Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 26

[I’ve never been afraid of waiting. I just fear that the one I’m awaiting will appear. -XunMi]


As a more powerful dragon would lead to lower chances of compatibility, let alone when the dragon in question was one of the most ancestral of all, the probability of this coincidence occurring was extremely unlikely. But somehow, it happened.

Baobao was bitterhearted. Baobao was tired. Baobao was weak.

He didn’t know it would be like this. He could only imagine the trouble if a person with more powers than the energy of this dimension’s world appeared. Now, he could only hope that his boss wouldn’t exterminate him. A suffocating Baobao once again jumped onto Tan ZiXi’s face, ferociously stomping away. Who told you to go off script, causing me to tremble with worry? I’ll stomp you to death, I’ll stomp you to death.

His imagination was beautiful but reality was cruel. Baobao had only stomped a few times before he was lifted up by a pair of slender, soft, pale hands.

“Baobao, what are you doing. Go play somewhere else. ZiXi ge’s face is not somewhere for you to fool around on.” She coldly threw the furry white ball to the side before taking a handkerchief and gently wiping the spot that Baobao had stepped on.

Baobao was not feeling so happy, biting into his own handkerchief with muffled sobs. XunMi did not have the spare thoughts to take care of Baobao; she thought she just saw ZiXi’s finger move.

But on second glance, it seemed like nothing had happened. She rubbed her eyes. Once again, no movement. She let out a bitter laugh, she’s become so delusional that she’s seeing hallucinations.

[Host, don’t worry. He’s really fine, Baobao can guarantee. He will wake up very soon.] According to his calculations, it shouldn’t be more than two days. Baobao hadn’t originally wanted to tell his Host after she had bullied him. But Baobao couldn’t bare seeing Host so hurt.

XunMi raised her eyebrows. This was not the first time Baobao has said this with such certainty. Could it be… “Baobao, do you not actually know?” Although said as a question, XunMi seemed already certain in the answer.

Baobao angrily jerked back, refuting: [Host, what are you saying? Baobao doesn’t understand. Baobao scanned his body’s data, which stated that there was no problem.] Silently he congratulated himself for being quick on his feet.


[Really, really.] Baobao firmly nodded his entire body.

XunMi pinched the white furry ball closer to her, her eyes forming slight half moons: “Baobao, do you know what the consequences of deceiving me are?”

Baobao was really about to cry. Sob~~ Host is so scary.

Shrinking his whole body together and trembling, he said: [Baobao is telling the truth. He really will be waking up soon.] Baobao was realizing that having such a smart host wasn’t always a good thing, especially when he was trying to trick her. Sigh, I’m so tired, please comfort me.

After confirming that Baobao hadn’t lied, XunMi roughly patted his fur before placing him on her shoulder.

She continued to give ZiXi ge a whole body massage to prevent his muscles from to deteriorate due to a long period of immobility.


Tan ZiXi felt like he was in a dark space, unable to see the edges. He heard sounds coming through to him from time to time, instinctively recognizing the voice as Mi’er. He wanted to wake up, yet couldn’t struggle free from the binds of darkness.

Suddenly, a golden light appeared in this pitch black space, advancing directly at him. He wanted to dodge, yet could not overcome its’ speed.

He felt like there seems to be something else in him now, that his body forcibly entered an even deeper sleep. But he could feel his muscles tighten, his bones strengthening, and his entire body brimming with power. His mind also seemed to clear up. Now he could hear what Mi’er was telling him, he could feel Mi’er slender and powerful hands wandering on his body. The one thing he enjoyed the most each day was the massage. Even just thinking about it made him almost start drooling.

Today was the same: he took in the unfamiliar presence in his consciousness while waiting for his Mi’er to massage him. But he was met with thundering news!

Mi’er said she didn’t want him, she didn’t want him. How could that be? He can’t let that happen.

In that moment, Tan ZiXi used energy he didn’t even know he had to breakthrough the darkness confining him. With great effort, he tried to move his hand, finally feeling as if he had returned to the real world. He slowly opened his eyes.

The midday sun was bright but was blocked out by the person sitting by his side so that it wouldn’t irritate his eyes. This was the delicate, beautiful face that made him intoxicated. It was the same peach blossom eyes, but inside they were darkened and lacked their original life.

His heart suddenly squeezed. The person he held in his heart and promised to dote on has become so thin and was missing her previous spirit. It was all his fault: “Mi’er.” He reached out his hands, wanting to caress her hair, but found that he didn’t have enough energy. His voice was hoarse from a lengthy time of inactivity.

XunMi had just placed down her fluffy ball when she heard someone calling for her, the raspy voice carrying the ability to calm her heart. She turned her head in disbelief, meeting directly into his peach blossom eyes that held a speck of gold.

Her body acted before her rationality did. She threw herself onto Tan ZiXi, choking with emotion: “ZiXi ge, ZiXi ge. You’re finally awake.”

I wasn’t afraid of waiting for you, just afraid of not having enough time to wait for your arrival.

Tan ZiXi tilted his head to kiss XunMi’s hair, his heart filled with warmth and tenderness.

“Someone had said that if I didn’t wake up, they would leave me. So how could I not wake up. I couldn’t let you leave me, you’re mine in this lifetime.” Of course, in the next life, next next life, in every life and every world, you must be mine too.

Two people, two hearts joined as one, creating a warm image. It seemed to tell the story of their lives, filled with laughter, sweetness, heartbreak, and especially happiness.

XunMi nodded her head repeatedly: “I am yours. Always yours.” Even when I leave, my heart will still be yours. No one will be able to steal it away from you.

The people outside the room also let out a deep breath. In these past two months, they saw XunMi personally take care of their son, and could only feel moved. Even though they knew that his situation was because of her, they could feel nothing but sympathy for her.

They didn’t go in to disrupt them, instead turning to call for a doctor.

After an examination, the head doctor all felt like this was a miraculous recovery. After a short period of rest, Tan ZiXi finally gained consent to be discharged. Actually, the head doctor had given his agreement much earlier on, but XunMi was worried and forced him to stay for another half a month.

Tan ZiXi obviously didn’t disagree with his lover’s words, very obediently listening to her. There was no loss to him. After all, he could hug the person he loved every night, he could take advantage of her. This kind of lifestyle made him not even want to leave.

Within an hour of leaving the hospital, Tan ZiXi had immediately brought XunMi to register an official marriage license.

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