Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 6

[Why do I feel so enraged when I see people bullying her? -Tan ZiXi ]


In Tan ZiXi’s world, whatever he was interested in was his. Since she was his person, then that meant hurting her would harm him. This kind of behavior against her must be firmly put to an end. Whoever will be so stupid to block him, he’ll put an end to too. But currently, he was no more than just a little interested in XunMi. Maybe it was her alluring smile, or maybe it was her confidence emitting from her bones. Everything about her made him pay close attention uncontrollably, his gaze glued to her every move.

There was silence for a moment where no one stepped up with everyone’s gaze avoiding one another as if feeling a bit guilty. All the rumors about Eldest Miss Qin were always overhears and passed to others.

This must be the so-called “three people can make a Tiger”. {T/N 三人成虎 meaning repeating false reports make them sound more convincing}. No one in the crowd would be able to recount any events from the very start of the rumors.

While the crowd was mute, Qin HuaiSe was ready to explode. Her original plan has already collapsed, made even worse by her male idol being present to witness it all. “Big Suster, I know you don’t want to admit those things. I also believe that you actually did them. But there’s no waves without some wind, so eventually word gets out. On such a big day, let’s not hear those negative stories.” {T/N: 无风不起浪 chinese version of there’s no smoke without fire}. While clutching the hem of her dress, Qin Huaise’s eyes blinked rapidly, innocently looking at XunMi as if a bit uneasy.

XunMi almost spit blood. Not from anger, but from disgust. This idiot actually thought she was standing in front of a crowd of complete fools. Maybe she thought that everyone was still standing on her side? With such obvious intent to slander and taunt in her voice, even a idiot could tell she had a hidden agenda behind her words. Truly, a girl full of manipulative intent only knows how to play with fake words.

“Heh, since you knew today was such an important day for me, Then why did you come? Do you really think I’m as blind as that President Qin?” XunMi’s dislike and scorn for Qin HuaiSe was completely revealed on her face.

“Qin XunMi, She’s your little sister! What kind of manners is this. Apologize to your sister right now.” Qin Sheng exploded, a red tint spreading on his face while his chest heaved up and down. How can his usually obedient daughter that listened to everything he said behave like this today, even daring to talk back to him? He had originally planned to wait until after today to announce his youngest daughter’s entrance into his company, but it looks like now he doesn’t need to consider leaving face for his eldest daughter.

Tan ZiXi was irritated. How can a father be so biased? He was just about to speak up when XunMi tugged his hand, shaking her head at him when he turned to look back. Tan ZiXi instinctly grasped his hand to hers, noting her soft hands were like cotton, comfortable with a light warmth. Flowers blossomed one after another in his mind, a feeling exciting and addicting. Although his face showed no change in emotion, Tan ZiXi was already in besides himself with astonishment.

XunMi felt the man standing besides her hitch his breath. Her eyes flashed with the realization that she seems to have somehow raised the male lead’s opinion of her.

“Since President Tan is here today, I’ll take this opportunity to announce two things. The first I’ve already mentioned: my youngest daughter Qin HuaiSe will return to the Qin family officially. Two, when my youngest comes of age, she’ll enter the company. At that time, I hope everyone will help look after her.” Leaving no room for refuting, Qin Sheng, acting the role of a man filled with paternally affection, held Qin HuaiSe with a proud smile. The father daughter pair still immersed in their own fantasy completely missed the shock that his words had brought to the guests.

On his heir and eldest daughter’s coming of age birthday, the head of Qin family not only decided to announce his illegitimate daughter’s return, but even declared that she’ll be entering the company? What else could this mean? There were very few people who didn’t understand: this was obviously directed at Eldest Miss Qin. It was telling her that the position of Qin family heir doesn’t necessarily have to be her. Guests were huddled in groups murmuring while sending looks of pity towards Eldest Miss Qin. But when their eyes landed on the man next to her, they froze before their moods began turning into schadenfreude. They were set for a good show now: how would President Tan allow someone he’s interested in to be bullied?

Currently, Tan ZiXi had just prepared to take good care of her, and had also developed some confusing feelings for her. How could he allow anyone to bully her? “President Qin really knows how to joke. The Qin family heir hasn’t even entered the company and you’re rushing to let an illegitimate child in. Aren’t you afraid company stocks might take a hit?” Tan ZiXi did not have a good opinion towards this confused old man, and even less so towards that fake woman. But his words were still polite, only reminding that for a big company, any rustling of changes could create a fracture, much less big news like this. Some stock investors might not care about your family situation but potential business partners might first look at one’s character before making their decision.

Qin Sheng’s face stiffened. Qin HuaiSe cried, this time out of true grief. “ZiXi ge, how could you be like this. I don’t want to take away Big Sister’s position as heir. Father didn’t have any other agenda either, so how could you say that.” With her face showed her disbelief, her eyes red from crying, Qin HuaiSe really looked frailer than wind and in need of compassion.

Tan ZiXi furrowed his brows, the coldness in his eyes growing. “Who exactly are you? Don’t speak as if we are very familiar. I don’t know you.”

XunMi almost wasn’t able to control the urge to clap loudly. So the male lead could be this severe. But she also wanted to say, actually the two of us aren’t that familiar either. But XunMi didn’t say anything, choosing to watch the show.

“Since President Qin has already spoken like this, I, Qin XunMi, am not someone without an upbringing so will not repeatedly fall on the same knife. (T/N she’s saying 寻死觅活 which means to make repeated attempts at one’s life but that sounds too…)

“So tomorrow at 10, I’ll ask President Qin to please bring your good daughter and a lawyer to my office.” Since they’ve already reached this point, she felt no need to show mercy. Don’t say anything about having 18 years of affection under one roof, that’ll only make her feel disgusted.

18 whole years. Not eight, not ten. But the resulting affection only amounted to this? Then there’s nothing worth yearning. Some could be family and get hurt you to the core; others could share no blood but treat you as family. Just like now with Qin Sheng and Tan ZiXi!

XunMi stood, causing Tan Zixi to stand up next to her with worry. In his heart, he was very bothered by this development. This Qin family head must be senile, can’t even differentiate between good and bad. I must remind my mom when I get home too, she make sure to open her eyes wide when looking at another person’s character.

“Now, the two of you may take you’re leave. Qin family will no longer welcome you.”

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