Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 7

[Those that bullied her have been driven away. En, very satisfying. –Tan ZiXi]

The Qin family residence was Qin XunMi’s. Her grandpa had already announced and notarized the transfer.

Grandpa and Grandma Qin had left Qin XunMi with quite a lot. The reason that the original Qin XunMi lost so severely, then, was due primarily to the ‘main lead halo’.

But she, XunMi, won’t lose. This should be considered Qin Sheng’s karma. If she waited any later to act, those elders in the company will be tamed by Qin HuaiSe. Even Grandpa Qin’s personal lawyer will eventually be moved by Qin Huaise’s fragile and kindhearted manner, destroying all documents regarding Grandpa Qin’s transfer of his company shares as a result.

But now? Sorry, allowing history to repeat wasn’t her thing. Her lips curled up in a smile, yet her eyes remained were ice-cold, holding not even a shred of warmth. The guests present waited with bated breath, uncertain but mentally thinking over XunMi’s words.

Qin Sheng had been waiting for flattery from the audience that would help his youngest daughter widen her future path. Unexpectedly, he had awaited such heartless words, causing him to explode on the spot. “Qin XunMi, what do you mean? Don’t forget, this is the Qin family you’re standing in. I am the Qin family head. If anyone is leaving, it’s you.”

He was truly angry, not even considering why Qin XunMi was speaking with such confidence. He only knew Qin XunMi was slapping his reputation in the face. This was in front of the guests. As an elder, how could he allow this behavior?

XunMi coldly laughed: “President Qin, your words are truly a joke– the Qin family residence has never been yours.” So what if he’s the Qin family head? If she wanted, she could exterminate the Qin family in a second. Even without taking into account infinite capital in her hands, if she were to start from scratch now, just her acquaintance with Tan ZiXi would make her confident in her success.

She’s finally understanding why the System had called her mission “Counterattack and Seize”. With a ‘golden thigh’ of a male lead, if you’re able to seize him, then you’ve got a safeguard for life {T/N: to ‘hug a golden thigh’ means to latch onto someone with powerful or useful for support}.

XunMi knew that she’s being overly confident and prematurely assured, but she couldn’t restrain herself. Those two slags made her eyes twitch. If she doesn’t attack now, she might not even have an appetite for dinner tonight.

“President Qin, please. Let’s not make things uglier than they have to be.” As his boss’ capable right hand man, Kevin stepped forward. Although his actions were slightly forced, mainly sparked by being on the receiving end of Boss’ deadly glare.

Qin Sheng had wanted to snap back, but shut his mouth upon seeing that it had been Tan Zixi’s secretary who had stepped in. Even though his heart was filled with fury, he could only hold it in. “Humph, for President Tan’s sake, I won’t sink to your level today.” But tomorrow he’ll let Qin XunMi understand who was the real head of the Qin family. Qin HuaiSe resentfully looked at XunMi, the ill will in her eyes practically releasing ominous black steam. After leading Qin HuaiSe out of the Qin residence’s front door, Qin Sheng’s forced smile dropped into a scowl.

“Father, don’t be angry. I believe Big Sister definitely didn’t mean it. Today was all my fault, I shouldn’t have appeared so suddenly and caused Big Sister to feel uncomfortable. But I really only wanted to send my congratulations to her. Father, don’t fight with Big Sister because of me. She’s Grandpa’s fixed heir. Since she’s 18, she can now take control of the company shares. If you and Big Sister have a conflict, then it’s not good for the company.” Qin Huaise’s facial features were contorted, her head lowered as she pulled on Qin Sheng’s hand and sajiao’d. {T/N 撒娇 is the same as Korean aegyeo; basically means to act in an overly cute}. But when she lifted her head up, she had returned to her pitiful state.

Her words on the surface were said in support of XunMi but were actually comprised to lower Qin Sheng’s opinion of her. Unsurprisingly, after hearing Qin Huaise’s words, his anger only increased. “Who does Qin XunMi think she is? Even if that old man left her with his shares, she can’t control Qin family. There’s no room for an unruly lady like her in the company. HuaiSe, don’t worry. Tomorrow come with me to the office. Father will have you arranged to learn by the general manager’s side. When you’re more familiar with the company, you’ll come help out by my side.” Qin Sheng patted Qin HuaiSe on the shoulder, eyes light with laughter.

The youngest daughter was still the best. So kind, trying to speak up for that treacherous girl. If not due to pressure from his old man, he wouldn’t have married Liu Ningxin and would already be together with his true love. So he wasn’t fond of that woman, nor was he found of their daughter Qin XunMi.

But he didn’t think his old man would like Qin XunMi so much, making it impossible to bring Qin HuaiSe into the family. Finally, he’s waited until the old man had kicked the bucket. But now Qin XunMi was speaking so out of turn!

“Okay, I’ll listen to Father. Let’s leave first. If Big Sister sees us here, she won’t be too happy.” Qin HuaiSe did not let go of any opportunity to slander Qin XunMi, while smiling weakly and appearing innocent at the same time. Qin Sheng loved this type of Qin HuaiSe. Having such an obedient daughter , really is consoling.

The two retreading figures didn’t notice the two individuals behind a corner standing and eavesdropping without shame.

Fei ZhenZhi and Luo Zhen looked at each other with surprise and interest. They had not planned on coming. After all, as members of the city’s Top Three Powerful Families, they only needed to keep a minimal polite front, especially since the banquet was for a infamous heir apparent with a bad reputation. They made an excuse and had some family elders attend instead. The only reason they were here now was because their fathers had called to tell them President Tan was here.

They hadn’t expected to hear such an interesting conversation as soon as they arrived. This Qin family sure had quite a lot of drama.

“Tell me, do you think it’s going to be the illegitimate daughter or the badly reputed Eldest Miss Qin that comes out victorious?” Fei ZhenZhi asked, clearly in high spirits. What can he do, he was feeling impatient with anticipation!

Luo Zhen rolled his eyes in contempt at Fei ZhenZhi before stepping around him to continue walking. You didn’t need to guess in this situation: if Tan ZiXi stood on Eldest Miss Qin’s side, then that illegitimate daughter had no chances of changing fates no matter how powerful she was.

Of course, for a more concrete understanding, one has to see the situation for themselves. It seems like when he gets back home, he’ll need to order his minions to investigate.

Fei ZhenZhi saw the other party ignore him and rubbed his nose, thinking to himself that he can’t even have some careless fun these days.

By the time the two walked up to the main hall, the lively atmosphere had been revitalized.

XunMi and Tan ZiXi stood on a balcony. She beamed with joy and said: “ZiXi ge, thank you. If possible, could we collaborate?” This was a decision she made after careful deliberation.

Qin XunMi’s wish was to not allow Qin family to fall into outsider hands, and to allow the Qin family to rise one social level.

To do so, she’ll have to use 120% of her energy to plan and organize. For her, it would be a challenge.

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