Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: This Damn Ill Fate

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“Pei Ge, proofread this document.”

“Oh, sure.”

Ever since that first day Ji Ziming came to the company for an inspection, he never appeared again for the next few days.

This caused Pei Ge, who came to work every day with her heart in her mouth, to heave a huge sigh of relief.

Pei Ge gradually lowered her guard once she was sure that Ji Ziming indeed did not come in the company often.

However, following the acquisition, her days in the office truly became much busier.

A few new projects also followed the assumption of office by their new boss. These new projects resulted into the company being in a state of frenzy.

Hence, the small assistant, Pei Ge, became the assistant of the Planning Department once more. She had a lot of documents on her hand every day.

Although these documents were mostly trivial, Pei Ge was still completing them in a serious but cheerful manner. Her days thus went by with her feeling very fulfilled.

Soon, it was time to get off work. Pei Ge had just finished her work for the day. Shortly after stretching her back, she saw Liu Yue walk over with a face full of hesitation and uneasiness.

“What’s wrong, Xiaoyue?” Pei Ge asked concernedly.

“Ge Ge, I have something urgent at home today. I need to go back early, but I haven’t finished the documents on my hand. Can – Can you stay in the office a little later today and help me out with them?” Liu Yue turned her head downward, looking very embarrassed, when she requested this.

At Liu Yue’s sheepish look, Pei Ge laughed. “I thought it’s something serious. Such a small thing. Sure. I’ll help you out.”

“Thank you so much! Ge Ge, you really are the best!” Liu Yue raised her head and happily said this, her eyes shining.

“It’s alright.” Pei Ge grinned.

Although Pei Ge said that, Liu Yue still apologized with an abashed look, “I’m really sorry about this. If not for me having something urgent today, I wouldn’t bother you like this.”

“It’s fine. You don’t need to be so polite with me,” Pei Ge said with laughter in her eyes.

Hearing Pei Ge’s words, Liu Yue smiled brightly. “Sure! Let me treat you this weekend as compensation!”

“You don’t have to. It isn’t anything serious, so there’s no need for a treat.” Pei Ge waved her hands.

“We have a deal, then!” After saying that, Liu Yue left the Advertising Department.

Before long, Liu Yue came back with a pile of documents in her hands.

“Ge Ge, I’ll leave all these with you. These are to be keyed into the computer system, these are to be proofread, these are to be corrected…” As Liu Yue detailed everything she should do, Pei Ge kept nodding her head.

“Then, I will get off work first. Thank you so much for today, Ge Ge!”

“Sure. Take care on your way home.” Pei Ge looked at the mountain of documents in front of her and was shocked. She never thought that Liu Yue had so much leftover from her work today.

Seeing that Liu Yue was gone, Pan Xinlei, who was seated beside Pei Ge, pursed her lips in dissatisfaction and complained, “This Liu Yue, I think that it wasn’t that she couldn’t finish her work today but that she didn’t even touch her work at all!”

“I don’t think that is the case. We do have a lot of work recently,” Pei Ge feebly defended Liu Yue.

“Should I say that you are kind or stupid? She is the Planning Department’s assistant. How much work could she have usually? I think she sees you as a pushover and decides to push all her unfinished work to you.” Pan Xinlei harrumphed as she glared at Pei Ge.

“Sister Xinlei, you are thinking too much. Xiaoyue is my middle-school classmate, and she’s the one who recommended me for this job. She isn’t the kind of person you are talking about.” Pei Ge chuckled, shaking her head.

“Forget it! You won’t believe me anyway no matter what I say. I’ll get off work first.” Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge exasperatedly as she picked up her handbag.

“Sure. Bye, Sister Xinlei!” Pei Ge smilingly waved her hands.

“You… Don’t work till very late. The company will have a power stoppage around 8:30 P.M. Do only whatever you can; got it?” Pan Xinlei reminded her before she left.

Looking at Pan Xinlei, whose bark was worse than her bite and who was actually a big softie at heart, Pei Ge nodded her head with a smile. “Sure. Be careful on your way back home, Sister Xinlei.”

Before long, in the large office of the Advertising Department, only Pei Ge remained.

Tap, tap, tap, tap! Pei Ge’s hands incessantly moved across the keyboard as she encoded the data in the documents into the computer system with a serious look on her face.

The sound of fingers tapping the keyboard loudly reverberated throughout the office and traveled all the way to the hallway outside.

“CEO Ji, it is already so late. Why did you come back in the office?” The security guard by the main entrance on the ground floor was shocked that the new boss had actually returned to the office even though it was already past 8 P.M.

Ji Ziming took a look at the security guard in uniform and expressionlessly replied, “To take a document.”

The security guard wanted to say something else, but Ji Ziming already took large strides toward the elevator lobby, putting the security guard at the back of his mind.

“Er… If it is only to take one document, I guess it won’t take a long time…” the security guard muttered as he looked at Ji Ziming’s back view.

Getting on the elevator, Ji Ziming pressed the button for the floor that the Planning Department was located.

While his car was passing by Chenguang Real Estate, he suddenly thought of the new proposal that Yang Aoyun had told him about and decided to retrieve it personally.

Ding! The elevator doors opened and Ji Ziming walked out of the lift.

As it was after the working hours, despite the hallway still being lit, the lights of the various offices on this floor were all switched off. Hence, the surroundings still looked pretty dim.

Ji Ziming’s brows moved ever so slightly that one would not notice this movement without looking closely as he walked toward the Planning Department.

In this quiet environment, Ji Ziming could faintly hear a series of ‘tapping’ sound.

Although faint, the incessant sound streamed into Ji Ziming’s ears.

What sound is this? Ji Ziming moved the corner of his lips slightly as he began to listen closely to this faint sound.

Tap… tap… tap…

It seemed to be coming from the Planning Department’s direction.

Ji Ziming pursed his lips in a perplexed manner as he walked forward with light footsteps.

One step at a time, Ji Ziming quickly reached the entrance to the Planning Department. However, to his surprise, the sound was actually not coming from the office of the Planning Department but from the Advertising Department beside it, instead.

Ji Ziming frowned as he walked toward the Advertising Department.

“Hah…” Pei Ge stretched her back lazily after she had finally finished keying in all the data from the documents.

However, when she did this, she accidentally kicked the power plug under the table! Instantly, the light from the lamp on her desk and the computer display went off.

The entire office was bathed in total darkness.

“Ahhh!” Pei Ge widened her eyes and cried out. Recovering herself, she quickly squatted down and tried to plug in the power plug again.

As she felt her way around, Pei Ge mentally rejoiced that she had luckily saved the files on the computer. If not, she would definitely break down right about now…


Just as Pei Ge had finally found the plug and was about to plug it back in, a loud thudding sound reverberated from the entrance, as though someone had collided into something.

The abrupt sound frightened Pei Ge, as her hands wobbled, coincidentally plugging in the plug.

The lamp on her desk and the computer screen lit up instantly.

“…Who is that?” Just as Pei Ge was about to emerge from beneath the table, she heard a familiar voice speak from the entrance.

In addition, it seemed that the voice was filled with repressed anger.

“Come out.”

Ah, ah, ah! Why did she have to meet that annoying male host of a big boss again?!

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