Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 19

[How fortunate I am, to meet you at the best time. How fortunate I am, to fall in love with you at the best time.- XunMi]


‘So the first stage is counterattacking, the second is attacking, but they are all the same idea, right?’

Baobao nodded his head with all his strength, looking at his host with adoration in his eyes: [Host, you are really smart.] Does this mean that he’ll finally have hope of getting promoted and reach the climax of his career?

All of the 10 successful hosts before had only barely achieve their mission. None of them reached level A, let alone S. It’s already been several thousand years, yet he was an advanced system that was still stuck lingering on the beginning levels, making his heart feel so tired.

XunMi raised both arms and stretched, with what appeared to be a smile on her face, and looked at her lit up phone.

The climax is here. Ignoring the hopping Baobao, swiped open her phone, and viewed the news that had just been sent to her.

Her eyes sparkled. Exactly as I predicted.

[Remember to clean up the traces, I’ll wait for your results.] After sending the text message. XunMi threw her phone to the side carelessly.

Qin HuaiSe, Qin HuaiSe, even if you are the female lead, when you lose all of the second male leads’ protection and the second female lead stops inciting disharmony, can you still turn a defeat into a victory?

Bright pupils appeared even more dazzling in the night, reflecting the moon’s distinct light. In the morning she had already given her general plan to the general manager. Qin Sheng had chosen to leave himself. The only ripple in her plans was her officially appointed Boyfriend, stubbornly wanting to bring her home to meet his parents. But overall, today went off without a hitch.

With a bright starry night above, the air around her so refreshing, it was the best atmosphere to sleep in.

The wee hours of morning was the best time interval for a night owl.

A self proclaimed blogger was going through his habitually web surfing when they discovered something, quickly clicking into the link. Immediately, he felt as if he harmed his whole lifespan, no, he dirtied his whole life.

A detailed report on Qin HuaiSe’s personal biography, identifying from her father’s father to her friends without missing a single thread. Especially regarding Qin HuaiSe’s mother, who had been a mistress that pressured the legal wife to death, including reports about how greedy, shameless, slutty she was, using her seemingly fragile and pitiful appearance to destroy N amount of women’s lives. Finally, the writer wrote almost a thousand words in a letter revealing her clear opinion in depth.

“Wearing skin of a white lotus, but doing such sickening things!” Furiously he wrote a row of curses, writing a few more lines when he felt that his anger had not dispersed, even going on Baidu to promote the report.

Quickly, the report appeared in prominent message boards and in public platforms. In the end, it even made it to the top viewed searches list, became the top story of early dawn.

‘Pa’ A phone smashed onto the ground, breaking into pieces.

“Who did this, who created this? Yes, it must be Qin XunMi, it must be her! No, I have to go find Father. Father will believe me.” In a dark room, a girl with disheveled hair sat, looking a bit battered and crazy. She staggered to walk through the door, but quickly stopped in her spot. What if, what if she really wasn’t of Qin family’s blood? Then what would she do? No, her biggest trump card was her Qin family status. If she lost that, she would have no standing in high society. Then, she wouldn’t have the chance to make ZiXi ge like her. ZiXi ge was hers, only could be hers.

It was all because of that bitch Qin XunMi. Everything was all because of her. If not for her, it wouldn’t be like this. When this thought rooted in her mind, Qin HuaiSe could not think of anything else. Her face twisted into a terrifying expression, even more frightening than a demon’s abyss.

“Qin XunMi, if you die, then there would be no one competing with me.” Quickly, she turned back into the room, locked her door, and dialed a number. This was the number of a influential man she saved when she had went out for a walk yesterday.

“HuaiSe, what are you calling for, did you need something?” A thick, pleasant sounding, male voice could be heard coming from the other side,

“Yan gege, woooo~~~” Her voice was choking with sobs, sounding helpless and afraid. Hearing her voice, the man also became anxious, repeatedly asking questions until Qin HuaiSe told him what happened. Qin HuaiSe happily hung up the phone when she heard the man angrily promise to help her settle the matter and get revenge. During the entire conversation, the malice in her eyes did not disappear.

If XunMi was here, she would discover that this storyline was incorrect. Isn’t this the second lead’s part? So where did this Yan gege come from? As expected, the storyline is powerful: even when XunMi had stopped ‘rescue second male scene’ plotline, there’s still people that would substitute in.


By the time the sun finally rose into the sky, XunMi was lazily stretching with satisfaction. She slipped on her slippers and treaded into the bathroom.

Tan ZiXi had punctually arrived the Qin house, carrying his XunMi’s favorite breakfast dish. The Qin family residence was modeled after a more ancient style, scaling a few thousand square meters but only containing about 10 servants. One reason was because XunMi didn’t like being around too many people, second was because the majority of the time the residence was empty.

Qin Sheng spent most of the time living in a penthouse closer to the company, at least that was what he had explained to Qin XunMi. As to where he actually stayed, that was under investigation.

Meanwhile XunMi lived in an apartment close to campus. The only reason XunMi was able to act carefreely for this duration of time was because it was coincidentally summer vacation at school.

“Morning, ZiXi ge.” XunMi naturally walked to Tan ZiXi’s side, giving him a big fat good morning kiss.

Tan ZiXi helped XunMi set the table, then began watching XunMi hastily yet gracefully eat breakfast. XunMi drank a bowl of congee, ate three crab meat buns, filling her stomach up to its max. She reached for a napkin to wipe her lips, happily curving her eyes into half moons, what a decadent lifestyle. The maids quickly stepped forward to tidy up the table before serving two cups of tea for digestion.

Tan ZiXi only spoke after checking XunMi had finished eating. “Mi’er, yesterday someone exposed that woman’s business, pulling Qin company’s reputation down a bit too. Do we need to handle it?” He really didn’t want to get involved. Watching that person who had bullied his XunMi being cursed by others, made his mood feel as bright as the sun. Now if that woman dared leave her house, she’ll definitely be hit with rotten eggs.

But then someone with a hole in his brain said that all of the Qins were frauds. Qin Sheng was scum, Eldest Miss Qin was a domineering Big Miss, and Qin HuaiSe was a white lotus flower, making them a family of problematic people.

When this comment came out, it was like poking a hornet’s nest. All kinds of different flies came rushing over.

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