Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 10

[The books said: a hero saving a damsel in distress will receive the woman’s pledge to marry. -Tan ZiXi]


No superfluous words were exchanged. After all, everyone here was smart enough to understand the real implications. He quickly passed on the news, already able to imagine the dumb smile forming on his Boss’ face. Sigh, men in love all act like fools. He’ll just choose to continue being smart instead. ┑( ̄Д ̄)┍

Besides the annoying father-daughter pair, the conference room was occupied by all of the directors and department heads. All seats were filled, the only available spots were a few plastic folding chairs in a far corner. XunMi narrowed her eyes.Was this a power play or an attempt to provoke her?

Everyone’s attention had gathered onto her the moment she appeared. Even though they knew the purpose of today’s meeting, they were still surprised. This Big Miss’ aura didn’t feel anything like the way President Qin had described her. On the contrary, as business people with years of experience, their eyes have gained the ability to better identify one’s character. This Big Miss definitely wasn’t an idiot, at the very least she was a higher level than the illegitimate daughter sitting next to President Qin. They were not fools. Who would be careless in a matter that potentially affected their interests. In normal circumstances, they would feel more attached to the frail, flowerlike girl that incited men’s protective instincts. But in this situation…

The general manager was the first to react, offering up his seat. “Eldest Miss, I’m terribly sorry. I”ve accidentally sat in your seat.” His words were painting a prettier situation. Everyone here knew that there had never been a seat arranged for this miss. Or else the seat next to the president would not have been taken. {T/N: 鸠占鹊巢, lit. dove taking the magpie’s nest, basically saying Qin HuaiSe was sitting somewhere she didn’t belong}

XunMi observed the general manager, then took of her sunglasses to walk towards him, nodding: “You are not bad.” Able to aptly judge a situation and willing to take a gamble. He was talented. She looked at the chair, hiding the bit of dislike in her eyes.

Before she could move, a group of men in black walked through the door. The two men in front were carrying black leather chair with armrests covered in intricate mahogany carvings. One man stepped forward to move the seat offered up by the general manager out of the way. The new chair was neatly placed onto the floor. Those in the back came forward holding snacks and tea, orderly placing the items on the table before stepping back out of the room. Their actions were smooth and precise, making their audience wooden in shock. The corner of XunMi’s lips twitched. Without even thinking, she could guess who was behind all of this. Admittedly, the tactic was beautifully played. At least being able to see their faces change was satisfying. She calmly sat down in the chair. Since he’s already done it, why wouldn’t she accept his goodwill?

Kevin hung up his phone and quietly whispered to XunMi. “Miss Qin, Boss said since there wasn’t a seat for you, then he will add one. I hope it won’t be a bother for you. In addition, Boss will be coming to pick you up afterwards.”

Actually his Boss’ exact words were: ‘Since that old man won’t give it, then go and take it by force.’ But this was a civilized society! We can’t act like bandits! He could only kneel in front of his worrisome Boss. He had only passingly gossiped that someone was in Eldest Miss Qin’s spot, causing Boss to quickly fly into action. He was suspecting that Boss had planned this in advance. Otherwise, how could he so promptly accomplish this? XunMi sipped out of the prepared teacup, not bad, before replying “Alright.” She then put down the cup and reached out her hand. Bai Bing quickly took out the documents in his bag and handing them over.

“I’m sure everyone is familiar with the purpose of today’s meeting. So I won’t beat around the bush. These are my mother’s and my grandfather’s share transferring papers, as well as the inheritance rights my grandfather left to me. Please look through carefully.” She dropped the files onto the table, causing a firm “slam” to sound. “The Qin company was built on my grandfather and my great-grandfather’s painstaking efforts. Not every random dog on the street is entitled to a share of it. As Qin company’s largest shareholder, and as Qin’s heir, I naturally have the right to manage the company. Coming here today was only to inform everyone of two choices. One, Qin company will be sold. Those that are willing to follow me will accompany me to rebuild a new, even more magnificent Qin empire. Two, I will take over the Qin company. Those wanting to stay will stay. Those unwilling to stay can leave at any time. As compensation, I will ask the finance department give three months’ salary to those leaving in order to thank them for their past contributions to Qin company.” XunMi cut straight to the point with a direct attack. Qin Sheng wants to leave Qin company to Qin HuaiSe? Stop dreaming!

The original Qin XunMi had wanted Qin company to expand for the better. Selling the company was the quickest method, as well as the most ideal. Qin company had too many loose strings attached. For example, Qin Sheng, Qin HuaiSe, and a few shareholders of Qin Sheng’s side. She currently held 38% of shares. Qin Sheng had 30%, with another 20% in the hands of directors. The other 12% flow outwards. Looking at this share distribution, it could be said that Qin Sheng had dug his own grave. The directors and other shareholders could add up to 32%. If someone with an agenda was to plot, then his 30% of shares would not be enough. This problem wouldn’t appear in the Qin family if she and Qin Sheng hadn’t had a falling out. Had it not been for this, then they would have been holding 68% of Qin company without a need to worry.

Qin HuaiSe sat by Qin Sheng’s side, determinedly trying to shrink herself into a ball. Her head was lowered, attempting to cover up the ferocious hatred appearing on her face. Her hands squeezed into fists, nails already digging into her palms. Since she saw the men in black coming in eagerly to help XunMi, she was already jealous beyond recovery. Later, when she heard that the man in her heart was personally coming to pick up that bitch, an evil killing intention burst out.

But, she couldn’t right now. At least, she couldn’t express this in this moment just yet. But God wasn’t listening to her pleas today; Qin XunMi immediately stabbed her with another piece of information. She was actually the largest shareholder of Qin, and she wanted to take over Qin company! How could this be! Then what happen to her?

“Qin XunMi, how can you be so malicious. What would happen to Father? Do you still have Father in your mind? Father is Qin’s head in power, he is also your elder. You…you…” No, this can’t do. If Qin XunMi gets her hands on Qin company, then she’ll be finished.

No, Qin company was hers. It has to be. She wanted to ZiXi ge so she needed Qin company to back her. She definitely can’t let Qin company fall into Qin XunMi’s hands. That bitch, she deserves to die, deserves to die. Even though it took a lot of effort, Qin HuaiSe was still able to force back her hostility, her ugly expression still filled others with disgust.

[Ding…female lead has blackened. Good Feelings measure is -40. Current Evaluation: ‘Must kill her.’ Host, please take caution. Please take caution.] A soft yet serious voice sounded in her mind.

XunMi’s expression did not change, as if she hadn’t heard the voice. She continued to gaze at Qin HuaiSe. Her eyes swept up and down Qin HuaiSe’s body before speaking in a fierce tone: “And with what identity are you speaking with? When did my Qin family lower to the point of allowing a mistress’ daughter speak up?”

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