Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 12

[Loving a person does not need a reason. A heart skipping a beat could be caused by slight smile, or a slight touch. – Tan ZiXi]


Maybe she’s gotten used to being an independent woman. She didn’t want someone to lean on, but a partner that stood side to side with her.

Tan ZiXi could not fully understand. In this moment, his 180 IQ was offline. “I won’t leave, unless you don’t want me anymore. I will always be by your side. I want to protect you. ”

The books said to express your love whenever and wherever, so that they can’t ignore it. Slowly allow love to permeate, until they have become accustomed to your presence. He wanted to make her his person, no one can dare to steal her away. His hands curled into fists, already preparing a small book for those who would dare covet XunMi. If anyone so much as had budding feelings for her, he would mark them with a big X. At this time, Tan ZiXi had completely forgotten that Miss Qin’s reputation in capital city wasn’t exactly anything to brag about. Not many people would have any…additional thoughts about her.

But to Tan ZiXi, XunMi is so wonderful, being desired by others was too possible. So he must be on guard! Definitely give his love rivals any opportunity!

XunMi did not know how to respond. Did the script change? Shouldn’t it be she first explain her thinking and then ZiXi ge quietly agrees? How did the direction of the conversation change completely? She let out a sigh. But still, why am I inexplicably happy about this?

The Aerial Pavilion, named aptly for occupying the top three floors in the highest skyscraper in the city. One floor was a unique restaurant with a distinctive couple set menu. Another floor specialized in Thai and Italian food, with the two kitchens separated by a wall. The highest floor was a cafe with entertainment facilities, along with private rooms for elite customers. Coincidentally, the Aerial Pavilion’s owner was Tan ZiXi. Many people, including Qin XunMi, did not know this. It was mentioned in the book that the male lead frequented the restaurant for dinner. Naturally, XunMi would then chose the Aerial Pavilion to comply with his preferences. Even though she had no special attachments to Thai food, she was still willing to sample a few dishes.

Seated next to the French window, the bright sun shined in, gifting natural warmth into the room. Inside, the restaurant was a zone of leisure and calmness. Upon seeing the two enter, everyone eating either stopped their movements or became directly frozen.

After all, Tan ZiXi was someone that shined no matter where he went. Those who are able to dine at Aerial Pavilion had some status, so many were able to recognize him. As for XunMi, that was a name even more familiar to diners. Eldest Miss Qin, who wouldn’t have heard of her rumors?

“Ha, their reactions are very interesting. ZiXi ge, look. Isn’t it interesting.” XunMi leaned forward to talk to Tan ZiXi seated opposite to her. Her dark peach blossom eyes sparkled as she took in her surroundings.

Tan ZiXi wasn’t too pleased. The books said that if someone gives others more attention that they give you, that that determines that they haven’t fallen in love with you yet. Since coming in, XunMi had been focused on others, even calling them interesting.

“They are all not good.” I am the best, he silently swallowed his last sentence. If he had known there would be so many third wheelers, then he would have cleared the restaurant in advance. Next time, next time he must remember to not allow this situation to happen.

XunMi was dazed for a moment, then broke into a large smile: “ZiXi ge, has anyone ever told you that you are very adorable. Also very overbearing. Be careful or else you won’t be able to find a wife.” So adorable that she feels warm, so overbearing that she feels surrounded by love.

Her last sentence really was just her instinctively mocking. But Tan ZiXi took it seriously, solemnly professing: “I don’t want to find a wife. I just want you. I like you. In the future, I will like you even more.

I never knew what the feeling of heartbeats accelerating. In the military, facing life and death situations, I didn’t even feel my heart beat this fast.” Tan ZiXi placed his hand over his heart, his eyes a boundless stretch of tenderness and warmth. “But yesterday, when I saw you, I discovered that my heart was acting strange. I didn’t know what it meant, but I naturally wanted to watch you, to protect you. Kevin said that I liked you, my mother also said that I liked you. Perhaps, in the beginning, I believed that I liked you after listening to their words. But today, watching you walk towards me, I knew. But this ‘like’ seems to have metamorphosed. I want to hide you away, so that you can only see me. I want to protect you well, so that you won’t be hurt by anyone. Also, the books said that when you meet someone, you can’t let the opportunity slip away. I don’t want to let it slip away: I want to be together with you.”

His masculine voice contained a ripple of nervousness, his eyes gazed unwavering into hers. The usually cold face seemed to have been melted slightly by the small smile on his face. Sunlight illuminated in, providing an additional warmth to his aura.

XunMi was a bit astonished. She seems to have seen an angel, an angel that was only hers. The angel was tenderly confessing, making her feel like a 20 years wandering duckweed that had found shelter away from home.

When she first arrived into this unfamiliar world, no one would have been able to understand the unease in her heart. On the outside, she smiled, walked with confidence, performed perfectly without mistakes. But that was all out of fear that someone would realize that she was an outsider. Now, she wasn’t living just for herself, she was living a life for two people. Still overcome with her emotions, she nodded, the bewilderment in her eyes not completely faded away yet.

“Great, you’ve agreed! As expected, the books are right.” You must strike first to gain the advantage. Before she could react, Tan ZiXi had excitedly moved to sit next to XunMi, smiling foolishly.

XunMi had finally come back to her senses, but immediately would preferred to have remained oblivious. At the moment, she only wanted to cover her face. As expected, she couldn’t weather male lead’s charm attack and was seduced.

If Tan ZiXi had given her an additional half minute, she wouldn’t have nodded her head so easily. Now look at the two of them’s new seating arrangement. Xun Mi silently expressed her embarrassment o(╯□╰)o. Now, even if she were to go back on her decision, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself clearly. Don’t think she couldn’t see the diners around sending shocked looks their way, their jaws practically falling out of their sockets. Together with this big figure sitting in front of her, if she dared to say that her reply was just an accidental response, he’ll probably freeze her to death with one of his signature glares. (⊙﹏⊙)

Tan ZiXi wasn’t focused on what Xun Mi was thinking. He only knew that Xun Mi was his now. Now, he can loudly declare his relationship. When he wants to hug, he can hug; when wants to kiss, then he can kiss; if he’s unhappy, then he can looking to her for consoling.

His decision was right, he must confess with determination. Not like that Kevin, who would only suggest nag him when he asked for advice. Telling him he can’t do this, he can’t do that. Telling him he needs to help foster more emotions between them before confessing to make sure there was no chance of failure.

Nonsense! His method is the only way to ensure no chance of failure.

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