Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 20

[This love had already unconsciously developed and matured. It’s just that I only became of it now. -XunMi]


Though it had first targeted Qin HuaiSe, it became a chance for radical anti-aristocratic people to take a bite at other rich families. There were numerous people that had unwittingly been swept into the matter. XunMi blinked in bewilderment, what is ZiXi ge talking about, how come I don’t understand?

Oh, now she remembered. She had instigated last night’s situation, but how did it suddenly link into Qin family’s reputation?

Tan ZiXi guessed that XunMi might not know about the new buzzing through town and handed over a newspaper.

XunMi silently read, suddenly feeling as if she was actually pretty elegant.

Qin HuaiSe’s family affairs occupied the headlines. Wow, looking at these people’s logical reasoning, they must be delirious. XunMi read while ridiculing, what do they mean that she, XunMi, was a pathetic person that received a lack of love growing up? For god’s sake, how come she herself didn’t know that she was lacking in love? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

“Mi’er…” Seeing the strange color of XunMi’s face, Tan ZiXi worried called out.

“En, what’s up ZiXi ge?” XunMi put down the newspaper, and proceded to skim through her phone.

“Nothing, I just thought your complexion seemed a bit off.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry ZiXi ge. I’m pretty impressed by their ability to so deliberately distort the truth.”

“Don’t worry about it, they are just jealous.” Tan ZiXi had no respect for them. Someone else’s success is someone else’s, obtained through great efforts. Even if some are born sitting atop of a gold or silver mountain, that’s because he did good deeds in his past life and received a good reincarnation. If you want their success but you’re not willing to put in your own effort, instead only blaming others, than you aren’t worth it.

XunMi’s lips split into a smile, ZiXi ge really is adorable.

“I let out the first set of news. As for those later ones, tell me honestly: did you do it?”

“Yes.” Tan ZiXi directly admitted.

A warm wave flooded into her heart as the laughter in XunMi’s eyes became more evident. She reached her hands out to wrap around Tan ZiXi’s neck, resting her head on his chest.

“ZiXi ge Have I ever told you,. that I seem to be liking you more and more?” Even possibly feeling ripples of love.

“Mi’er, what did you say? Say it one more time!” Tan ZiXi excitedly held onto XunMi, his scorching hot gaze attentively focused on the woman in his embrace. He wasn’t hallucinating right? Mi’er said that she’s liking him more and more, so can he understand it as Mi’er is in love with him?

XunMi minced her lips together to hide a giggle, but still obediently repeating her words, “I said I’m beginning to like you more and more.”

She raised her head to land a kiss on handsome cheeks in front of her, her face splitting into a happy smile.

The bright and warm sunlight sprinkled in from the window, landing on the two people embracing, adding another layer of radiance to the image.

For consecutive days, capital city was flooded by news regarding Qin family. Whether on big streets or small alleys and even more significantly online, everyone was discussing Qin family’s this or that.

Every notable forum site, every big social network, all seemed to be pushing all news concerning Qin family. Smelling a good story, all the reporters were sticking on to the topic like houseflies. However, none of them have dared to contact XunMi herself. Maybe it was because their meeting at the Qin company that day had left a deep impression, making them unwilling to combat her. Of course, there was also the fact that Tan ZiXi had so obviously shown his protection of her.

Although the news on Qin family had led to a fall in their stocks, but the commotion was minuscule at best. She knew that there was someone behind the scenes lending a hand.

There were obviously people moving behind the scenes. How else would an illegitimate daughter’s news implicate the entire Qin family.

“Father, what are you here to see me about?” XunMi’s voice was a bit estranged, containing only politeness. No intimate tone, much less familial.

The man in front of her seemed to have aged vigorously, with spots of white hair visibly displayed on his head. His eyebrows were tightly locked, his face dark with worry.

Qin Sheng opened his mouth a few times but didn’t know what to say. He was here today for HuaiSe. HuaiSe had begged him, asking XunMi to let her go. Even though he was now certain HuaiSe wasn’t his biological daughter, he still couldn’t bear to see her hopeless. So he came.

But facing his real daughter’s tranquil pair of eyes, he hesitated.

“XunMi, you…Can you….let HuaiSe go. She…She’s only a child. I…”

“Enough.” It was really naive of me to still address you as father. Just because Qin HuaiSe is your daughter, is Qin XunMi not? Qin Sheng you really don’t have a conscience. Go, I won’t promise you anything. Qin company does not welcome you.””

How laughable. XunMi curled the corners of her lips into a self-mocking smile. Even direct blood relations can’t win over so-called ‘true love’. Fortunately, she did not desire such fatherly love at all.

She pressed a button on the phone placed atop her desk, and instructed: “Li jie, please see Mr. Qin Sheng out. From now on, without my permission, Qin Sheng is forbidden from entering the company building.” She was tired, truly tired from all the socializing and meticulously planning.

The secretary quickly came in and led Qin Sheng out.

XunMi felt at edge for no apparent reason. She picked up her coat and left the company too. As she walked adjacent to the river front, the evening wind brushed through her hair, carrying strands of her hair up like ripples in water.

“Careful!” Just as XunMi was lost in her thoughts, an ear-piercing shriek screamed out, accompanied by the ‘bang’ of a car.

Amidst the crowded stream of people, XunMi suddenly felt as if the world was silent.

Bright red liquid dripped from fingertips onto the ground, dying the spotless white sidewalk red.

XunMi froze, staring at the person that had thrown himself onto her, unaware of her tears rapidly forming.

“ZiXi ge, ZiXi. Ambulance, call an ambulance! Please, help me call an ambulance.” XunMi bellowed, not daring to move, only holding onto the waist of the man on top of her. She was scared.

Panic slowly wrapped around her, choking her.

As if woken from their stupor by her scream, the people around her quickly dialing 120. {T/N: Chinese ambulance number}

The ambulance came quickly. XunMi held onto Tan ZiXi’s hand and followed him in.

Outside of the emergency room, the nurses were unable to force XunMi to let go of Tan ZiXi’s hand, having no choice but to give her an anti-bacterial dress and send them in together.

XunMi’s empty eyes stared at the man lying on the operating table. His face was pale. Although he was still the same dazzling person, he had no color anymore.

Her tears once again fell silently across her cheeks.

As if suddenly remembering something, XunMi quickly wiped away her tears, pursed her lips, not allowing herself to be pitiful.

She knew that ZiXi ge definitely wouldn’t want to see her cry, so she must be strong.

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