Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 28

[Even though I knew that I would be left alone in the end, I was like a moth drawn to the flame because I craved your tenderness. -XunMi]


After drinking one bowl, XunMi felt her empty stomach sound in satisfaction.

“ZiXi ge, have you eaten yet?” She yawned, making tears form around her eyes. After eating was the food coma, XunMi was experiencing a pig’s lazy life for the first time.

Tan ZiXi wiped the tears from her eyes, helped her lie down and arranged her blankets, coaxing her back to sleep. “I’ll eat when you go back to sleep. Be good, sleep.” He knew that these two months Mi’er hasn’t been sleeping well due to her stress. After being tormented by him today, she would naturally feel tired.

“Hurry and go eat.” XunMi’s eyelids fell heavily as she quickly slipped into her dreams.

After making sure his Mi’er was asleep, he adjusted the heater in the bedroom before taking the tray back out with him. He had originally wanted to rest with Mi’er, but there were always people looking for trouble popping out left and right. After instructing the butler and servants to take care of Mi’er, Tan ZiXi left in his car.

In a dark and broken-down factory, a woman in white laid on the dusty ground.

“Wake her up.” Tan ZiXi’s voice was cold as he disgustedly looked down at the unconscious person.

Kevin cheerfully accepted the mission. He took the water that the bodyguard brought over and unsympathetically drenched the woman on the ground.

“Hm…” a slight voice mumbled, a sign that she was about to wake up.

Qin HuaiSe blinked her eyes, her head pounding in pain. She still remembered yesterday she was walking in a small alley when she felt a sudden pain on her neck just before she lost consciousness.

When she realized her current situation, she promptly began panicking. Where was this? Struggling to climb up, her loosely scattered hair and her filthy clothes clinging onto her skin made her look unrecognizable.

“ZiXi ge?” Raising her head, Qin HuaiSe couldn’t help but excitedly call out when she saw the male idol that she had been thinking about. That look of adoration and longing disgusted everyone around her, especially Tan ZiXi, the receiver of her gaze. He just couldn’t understand, had he used an alien language when speaking before? This shameless woman still didn’t understand all his previous words. This caused his mood to decrease in an instant. He immediately kicked Qin HuaiSe back onto the ground, making her head smack onto the ground with a bang.

“Make sure to wash out her mouth. As the saying goes ‘no good words can come out of a mouth of a dog’.”

A bodyguard immediately stepped forward, slapping Qin HuaiSe across the face a few times. Her swollen cheek with blood bleeding from the corner of her lips matched with the strings of sweaty hair glued to her face made for a disgusting sight.

“Don’t you enjoy seducing men? I’ll help you. Kevin, send her to a gambling den. Pass on a message to them: make sure to take good care of her so that she won’t die too easily.” Tan ZiXi’s malice transmitted directly into Qin HuaiSe’s ears.

He couldn’t believe that this girl could be so malicious, daring to scheme against his Mi’er.

If not for his sudden decision today to take Mi’er to register their marriage, then Qin HuaiSe might have gotten what she wanted. She dared to hire people with the plan of creating a wanton scene to destroy Mi’er’s reputation. Doesn’t she know that Tan ZiXi wasn’t dead yet? Without another glance, he turned to leave.

He still needed to go home to check if Mi’er has been kicking her blankets while sleeping. The sound of his leather shoes hitting the cement echoed, just like a funeral bell striking Qin HuaiSe’s heart.

Despairingly watching the figure slowly disappearing from her sight, she wanted to shout, to accuse, to question, but she couldn’t. Her lips were so bloated that she couldn’t even make a sound.

Everything was ruined. Ruined. Why did it all end up like this? All her years of hard work had been ruined in the span of a night and a day. She hated, she blamed. But no one felt sympathy for her.

Kevin had people carry Qin HuaiSe to the gambling den. That gambling den was no better than dens of debauchery, there were all kinds of people that frequented these money squandering institutions. Especially since she was going to be receiving ‘special care’, the results could already be predicted.

Kevin pitifully shook his head. This woman was smart, it was just that she had poor eyesight.

[Ding, congratulations Madam Host on completing the main mission. You’ve received a reward of 10000 points, a XiSui pill, and a DaHuan pill. Would Host like to leave or stay in this dimension?]

