Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 11

[Never thought I would fall in love with someone at first sight, but the feeling is even sweeter than honey. -Tan ZiXi]


“Qin XunMi. Shut your mouth. Do you want to anger me to death? How dare you, HuaiSe is Qin family’s Second Miss. You better treat her nicely. Or else I’ll immediately abolish your position as heir. Who even knows if these things weren’t forged by you. How come I, the family head, didn’t know that my old man had left these things before he died?” Qin Sheng was angered to the point of blood rushing to his head, his eyes crimson red, ruthlessly slapping the table while pointing at her.

XunMi completely lost hope in Qin Sheng. He, this family turned stranger really is…She pinched the bridge between her eyebrows, suddenly feeling a bit tired. “President Qin, I don’t want debate such a meaningless topic with you. By tomorrow at 10 in the morning, I want to know your decision.” Pushing back her chair, she stood and prepared to leave. “Oh, right. If there is anyone that wants to make some movements or decides not to take my words seriously, then we can see each other in court.” Her lips curled into a laugh: “I hope I will be able to hear some good news tomorrow.” She had already made herself very clear. Whether or not they understand her meaning will be their problem.

After XunMi left, the men in black appeared again to take away the chair, snacks, and tea prepared for XunMi. To use their Boss’s words, it’s better to donate these than to even leave leftovers for Qin Sheng. Downstairs, a black Bentley stood near the front entrance.

“Miss Qin, that’s Boss’ car. You can go over directly.” During work, Kevin maintained his elite secretary mode. Ample people skills, ability to adapt to situation, abundant vocabulary.

XunMi didn’t argue. She nodded and walked in the direction of the car. Tan ZiXi had his eyes focused on the front entrance the whole time. When he saw XunMi walk out, he immediately got out of the car, held the door open and helped her get in. His overwhelming display of care made his chauffeur simultaneously surprised and terrified, almost causing him to stamp his feet onto the accelerator in shock.

When the two were seated in the car, XunMi carefully observed the man by her side. The silver suit gave an added level of masculinity to his already handsome face. The violent air unique to those who had served in the military didn’t give off a sense of fear, but rather added to his mysterious charisma. His sharp eyes stared straight ahead.

But he wasn’t looking at anything. If you stood directly in front of him, you would find that his glance was completely unfocused. Moreover, his mind was a chaotic mess, his muscular body clenched under his suit, as if ready explode. While XunMi was looking attentively at him, Tan ZiXi couldn’t help but hold his breath, both nervous and excited by the gaze running over his body. Yesterday, after Kevin told him that what he was feeling was ‘like’, he suddenly understood. When he came back home, he also asked his mother for advice. His mother said that, to court a girl, one must show their gentle side. They also need to have a thick layer of skin. Only if you were shameless can you cling onto the other party. But how shameless is shameless? He was a bit confused.

XunMi finally had mercy on TanZiXi. She tilted her head, seemingly puzzled. “ZiXi ge, are you hot?” It was only May, not that hot yet. But why was he sweating? Even though this made him look more seductive, more manly to the point that she almost couldn’t control the urge to pounce on him. But she was still curious. Was it too stuffy in the car? But then she turned to the open rear window, now feeling awkward.

Tan ZiXi took in a deep breath. He really didn’t know how to answer XunMi’s question. He wan’t to say, no he wasn’t sweating because it was hot, but from trying to contain himself. After realizing how he felt for XunMi, he had a wonderful dream after twentysomething years of abstinence. Now, facing the star of last night’s dream, the magnetic sense of attraction pulled at him, especially now that they were both occupying the same space. There was a beast in him that was shouting at him to push her down, press her onto the bed, and bully her, just like in his dreams. He wanted to color her deep, beautiful, peach blossom eyes with a new emotion, wanted her to cry tears of pleasure.

But he can’t. He was afraid of scaring her. So he needs to stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it. A bit stiffly, he changed his posture, crossing one leg over the other to cover his misbehavior. “Cough…I’m just too happy to eat together with you.” If they could eat together everyday, chat about interesting parts of their day…how wonderful that scene would be.

XunMi covered her mouth to hide her laughter. Don’t think she didn’t notice that this man’s breaths were getting heavier and heavier. But she didn’t think too much about it, only thinking it was due to nervousness. Afterall, in the books he had never been close to any female, besides his mother. And that only was when he was young. After going to the military, he spent his time entirely with a gang of men.

“ZiXi ge, thank you for today.” These days, it seems like the words she’s been saying most often was ‘thank you’, and all to the same person. Could this be a sort of fate? Maybe.

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s what I wanted to do.” I’ll always be by your side. He couldn’t say the last part aloud, for fear of scaring her.

“Right, I own a place in a good area. I have no plans for it for the time being so I currently don’t know what to do with it. You can use it as the address of the new Qin house. I’ll take you to see it in the afternoon?” Tan ZiXi turned to gaze into her eyes, his filled with an obvious look of anticipation. XunMi raised her eyebrows, thinking ‘as expected! But…’

“ZiXi ge, I can’t make a decision at this time. You also know, Qin company can be a heavy burden right now. When I’ve made my decision, I’ll definitely come to you for help if I need it.” She could actually predict tomorrow’s results: those two will most likely stir up trouble. But she coincidentally wasn’t afraid of trouble. She would only be afraid that they don’t stir up enough trouble.

After hearing XunMi’s words, Tan ZiXi shrugged his head down, his spirits suddenly lowered. He was rejected, his happiness cut abruptly. Didn’t the books all say that one must constantly display one’s existential value? To let the other party know that you are strong, can be relied on, can give a sense of security? Was what he was doing wrong?

XunMi gently pulled on Tan ZiXi’s sleeve. Seeing him regain a bit of vigor when he raised his head, XunMi carefully thought over her words. “ZiXi ge, I promised grandfather to take charge of Qin family. This is my responsibility so I take care of it myself. If I accept all of your arrangements now, if one day you leave, then I would be left in a very disadvantageous state.”

Since she has ascertained his sincerity in helping her, then she will naturally show present both her sincerity and an opportunity for him. But some things still need to be separated clearly. Right now, they could only be considered friends at best. If she leaned him completely, then Qin family could not survive without Tan ZiXi in the future.

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