Prime Originator

Chapter 809: Grand Desolation Black Dragon

Chapter 809: Grand Desolation Black Dragon

While Leon was refining the dark wyrms' blood essences, some of the sneakier dark wyrms began slicing bigger wounds on their bodies and giving him galloons of their blood essence to refine. 

His lips could not help but twitch.

Despite the increased workload, Leon did not utter a word of complaint and simply refined all the blood essence given to him; he had already given them his word. 

As he worked through the dark wyrms one by one, they noticed the dark wyrms with more drops of True Dragon Origin Blood to absorb experienced more significant improvements. 

A Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm advanced to the Mid Arch Demon level while another Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm reached the High Arch Demon level, becoming the current strongest in the clan.

Seeing that, Leon's seventh target, another Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm, opened a gaping wound on its body and attempted to offer Leon all its blood essence despite feeling lethargic in the process.

However, Leon quickly stopped it before it went too far; it would die of blood loss if the situation persisted.

"Are you trying to bleed yourself to death?" Leon rebuked it.

One less Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm would have meant one less blood bank of True Dragon Origin Blood for him; it was a loss for the both of them.

"You're too greedy, Shadowfang. What's the use of maximizing your gain in the first session if you're not alive to enjoy it? Are you trying to awaken your True Dragon Bloodline in one go and not have to pay the lord for his additional services?" 

Nightingale admonished the foolish dark wyrm.

Shadowfang scratched his head with the end of his tail while chuckling with a bitter yet embarrassed smile. 

"My apologies, Lord Nightingale," Shadowfang apologized before admitting, "I was indeed hoping to awaken my True Dragon Bloodline in one go."

"However, I wasn't trying to cheat the lord; you're wrongly accusing me, Lord Nightingale. I would have plenty more True Dragon Blood to offer the lord if I had succeeded. You have to believe me, my Lord."

"I see…" Leon uttered. 

"Even so, you are too naïve; it's not that easy to awaken your True Dragon Blood. Even if you have more True Dragon Origin Blood, how would they replenish themselves without other blood essences around?" 

"You need to understand that haste makes waste," he lectured. 

At the same time, he smiled wryly in his heart; he didn't think he would need to educate thousand-year-old beings on such basic principles.

Nevertheless, Shadowfang took all his words to heart. 

"I understand, my Lord. I was too impatient." 

"Since you understand, then take your True Dragon Origin Blood and go recuperate yourself."

Leon finished refining the 300-odd drops of True Dragon Origin Blood before returning it to the Low Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm. 

After that event, the dark wyrm toned down on their greed and only offered a moderate amount of blood essence for Leon to refine. 

Nevertheless, it took him a whole hour to finish a round of blood-refinement for all the dark wyrms.

"It's finally done," Leon uttered with a sigh of relief after finishing the job. 

It was more tedious than he presumed. But then again, he should have expected it, given the dark wyrm's enormous builds.

The dark wyrms began to feel guilty for receiving all the benefits despite swearing their loyalty to their new lord. 


Suddenly, everyone heard the sound of heavy stone grinding before they turned their gazes towards the direction of the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's resting ground.

A Mid Arch Demon-level Dark Wyrm was voluntarily opening the huge stone gate.

"Lord Shadowtail, you… Have you gone mad?" 

Nightingale uttered with a look of shock and bewilderment—much like the rest of the dark wyrms were showing.

The stone gate should never be open was pushed open by one of their own.

"The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord will understand what I am doing," Shadowtail stated. 

"If our lord wishes to extract the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's True Dragon Blood and obtain the inheritances, we will allow it, my Lord. However, all that we ask of you is to treat the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's body with respect, my Lord."

"I will," Leon solemnly asserted. 

Shortly after, he entered the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord without any dark wyrm barring his entry. 

Although Shadowtail was no longer the strongest, he was still the Dark Wyrm Clan's current leader; the other dark wyrms still respected his decision. 

Even so, after Leon left the training ground, they immediately rained questions on him. 

"What do you mean the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord would understand, Lord Shadowtail? Explain clearly!"

"How can the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord be happy with someone disturbing his resting ground?"

Nightingale and Nightshade spoke.

Despite being surrounded by his kin with looks of criticism, Shadowtail faced them calmly before saying, "Remember what the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's ultimate goal was."

"The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's ultimate goal?" 

The dark wyrms furrowed their brows in thought, but Shadowtail did not intend to wait for their answers.

"The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord led the Dark Wyrm Clan and joined under the Eternal Night Demon Empress's banner because he believed she, as a true descendant of a True Divinity, could restore the glorious age of gods and devils."

"The Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's ultimate goal was for the Dark Wyrm Clan to become God Beasts like our Primal Ancestor, the Grand Desolation Black Dragon. Although he failed, we are still alive—we still have a chance to fulfill the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's dream."

"If the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord's True Dragon Blood can assist us in reaching that goal, the Shadow Tempest Demon Lord would have gladly given it up if he was still alive," Shadowtail stated.

Although it was the first time they heard of it, Nightingale and the other dark wyrm didn't feel like Lord Shadowtail was lying to them.

"Haiz… If that is the case, I have nothing else to say," Nightingale decided to leave it at that and dropped the matter.

Even if the information ended up being false, the Dark Wyrm Clan was still bound to rise under their new lord's leadership.

They should accommodate their new lord where possible.

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