Stay.” ZiXi ge, I still want to be with you. Even if I know I’ll be left alone in the end, I still covet a future with you.

XunMi smiled in her sleep as she felt the the side of the bed next to her dip. A warm embrace pulled her into a sturdy chest. She adjusted and found a comfortable position before continuing sleeping.

Tan ZiXi looked down at the beautiful little person in his arms, his heart unable to contain itself with bursting happiness. Tightening his arms, he closed his eyes and slowly followed her into sleep.

Qin family’s Eldest Miss’s wedding wasn’t luxurious but it was grand. When Tan ZiXi had seeked XunMi’s opinions on her ideal weddings, she had said: “Only unhappy weddings need to use luxury to cover up a lack of happiness.” She didn’t need luxury, as long as she had ease and stability. Thus, Tan ZiXi singlehandedly designed the wedding venue, a mix of elegance and grandeur, yet wouldn’t make people think it was overly extravagant or magnificent. Instead, there was a sense of simplicity in its elegance and comfortable atmosphere.

Liu Bo placed XunMi’s hand into Tan ZiXi’s, his eyes moist. The seventy year old elder, who had lost his own child, was content with life now that he had seen his granddaughter find a final home. “Young man, take care of Xiao Xun.”

Tan ZiXi solemnly gave a 90 degree bow: “Grandfather, I will.” Holding XunMi’s hand, Tan ZiXi’s year round cold-as-ice expression melted like the brilliant morning sun, captivating everyone with his smile.

A white veil hung on XunMi’s head, slightly blocking the guests’ view but not blocking out her aura.

The oath, the exchanging of rings, and the ensuing kiss will become part of their sweetest memories.

Sitting in a corner, Qin Sheng watched the two people on the stage, his mood complex. At his own daughter’s wedding, he, the father, wasn’t the one giving her away. He knew she had been hurt by him, yet he didn’t know how to make it up to her. He could only keep his distance, not disturb her, and hope that she could one day move past the hurt.

With one last glance at the woman in the wedding dress, he quietly turned and left the hall. No one noticed XunMi quickly swipe over to his direction.

Qin XunMi, you should find peace now. At least that person isn’t really coldblooded.

Tan ZiXi squeezed XunMi’s hand, kissed her cheek, and took her to greet the guests.

Only when the wedding was over and XunMi was taking a relaxing bath did she reach out to BaoBao. “BaoBao, what did you mean the main mission was completed?”

[Madam Host, after your man left earlier, he eagerly ran to help you KO Qin HuaiSe.] Baobao happily replied, successfully making a few black lines appear on XunMi’s face.

The bathroom door was pushed open, causing XunMi to look up: “Dear husband, my back is sore, help me massage it.” In the hazy room, the barely discernible figure landed in Tan ZiXi’s line of vision, provoking him. Yet that seductress wasn’t conscious of her actions. This can’t be endured! He pounced, splashing water everywhere. From the bathroom, occasional clandestine moans and groans could be heard, adding a seductive layer to the night air.

Not after long, XunMi received Fei ZhenZhi and Lala’s wedding invitation followed by news that Qin HuaiSe had died in the underground gambling den. In jail, Ling Yan had caught an undisclosed disease, taking his last breath on the way to receive treatment.

Lying under the cherry blossom tree, the already old and grey-haired XunMi looked up at the person by her side.

“ZiXi ge, meeting you in this life was my biggest blessing.” Falling in love with you, was my biggest fortune. I’ll use everyday of the future to remember you. ZiXi ge, thank you for accompanying in this life. I’ve never regretted it.

Tan ZiXi reached out a hand covered in wrinkles to caress XunMi’s hair: “Mi’er, wait for me in the next life. I will definitely find you.” And then be by your side. Even if I don’t remember you, I believe that I would fall for you when I see you.

A light wind blew by, carrying away cherry blossoms in the tree, along with the man underneath the trees.

XunMi raised her head, the tears in her eyes falling out. She had lived 60 years in this world. That was enough. Kissing Tan ZiXi’s forehead, she lovingly said: “ZiXi ge, I’ll wait for you, for you to find me in the next life.” She broke away from her body, leaving the world without the slightest hesitation.

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