Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 9

[I seek and search, only to meet you here. –XunMi]


[Host, as long as you complete the main mission, excluding situations where you die unnaturally, you can stay until your body dies of natural causes. As long as you’re willing BaoBao can increase your authority. ] BaoBao did not notice his host’s low spirits, only thinking that his host sure is great! In one encounter, she took away 1/3 of the female lead’s ‘main lead halo’! Then if they meet two more times, the female lead might just be KO’d! Just thinking about that flowing aura of main lead fate, he almost began drooling. He congratulated himself: as expected, his quick witted decision to remove the manhole cover was a correct one.

XunMi stopped her stream of thoughts, skimmed through the original text, and began thinking over Baobao’s words. If Tan ZiXi decides to protect her, and treats her well, then she could also accompany him for a lifetime in exchange.

XunMi could be considered to a bit too indifferent in regards to love and relationships. Perhaps its to due to her experience in the orphanage. There were too many stories of kids that were adopted, but then were sent back to the orphanage using a myriad of different excuses. The experience allowed her to learn that, even if you feel happy, it might not be true happiness. In a second, you could be given hope, immediately followed by despair. But…

‘BaoBao, tell me. How do you know what I’m thinking, hum~?’

She stretched her last words out purposely, her eyes narrowing dangerously, like a cat waiting for the right moment to pounce. As soon as you show weakness, she’ll immediately strike to kill. BaoBao was already immersed in his fantasies, completely missing signs of his host’s rising temper. He cheerfully replied: [Because BaoBao and Host are one! Naturally, BaoBao would know what Host is thinking, so as to better satisfy all of Host’s needs.] His furry ball-like body emitted bubbles of joy, as if seeing a vision of his beautiful future beckoning for him.

XunMi placed one hand on her forehead: ‘Turn that function off.’

She’s already lost hope in this fellow. Deciding to do it herself, she quickly skimmed through the system handbook and decisively opened her mouth.

BaoBao, who had been floating happily in the air, immediately fell to the floor due to her words.

Without sympathy, XunMi let out a laugh and pinched her fingers to pick up the fluffy white ball.

[crycrycry~~~Host is bullying me.]

‘Are you a person?’ XunMi said without kindness, hurling the furry ball onto the bed. She stood up to shower, thinking that she hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. There’s also so much to do tomorrow, must not forget to take care of herself and remain in high spirits.

As for that ball, she’ll leave him free to roam restlessly. The coldheartedly abandoned BaoBao day at the edge of the bed, drawing circles while pitifully switching from complaining tearfully and yearning for XunMi.


Peering up at the skyscraper in front constructed in the shape of a U, it’s two towers seems to raise to reach the sky. The silver professional design looked unique. As one of the Three Big Families, their engineering team were no joke. {T/N: 不是吃素 is saying they aren’t vegetarians, as in they can handle meat; used to imply someone is strong and formidable}. However, since this was hers to begin with, then she won’t let any one of them off easily. Standing in a red two-piece suit at the front door, XunMi’s lips arched up in a slight smile. Her emotions were hidden underneath sunglasses that covered a good half of her face. Standing behind her was a man with an elite air, about thirtysomething, with a sunflower shaped face full of righteousness.

“Eldest Miss, is there something wrong?” Bai Bing was a bit bewildered as to why this Eldest Miss was only standing here looking in. He was surprised when he received a call from the Eldest Miss last night. Why did she suddenly need him? Before he could try to guess, that legendary figure also called him, immediately turning his surprise into terror. That man’s words made him not dare to neglect this Eldest Miss’ demand. Even though he was courteous in the past, he wasn’t necessarily respectful towards her. But now, he really didn’t dare slack off.

“Nothing. I was just thinking it’s such a pity that this architecture can only be considered a milestone in history soon.” With a soft laugh, XunMi stepped into the building.

Cold sweat formed on Bai Bing’s forehead. She couldn’t mean what he thinks she means right? If she had just said it was a milestone, he echo her opinions. But, putting the word history next to milestone makes him hesitate.

Hurriedly catching up to the figure before him, he thought forget about it, it’s got nothing to do with him. All he has to do is do well with today’s work. While reassuring himself, he stopped letting his imagination run wild.

Kevin had already been standing in the Qin grand hall for awhile, his face gloomy. Anyone would be feeling irritated after being woken up before 6 in the morning, forced to come here and run errands for Eldest Miss Qin. The appointment was at 10 AM. 10 AM, not 6! Not even someone leaving on the most outskirts parts of the city would have to have such an early start!

Moreover, it takes less than half an hour to get from his house to the Qin building. Seriously, even if Boss is interested in her, wanting to chase after a girl doesn’t mean you have to torture your minions like this. While mentally criticizing his Boss, Kevin saw Eldest Miss Qin making her way over, immediately causing him to stand at attention. On his way over to greet her, he overheard her conversation, causing his facial expressions to freeze momentarily. He replied unconsciously: “Things that can’t be used, no matter how great they are, still need to be eliminated.”

XunMi smiled and nodded her head, “So we must comply with nature’s course.” Kevin and XunMi looked at each other, seemingly reaching a mutual understanding. Although this was only their second encounter, they behaved like familiar friends.

“Mrs.- ah, Miss Qin. Boss was worried that you would be too busy so specifically asked me to lend a helping hand. If there’s anything you need, please do not hesitate to come to me. In addition, the other party is waiting for you.” Damn it, he almost called her “Mrs. Tan”. Yesterday, the big demon Boss had secretly revealed his complex feelings for her and he was able to decipher that his Boss had developed feelings for Eldest Miss Qin. After his revelation, Boss began silently helping her, but his face still remained cold enough to freeze someone to death. However, when he heard Miss Qin being referred to as Mrs. Tan, Boss became like a warm lamb in a split second.

But Kevin knew, if anyone were to upset Miss Qin, Boss would transform into fire breathing dragon. Oooo, he’s feeling his blood pressure rise from the stress already.

With a faint smile on her face, XunMi glanced at Kevin, her eyes flashing knowingly. Dont think that she counldn’t guess Kevin’s unfinished words. To call her his wife, it seems Tan ZiXi really does have feelings for her.

“Can you help ask Zixi ge for me: if he has time during lunch, let’s go eat Thai food.” The book had said that the male lead’s favorite cuisine was Thai. Apparently, he had trained in Thailand during his time in the military, acquiring a great love for the dishes he had tasted there.

Kevin’s smile grew: “Boss will be very happy to hear this.”

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