Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 27

[The happiness I want is you by my side, me taking care of your every need, and us creating our own little world. -Tan ZiXi]


According to his logic, why select an auspicious day for marriage when you can make the day auspicious yourself. Today was a day worth commemorating. Today, they’ll sign the documents, tomorrow they’ll get married.

XunMi had already become experienced with this arrogant man’s decisive behavior, so easily agreed with him. But XunMi was still worried: where exactly was Qin HuaiSe?

“Mi’er, don’t worry. I already got someone to go search.” Sitting in the car and watching his lover’s mind wander, Tan ZiXi was unhappy but he could guess where her mind had gone. His eyes flashed with killing intent, that woman must have good luck to be able to hide from all of his men.

XunMi leaned on Tan ZiXi’s shoulder, lightly shaking her head: “I’m just worried that this kind of thing will happen again. ZiXi ge, promise me. Don’t let me worry again. If there’s anything, then we’ll face it together. Even if it were death, I would want to face it with you. So don’t leave me alone again.” Holding Tan ZiXi’s face in her hands, XunMi seriously expressed her feelings. If he were gone, she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Tan ZiXi’s hugged XunMi, pulling her to sit on his lap. He lowered his head and captured that pair of tender, red lips. XunMi wrapped both hands around his neck, raising her head to allow him comfortable access. Her silent response made Tan ZiXi’s actions intensify. His tongue fought playfully with hers, lightly sucking, lightly nibbling , as if he had the most delicious dessert that he couldn’t bear to consume in one gulp. XunMi weakly fell into Tan ZiXi’s arms, taking in his loving yet overbearing kiss.

Afterwards, XunMi laid in his embrace gasping for air. She shifted her body a little, wanting to adjust her numb legs. Accidentally bumping into something that already stood erect, XunMi’s cheeks immediately turned dark red.

Tan ZiXi had one hand supporting XunMi’s waist and one hand caressing the hair flowing carelessly on her back. His lower half had already swelled unbearably in the moment when he was latched onto her sweet lips. But now, the woman on top of him was moving back and forth, causing him to moan. “Mi’er, if you keep moving like this, I won’t be able to endure it.” His raspy, low voice contained lust, seducing her. XunMi reddened even more, from both the earlier embarrassment and his enticement. “……Pervert.” XunMi could only spit out that one word.

Her arms remained looped around his neck. She didn’t retreat, but rather leaned closer to him. Softly resting her head onto his warm chest, she whispered in a small voice, “If you can’t endure it, then don’t endure anymore.”

Tan ZiXi’s whole body burned up, the hand wrapped around XunMi tightened. With eyes bursting with ecstasy, he lifted her head as she tried to burrow deep into his arms: “Mi’er, what did you just say?” Her delicate skin had already turned into the color of a blooming rose. This pure seduction couldn’t be resisted.

XunMi couldn’t directly discuss such a blunt topic so decided to use actions to express herself. She took the initiative and kissed his alluring lips, hesitantly sucking and extending her small tongue to enter his mouth.

In the face of such temptation, who could endure? Of course he can’t endure. Especially since this person was the woman he loved the most. Her every smile, every frown, every single move was an intoxicating aphrodisiac. It was as if even God was helping them today, he thought, as the car swiftly pulled up to XunMi’s driveway.

Tan ZiXi carried XunMi and impatiently dashed inside. In one breath, he had icked the door open, entered, and locked the outside world out. Walking to the center of the room, Tan ZiXi lightly laid XunMi down onto the bed.

XunMi watched Tan ZiXi stand by her bedside. Simultaneously, he watched her while calmly undressing. First off was his coat and then his dress shirt, exposing his firm, tanned body. Afterwards, he took off his pants…and stood completely naked!

At first XunMi was still able to remain calm, but she couldn’t bear the feeling of his continuous gaze. That look of unobstructed lust made it feel like the one stripping was her!

When snow white colored deep red, the roaming dragon plucked the red cinnabar’s cherry, the boat sailed into port, her voice was like an oriole’s delicate song, trembling with tears of pain and pleasure. Her eyes reddened as she exhaled, the scent of her sweat filling the air. She exhibited the charm of a fox, forcing people to forget about worldly affairs and instead completely drowning in the spirit the moment. The calm and collected, realistic and practical XunMi was influenced by Tan ZiXi to do this mischief when the sun was still out. In front of their lovers, he was like a male beast in heat.

But Tan ZiXi didn’t make XunMi spend the whole day in bed. After the first time, he stiffly restrained his unsatisfied appetite and carried XunMi into a warm bath. After exchanging the bed’s sheets, he waited for XunMi to fall asleep. Then, he went to take a cold shower and personally went into the kitchen to prepare a late breakfast.

XunMi was lucky to have Tan ZiXi. If there was a man who said he loved you but had no urges for you, then that indicates his love was not deep and you must proceed with caution. But if there was a man who said he loved you and displayed his lust for you, yet restrains himself for your sake, then you must treasure him. If there’s a man who is considerate of your first time so contains his own desire, respecting and cherishing you, then you should marry him.

By the time XunMi finally opened her eyes, the sun was already setting. Her face immediately reddened. She had unexpectedly slept for so long! Thinking about what happened with Tan ZiXi, a sense of content and sweetness emerged in her heart.

She struggled to get up, accidentally pulling her lower body, causing her to suck in a breath. He had helped her clean up pretty well. There didn’t seem to be any injury besides a certain numb, throbbing sensation. Leaning on the headboard, XunMi’s eyes inadvertently swiped towards the two small red books sitting on the drawer. Warmly, she reached her hands out to grab them, flipping through to skim its’ contents. Her fingers lovingly stroked the picture of the two of them.

When ZiXi pushed open the door, he was met with this warm image. A beautiful woman devotedly looking at the item in her hand, her eyes held an intoxicating warmth. The sunset’s glow illuminated on the woman’s profile, making her appear a bit unreal yet tranquil.

“Mi’er, you’re awake. Come drink some congee. I made your favorite seafood congee.” Carrying a tray to XunMi’s side, Tan ZiXi scooped up a spoonful of congee, placed it close to his mouth and blew on it before carefully bringing it to his little person’s mouth. Watching her obediently open her mouth wide and clamp down on the spoon, Tan ZiXi’s heart swelled.

His anticipated happiness has always been like this. His grim face softened, carrying an insurmountable level of warmth and doting.

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