to fall on his buttocks on the floor . In addition , no time for him to stand back Ke Yan has already get out from the bed and stared at him . Jiang Qi could not see what Ke Yan was thinking so he can only awkwardly toss a greeting out: “Early . . . early ah . ”

Ke Yan left his bed and walked to the door but before he went out he turned around and said to Jiang Qi who were still sitting on the floor: “Fool . . ”

Fool??? Really too much .

Where is it himself like a fool?

Jiang Qi’s mind cannot be reconciled .

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