Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 13

[Loving her means you must spoil her, care for her, and protect her. Spoiling her so that she’s reluctant to part with you. Caring for her so that she doesn’t want to leave you. Protect her so that she can’t leave you. -Tan ZiXi]


Tan ZiXi happily decided that he must reeducate Kevin’s thought process when he got back. Kevin, who took the bullet once again: ….(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ {T/N took the bullet as in he was wrongfully blamed or included into a situation}. His heart was ready to explode.

Bull, that wasn’t what you said at the time. You said directly snatch her away, if that doesn’t work, then take her directly to the wedding chapel. What girl would like such a barbarous man?! Was he wrong for advising him to take it slowly? Good intentions don’t give goodwill in return these days.

“ZiXi ge, I’m curious. ‘The book said’…can you tell me exactly which book said it?” XunMi smiled brightly, although it seemed a little forced. Her half narrowed eyes were hard to read.

Hearing her mention “book”, Tan ZiXi immediately remembered something else the book had said: In order to develop feelings as lovers, you also need to have constant physical intimacy. Applying what he learned, Tan ZiXi slyly reached his arm over to hold XunMi. He rubbed his head onto her forehead, then leaned down to meet her check, rubbing again. A pinkish color immediately spread acrosss her smooth, delicate skin. This was the first time being so intimate with a man. No matter how strong she looked on the outside, she was still a little shy.

Tan ZiXi noticed the dainty earlobe in front of him and instinctively bit down. Gently biting, he could only think of how soft, how sweet the feeling was, causing him to stick out his tongue and lick her.

XunMi was completely struck dumb, her face feeling uncomfortable warm. She quickly pushed away from his embrace, turning away and refusing to look at the man behind her.

Tan ZiXi stared at his suddenly empty embrace, consumed with regret and bashfulness. His gaze then turned to face the detestable flies watching them, his face suddenly darkening. Did his actions just now make XunMi dislike him? It’s all these people’s fault, why are they eating here of all places?

XunMi was already laden with grief. What is this situation that completely went against his character description? It won’t be another case of ‘the books said’, right? “ZiXi ge, you still haven’t told me what book it is.”

Tan ZiXi obediently sat in his seat, detailing the books he had read. “For example, A Guide to Courting Your Wife, and 36 Strategies of Love. Also, How to Win Your Soulmate, and…There’s a few more that Kevin gave me but I can’t remember the names.” Tan ZiXi was thinking that those books were quite useful, he must go back and continue to study them.

XunMi really didn’t know what to say anymore, “ZiXi ge, let’s just go with the flow, allow the two of us to progress naturally.” Although she wanted to fight back a little, she decided not to. Being presented with such sincere feelings, she naturally was softened. After all, she wasn’t a coldblooded person. Even though she hasn’t fallen in love with this man yet, she still had a bit of feelings for him so couldn’t say no to this temptation. She wanted to give the relationship a chance, even if it turned into a bad gamble she’ll be fine. This would be the biggest gamble of her life, one that she could not predict the result of.

Tan ZiXi didn’t speak, only focusing on XunMi, as if wanting to see into her heart. “Mi er…” He was a good hunter that knew to wait for the best time to act. Obviously, the time has passed. But it was alright, at least the results were what he had wanted.

XunMi almost fell to her knees. How could those overbearing peach blossom eyes look so pitiful at this moment? This must be an illusion, an illusion. Or maybe those books have left some kind of aftereffect on him. No, she must make sure he stops reading them, she’ll tell him to throw them out later.

Luckily at this time, the waiters brought out their food. XunMi could finally let out a sigh of relief. The two ate silently, during which Tan ZiXi constantly observed XunMi’s habits and favorite dishes. He discovered that XunMi didn’t seem to like snapper fish but enjoyed the prawns and pomelo salad, the shrimp served in a pineapple shell dish, and pineapple rice. It looks like XunMi liked shrimp. He carefully transferred all of his shrimp into XunMi’s bowl, then happily watching XunMi eat his shrimp. XunMi wasn’t aware of Tan ZiXi’s little actions. She was too busy going over the original plot.

There should be an important plot point today. Second lead Fei Zhen Zhi will be chased by assassins sent from a rival family. He miscalculates and is shot, ultimately being saved by Qin HuaiSe. Thus, Fei Zhen Zhi is left with a good impression of Qin HuaiSe. Upon finding out her identity, he used the power of Fei family to help her. XunMi didn’t know how much true feelings were involved. But she knew that the reason Fei Zhen Zhi unhesitatingly attacked was to carve up a piece of Qin’s power, weakening Qin family in the process. As soon as power is involved into relationships, how real can those feelings be? If she arranged for people to go wait for Fei Zhen Zhi in advance, cutting off Qin HuaiSe’s opportunity, would she still be able to attract the interest of Fei family’s young master?

Good times always past by fast. For Tan ZiXi, the time was passing at full speed. In the afternoon, XunMi was dragged to see the place that Tan ZiXi had mentioned earlier. Afterwards, Tan ZiXi sent her to her front gates.

“ZiXi ge, the sky’s getting dark. Be careful on your way back, rest early.” XunMi reached out her hand to pull open the car door, only to find that the doors were locked. XunMi turned back to look at Tan ZiXi in confusion.

Tan ZiXi pursed his lips, appearing a bit saddened. Didn’t the books say that lovers should kiss goodbye? Why isn’t XunMi kissing him? Could it be that she was being shy? En, that must be it.

Then he should take the initiative. Remembering the taste of those beautiful lips, his heart boiled uncontrollably with excitement. Tan ZiXi steadily lowered his head to meet XunMi’s lips. A distinct sweetness flowed from her lips and into his head, exploding like fireworks. Tan ZiXi’s eyes reddened, not even having time to check for XunMi’s reaction before he used his tongue to separate her lips. Their kiss intensified, as his tongue successfully slipped into her mouth, entangling with hers.

XunMi was completely dumbfounded when Tan ZiXi first pressed his lips onto hers. A tremble ran up her spine, causing her whole body to feel weak. The possessive and overbearing feeling directed from his burning lips to hers had XunMi intoxicated. Her mind was already blank, coupled with the sudden lack of oxygen, made XunMi feel out of breath. She lifted her hand to push him away. But as soon as her hand touched his chest, the arm wrapped around her waist tightened its embrace. His body leaned in even closer, as if he wanted to combine into one.

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