Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 8

[ feel moved…I’m a bit afraid. ZiXi ge, can I hold such high hopes? –XunMi]


Based on what she’s read, the Qin family situation was dangerous. After all, there were the Fei and Luo families. With the three families maintaining their current power status, trying to move up would be difficult.

But if they had Tan ZiXi’s support, then things would be more convenient. Even though the air between the two of them was a bit ambiguous, XunMi had still made this decision.

Tan Zixi’s hand clutching his champagne glass froze for a moment, as he looked at XunMi with a gaze more blindingly bright than the starry sky of night. “Alright, bring your drafted documents and come find me.”

His original intention was to help her. Now that she had taken the initiative and asked, he was delighted. Could this mean that she trusts him, and wants to turn to him for help? His heart was beaming.

No, he must quickly have Kevin prepare information regarding all of Qin family’s properties, industries, and projects so that he can help her draw up the most suitable proposals.

Kevin, currently walking amongst guests, suddenly sneezed. I keep having an ominous feeling.

“Mr. Kevin, are you alright?” The Fei family head worriedly asked.

Kevin shook his head: “No, I’m fine. I’m fine. Thanks for elder’s care. Where were we? Oh right! Your son….” The two then entered in another round of mutual flattery, while attempting to stealthily gain useful information from each other.

Even though she had been about 90% sure that Tan ZiXi wouldn’t refuse her proposal, XunMi was still a little touched by his response. “ZiXi ge…” she murmured softly, fully aware of her heart beating.

Her heart seems to be a bit of a mess. She unconsciously frowned, then sighed. Forget it, we’ll think about it when we get there. Let’s first get this mission done.

Tan ZiXi seemed a bit confused as he looked at XunMi, as if waiting for her to continue her words. XunMi laughed, “I just feel that ZiXi ge is kind, very good.” Good to the point that she’s developed a bit of affections, just don’t know if this is a good thing or…

“I’m only good to you.” Tan ZiXi’s lips moved before his brain did. His gaze remained fixated on XunMi, a complex mixture of awkwardness, nervousness, and anticipation.

XunMi stepped forward, very lightly hugged Tan ZiXi, then swiftly let go. She rapidly blinked up at him before mischievously saying, “ZiXi ge, please sit. I’m going over there for a second.” She then turned and slipped away, only leaving behind a fire red view of her back that, under the illuminating light, made her dress appear to sparkle, causing numerous guests’ heartstrings to tug in the process. The image also evoked a harsh feeling of loneliness and bleakness, her proud stature more beautiful and stubborn than a plum blossom standing upright amidst a blanket of snow.

“Little Zhen (referring to Luo Zhen), I think this Eldest Miss isn’t like what the rumors say she is.”

Fei ZhenZhi held a wine glass, tilting the wine slightly while scrutinizing the girl in the red gown blending into the crowd. His originally carefree face also exposed a sense of seriousness, the expression in his eyes difficult to decipher.

Luo Zhen placed his empty wine glass onto a worker’s tray, picked up a glass of orange juice, and headed towards the balcony. No matter what Eldest Miss Qin was like, he wasn’t going to probe into the situation. Now that she’s gained the interest of that person, would there even be room for anyone else? Rather than suffer grief and pain later on, it’s better to avoid her from the start.

Fei ZhenZhi is once again disregarded, creating deep resentment in his heart. But after seeing his friend’s intended destination, he quickly adjusted his expression before heading over too.

The banquet continued until midnight. XunMi returned to her room, carelessly kicking off her high heels. She threw her entire body onto her big bed, face first. If a guest saw this scene, they would exclaim that her image had vanished into thin air. Her body laid in the shape of the word ‘大’ on her bed without a trace of the nobility and class she portrayed outside, her face scrunched up.

BaoBao, do you think there really is such thing as love at first sight?’ This was the only potential answer she could think of for the male lead’s behavior.

But was it believable? In the original, it wasn’t easy for Qin HuaiSe to gain Tan ZiXi. Whereas, she’s just arrived, hadn’t even introduced herself yet, and he’s already giving her special treatment. Was this likely? She was confused.

Since she could remember, XunMi had lived in an orphanage. The orphanage director told her that she was found at the entrance of the organage. Based on what she had been wearing. It was easy to tell that her parents loved her dearly. But, for some unknown reason, they left her at an orphanage. So the director gave her the name XunMi (寻觅) to remember not to forget to look for her parents {T/N:basically means to seek}. The director firmly believed that her parents must have had a reason for leaving her. XunMi didn’t care to much about the director’s theories. Not because she’s cold hearted, but because she was just too little at the time. Even if her parents want to find her, it would hard to reconnect as so many years have gone by. When she had grown up, she decisively chose to go out alone to develop.

Not only was it to repay the director’s kindness and allow the orphanage conditions to be better, but perhaps she also wanted her parents to notice her when she became successful. Regretfully, her success had just begun when she was sent to this place instead.

[Host, don’t be sad. You can still return. As long as you achieve up to ten million in your cumulative score, then you can return! n(*≧▽≦*)n ] BaoBao felt his host’s fluctuating mood and replied hoping to both comfort her and show off his cuteness.

[In other news, BaoBao doesn’t know whether love at first sight exists but the male lead’s good feelings measure towards Host is very high. ] The first time he saw the male lead, his Good Feelings machine had lit up.

XunMi raised her eyebrows. This Good Feelings thing sounded interesting. ‘What’s Good Feeling measure, how do we find it?’

[Host, you just silently think ‘Good Feelings Measurement’ and it’ll appear. I’ll first open it and let you see.

Full Name: Tan ZiXi

Sex: Male

Personality: Coldblooded

Status: Current book’s Male Lead

Charm: sss

Physical Strength: sss

Degree of Danger: sss

Good Feelings Measure: 71

Evaluation: A person I uncontrollably want to protect. {T/N: evaluations I’m assuming are how the person would sum up their thoughts on XunMi}

The Good Feelings Measurement is split into levels: 0-20 Stranger, 21-30 Acquaintance/Someone I Know, 31-40 Friend, 41-50 Interest, 51-60 Trust, 61-70 Like, 71-80 Extremely Like, 81-90 Lover, 91-99 Person that I love the most, 100 Til Death do us Part.

Full Name: Qin HuaiSe

Sex: Female

Personality: a white lotus flower with a dark heart

Status: current book’s Female Lead

Charm: s (currently a, since Host has meddled with her)

Physical Strength: f

Degree of Danger: a

Good Feelings Measure: -20 (slight signs of blackening, Host please be cautious)

Evaluation: A slut that deserves to die, a hundred times. ]

There were also information on Fei ZhenZhi and Luo Zhen. XunMi was a bit shocked to see Fei ZhenZhi’s Good Feelings Measure was at 50, his evaluation was that she was interesting.

She didn’t know she was anything interesting. So out of nowhere. As expected, the world of a rich playboy, not just anybody can understand.

As for Luo Zhen, he was behaved more normally, giving a Good Feelings Measure of 28, positioned as Someone I Know.

But what really moved her was Tan Zixi’s, ‘a person I uncontrollably want to protect?’

It really was tempting, making her almost want to anticipate the future. But could she stay a lifetime on this world? Could she really accompany him until the end of a lifetime? XunMi couldn’t help but ask herself: is it worth it?

From what I know, I think the degrees for physical strength/charm etc, from highest to lowest, is measured in sss to f.

So it would be sss, ss, s, a, b, c, d, f. I think.

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