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Chapter 28: Back door and breaking all the bridge

Chapter 28: Back door and breaking all the bridge

March 19, 2017Ai Hrist

Prince Xiao’s assassination during his wedding night, become a big sensation in the capital. But… …

Sending those assassins to Judicial Court, Privy Council and Control Yuan really made the emperor lose his face. Although the emperor didn’t say anything in the public, but he made sure that his powerful ministers are safe. So, they didn’t talk much about Prince Xiao’s matter.

That silence of the emperor seems like his new clothes and facade. Those ministers he saves understands that the citizens are still confused, so no dare to still mention about Prince Xiao’s matter to avoid the public. But, what Housekeeper Cao had done to the Lin Family once again attracted the people’s curiosity.

“What Lin Furen (Madam) has done is really stupid. Does she think Prince Xiao is useless? She really thought that those maidservants could scold her older sister’s daughter? Is it because of what she said before? What’s that again?”

“That she would like to take care of her older sister’s daughter just like her own. But originally, she just said those things so she could be the second wife. She was so ruthless and now she finally decided to tore her beautiful skin.”

“Lin Furen (Madam) had thought that Prince Xiao is a no brainier like the eldest miss. Let’s see how things will end for her this time.”

With such occurrence, people who think their mind works more perfectly only added insults.

“Why did Lin Furen (Madam) do such stupid things anyway? It’s not like her usual style. For so many years, she showed that she care so much for her elder sister’s daughter. So, everyone says that she is a good person.”

“Maybe she got worried that she might not be able to control her anymore. Especially now that her elder sister’s daughter got married into the palace. So, she decided to use someone else to manipulate her.”

“Who knows what exactly is going on inside her mind. But, it’s quite confusing, why did Prince Xiao’s men leave those maidservants in front of Lin Family’s mansion and didn’t give Lin Furen (Madam) a face?”


Everyone has their own speculation and have their own views. But certainly, they are waiting for Lin Furen’s (Madam) next action. And at this time, Lin Furen (Madam) is explaining her side to Lin Xiang.

“Laoye (Master), for so many years you’ve seen my maidservants, you must have known by now who they really are, right? You know that I don’t like Lin Chujiu, but I will never tamper my name for such a small thing. When I left the mansion to visit my relatives, maybe that’s when she set me up?” Lin Furen’s (Madam) eyes got red and teary.

Lin Furen (Madam) is undoubtedly beautiful. And a man’s heart won’t be able to stay calm now that she looks so pitiful. Lin Xiang couldn’t help but hug her tightly with his arms and said: “Furen (my wife) don’t be sad. Lin Chujiu’s heart is as small as a cattle so she made you felt wronged.”

Lin Furen (Madam) took advantage and tried to snuggle in his arms and said in full of grievance: “Laoye (Master) doesn’t need to say anything, after all, we are a family. The most important thing is what should we do now that I was wronged? Countless of people thinks that our Lin Family is shameful.”

While speaking, Lin Furen (Madam) choked for a couple of times. Her tears finally fall down but refused Lin Xiang to see her. Instead, she buried her face more in his arms while her shoulders are shaking… …

“Furen (my wife) don’t be sad. Tomorrow, I will go to Prince Xiao’s mansion. Although he is a prince, but he shouldn’t arbitrarily accuse a member of the family of court officials.” Lin Xiang believes that Lin Chujiu is deliberately making things hard for Lin Furen (Madam).

Lin Furen (Madam) said those things as if she really felt injustice. However, she really didn’t leave the mansion and visit her relative. And also the contract of those maidservants are not in Lin Chujiu’s hand because she hides those contracts in Lin Wanting’s room.

As for how those contract ended up to Lin Wanting’s room. Lin Wanting herself doesn’t know that. So only Lin Furen (Madam) set up this mess.

Lin Furen (Madam) felt scared if Lin Chujiu and Prince Xiao suddenly learn her lies. So, she quickly grabs Lin Xiang’s clothes and said: “Laoye (Master), I’m still confused with those maidservants contract. Those contracts are only made of thin sheets of paper. We don’t know if Lin Chujiu burned them already and were just planning to insist that she doesn’t have them. And, it’s not like we can just go to Prince Xiao’s Mansion and search for those.”

Now, Lin Furen (Madam) has to burn those contracts and framed Lin Chujiu for doing so.

Lin Xiang frowned his eyebrows and nodded his head: “What Furen (my wife) had said made sense, our family cannot accept this accusation.”Do they really still want to save their face? Things got already this big, so Lin Furen (Madam) didn’t lose her face alone.

Lin Furen (Madam) wiped her tears and wryly smile: “If Prince Xiao didn’t approve this matter wouldn’t our family face such humiliation? It’s not really difficult to say that Prince Xiao is also at fault, right?”

Lin Furen’s (Madam) words were implying that Prince Xiao himself approve these things to put a pressure on them.

So, Lin Xiang’s face turns more ugly. He no longer wants to discuss this matter with Prince Xiao and only just said: “I didn’t owe that evil creature anything and those maidservants contracts are with them. So, how could they just sent back those maidservants from our Lin Family.”

His words were suggesting that the Lin Family didn’t do anything wrong and Prince Xiao’s action is very unreasonable.

Lin Furen (Madam) think for a moment. She though that this is a good chance. So she immediately turned around and let the Lin Family housekeeper wait for Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu in front of their gate and say the words that Lin Xiang had said. But… …


Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu both got injured. So, how could they go and visit the Lin Family’s Mansion?

And even if the assassination thing didn’t happen. Prince Xiao wouldn’t still accompany Lin Chujiu to visit her family.

So, early in the morning of that day. Housekeeper Cao went to Lin Chujiu and respectfully said: “Wangfei (princess), all the necessary things that you may need for your visit has been prepared. But because Prince Xiao feels discomfort in his body, he cannot accompany Wangfei (princess) to visit her home.” In other words, Prince Xiao wants her to return to her home alone.

“I don’t care.” Lin Chujiu said and continue: “My injury is not yet healed and the imperial doctor told me to stay in bed. So, just report them what you just said or just simply report that Prince Xiao and I doesn’t feel comfortable and we cannot visit.”

“This … …” Housekeeper Cao just came back from the Lin Family’s Mansion. So, his face somehow shows a little embarrassment.

Wangfei (princess), if you want to lie please put a little attention to your facial expression. Your face is showing that you don’t even need to rest.

“Housekeeper Cao rest assured that my father and Lin Furen (Madam) will understand. After all, Prince Xiao and I haven’t even visited the palace to pay respect.”Lin Chujiu said calmly to Housekeeper Cao and took her handkerchief to try to wipe the sweat off her forehead.

Housekeeper Cao cannot decide on his own so he decides to report Lin Chujiu’s decision to Prince Xiao and wait for his instruction. But, when Xiao Tianyao heard his report. He just raises his hand and said: “Just follow her command.”

Whether it is true or false, he doesn’t care. After all, he knows very well the conflict between Lin Chuji and Lin Family!

“Yes.” Although Housekeeper Cao’s heart is confused, but how can he disobey his master’s order.

So, Housekeeper Cao order to put back all the treasures to the treasury and sent someone to inform the Lin Family. Finally, he was done to deal with this matter and was preparing a tea to take a break. When suddenly a bodyguard hastily reported: “Housekeeper Cao, this is bad. Cao Lin he… …”


Housekeeper Cao jumped out in fright and the cup in his hand fell on on the ground. He couldn’t control his emotion and his face looks very anxious when he asked: “Cao Lin, what happened to him?”

After all, Cao Lin is the only son of Housekeeper Cao.

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