Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: CEO, CEO, do you mind it?

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Ji Ziming coldly stared at the only lit place within the darkness, his chest filled with unexplainable rage.

He had accidentally slammed his knee into something just now. The throbbing pain from his knee fueled the rage in his heart further.

Seeing that that person had not appeared, with his rage fueled, he coldly ordered, “Come out.”

“Re – report, CEO! I will come out now!” A bright and rough voice replied to him with a volume so loud it echoed within the office.

Listening to this voice, Ji Ziming thought that it sounded familiar.

He raised his eyebrows. Perhaps it was because this voice was special, but he actually remembered the owner of it.

Ji Ziming tugged at his lips as he thought of that unkempt woman who looked more like a man.

It was really his first time encountering a woman who was so thick-skinned and thoughtless about her image.

No matter what Ji Ziming was thinking right now, Pei Ge was actually on the verge of breaking down inside.

Compared to breaking down because of meeting this annoying fellow again, she actually preferred to break down because she did not save her files properly.

“Sigh!” Pei Ge, with a stuffy feeling in her chest, released her neatly coiled hair and ruffled it in a frustrated manner.

As she unwillingly emerged from beneath the desk, Pei Ge lowered her head to look at her feet. She was now absolutely glad that because of her habit of saving on electricity, she did not switch on all the lights in the office. Instead, she had only switched on the small lamp on her desk.

Ji Ziming, who was standing at the entrance, watched the unkempt woman stand up with furrowed brows.

Why did this woman like to hide beneath the desk so much?

“Why are you still here?” Ji Ziming asked in displeasure as he coldly regarded the disheveled woman who lowered her head for fear of looking at him directly.

“Re – report, CEO. I am working overtime!” Pei Ge exclaimed with a rough voice.

Ji Ziming felt increasingly uncomfortable the more he heard this voice. He did not want to talk to this grubby woman who loved to hide under the desk anymore so, without another word, he turned to leave the Advertising Department’s office.

Pei Ge audibly breathed out when she saw Ji Ziming resolutely leave without saying anything.

Scared me to death! Luckily, I was quick-witted enough!

Pei Ge, who had now relaxed, triumphantly muttered mentally.

However, after she had relaxed, Pei Ge became confused. Why did she feel that that man just now seemed to be frustrated and angry?

That rage seemed to be… anger originating from shame?

Pei Ge blinked her eyes. As she lowered her head and saw the blinking computer screen, she had an epiphany.

Hm? Did her actions just now frighten that annoying male host?

It could not be, right?

Just as she was thinking that, the computer and the lamp on her desk suddenly turned off again.

Hm? Power stoppage?

Bang! Another slamming sound rang about. This time, the sound was accompanied by something smashing on the floor.

“…” In the darkness, Pei Ge blinked her eyes and realized that she seemed to have discovered something incredible.

“CEO, are you alright?” Pei Ge asked in a rough voice as she quickly walked out of the Advertising Department’s office and toward the Planning Department where the sound came from.

Although she was very unwilling to meet the annoying male host of a CEO again, as an employee of the company, how could she just stand on the side when her boss was ‘in trouble’?

If anything were to happen to the big boss, she would be the unlucky one again.

However, Pei Ge did not receive any response. If she did not know that the company’s big boss was in the office right beside hers, she really would think that no one was there.

As the emergency lights of the hallway were still lit up, Pei Ge quickly reached the darkened office of the Planning Department.

Pei Ge held up her phone and used the dim light coming from it to shine at the space in front of her.

Before long, she saw Ji Ziming, who was ‘trapped’ within the office of the Planning Department’s director.

It was indeed accurate to call it ‘trapped’.

Although the office was very dark, Pei Ge was still able to faintly see a certain man trying to find his way out by touching and following the glass walls.

“Puh!” Pei Ge was unable to control her urge to laugh. She had no choice, as the sight was just too hilarious.

Ji Ziming frowned even more and pursed his lips tightly when he saw the weak light and heard the laughter.

“CEO, are you alright?” Pei Ge walked into the director’s office as she asked this in a rough voice.

“…” Ji Ziming remained silent in the darkness.

However, Pei Ge could vividly feel the fervent gaze of Ji Ziming.

She gulped and coughed before saying in a soft voice, “CEO, let me bring you out.”

“…” Ji Ziming totally did not want to pay any heed to this woman.

“Er… CEO, do you mind if I hold your hand as I lead you out?” Pei Ge blinked her eyes and asked awkwardly.

“I mind it,” Ji Ziming finally replied.

Hearing Ji Ziming’s words, Pei Ge muttered to herself indignantly. Tsk! You don’t want me to hold your hand?! Do you think I want to as well?! I’d rather stay far away from you! Hmph, hmph, hmph!

However, despite thinking that, Pei Ge still asked in a polite and helpful tone, “Then, can I at least hold on to your clothing?”

When Ji Ziming did not reply, Pei Ge pouted in the darkness as she tried to coax patiently, “CEO, the power stoppage here is planned. If you want to wait for the lights to come on again, you probably have to wait for another hour or so.”

Pei Ge rolled her eyes when she did not hear any response again. She resolutely decided to not ask him anymore and immediately pulled him by the wrist toward the exit.

As the weather was really hot today and it was after the office hours, Ji Ziming left his suit jacket in the car. Currently, he was only wearing a shirt, and the cufflinks of it were casually undone.

Hence, when Pei Ge’s warm hand held on to his wrist, he immediately felt it.

When the woman’s hand touched his, he subconsciously thought of the pair of white, slender palms from that day he saw her hide beneath her office desk.

For some inexplicable reason, he felt that this touch was a little familiar….

Sensing that the man behind was obediently following her, Pei Ge started deriding Ji Ziming mentally again, Hmph! Didn’t he just say that he minds it and doesn’t need my help? Although he said he is unwilling, his body is still very honest! Hmph, hmph, hmph!

The mood between the two people, who were in their own world, although silent, seemed to be harmonious for some weird reason.

Before long, the two of them reached a brightly lit walkway.

“Alright. CEO, you can leave by yourself. I need to return to the office to take something.” After leaving the director’s office, Pei Ge quickly released Ji Ziming’s wrist, lowered her head, and said this in a rough voice.

Ji Ziming felt inexplicably unhappy when the other party had let go of his wrist as though she were throwing away some rubbish. His heart flitted with a sense of disappointment that he himself did not realize.

“It’s too dark.” Ji Ziming reasoned as he eyed the office bathed in darkness.

Although Ji Ziming’s words were curt, Pei Ge still got what he meant.

“It’s fine. I’m not scared of the dark like you are.” Perhaps, it was because she was too relaxed, but Pei Ge said what was on her mind unrestrainedly.

“…” Ji Ziming’s originally composed face instantly froze and he gave off an icy aura that could even freeze hell.

“Er…” Pei Ge finally realized that she had said something thoughtless. Coughing, just as she was about to explain herself, she heard Ji Ziming leave in large strides with a harrumph.

Tsk! You are obviously scared of the dark! As she watched Ji Ziming’s disappearing back view, Pei Ge muttered this internally. Once she got back to the office, she packed her things and left to go home.

On her way home, Pei Ge had the strong urge to laugh every time she thought of that scene in the office just then and, without noticing it, her lips stretched into a sincere smile.

To think that that tall and proud-looking man is actually afraid of the dark. Ha ha! It’s is so hilarious!

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