Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 19

The summer morning sun was particularly brilliant. Zhou Yunsheng, standing in front of the floor window, stretched then he brushed his teeth, put on a set of casual clothes, and paced downstairs.

“Good morning, did you sleep well last night?” Ning Si Nian unexpectedly greeted him for the first time. Sitting beside him, Ning Wangshu looked at him with shining eyes.

Good morning, did you enjoy your discovery last tonight? Zhou Yunsheng’s heart cursed, but the surface exposed a flattered expression. He bowed his red face and sat in his usual corner position.

Ning Si Nian did not rush to work today, but patiently fed his son porridge, his eyes from time to time looked at the bowed head of the boy. Guilty into a shy, gloomy into fragile, the past resentment of his feminine looks now felt that he looked exquisite, well-behaved, supple- in short today’s Ning Si Nian saw Wei Xiyan and thought ‘how cute’.

This was probably an example of suspecting someone of stealing an axe.

Thinking of this, Ning Si Nian felt ashamed, his ears were faintly red. At this time, Zhao Xinfang, wearing a lavender dress, came downstairs. Her light make up made her face look gentle and innocent.

“Xinfang, last night Wang Ma woke up in the night to drink water when she fell down the stairs and broke her legs. Wait for me to go to the hospital to see her.” Ning Si Nian recovered his eyes from the boy and said in a warm voice.

“Ah? Broke her leg? Why didn’t I hear any movement?” Zhao Xinfang was surprised.

Zhou Yun Sheng, with acting comparable to an actor’s, also timely exposed doubts.

“When she fell her head hit the floor and she fainted. This morning Xiao Li was starting breakfast when she found her. The past few months have been hard, you have to go to the hospital to accompany her often. You know, she personally raised me, I’ve never seen her as just a nanny.” Ning Nian stretched out his fingertips and smoothed Zhao Xinfang’s cheek, his attitude was intimate and gentle but his dark eyes hide a faint cold light.

He was also a movie-level actor.

Zhao Xinfang had some doubts, but after hearing she forgot about them, her gentle face promised but her heart wished for death. That old bitch has never fallen, why did she need to do it now? How is my plan going to work now? Who is going to execute it? Do I have to let Wei Xiyan stay under my nose for a few months? Qian Yu often went in and out of Ning home, she could not guarantee that one day Wei Xiyan would not see him and put two and two together.

Her heart suffocating, she hesitated to open her mouth, “Si Nian, what about the baby?” After speaking she meaningfully glanced at Wei Xiyan.

Is this a vague reminder of how you framed Xiyan? Ning’s heart sneer, but his face revealed a helpless look, “Yesterday my parents called me. They hired a doctor that helps take care of children, Dr. Qin Li. She should be here in a while. Qin Li is the head of the Adolescent Mental Health Center, she has great research on the psychological problems of young people. She will care for the children, so they can quickly get better. ”

Does this mean that he’s not going to drive away Xiyan? He also intends to heal his psychological shadow? Damn old people, so nosy! Zhao Xinfang’s heart was impatient, but her head nodded in agreement.

After breakfast, Dr. Qin Li arrived. She was near sixty, her speech was not urgent but slow and gentle. It felt like a spring breeze so she wasn’t rejected by Ning Wangshu.

Ning Si Nian and Qin Li talked for a long time in the study, about nearly an hour, before he headed to the company for work. Zhao Xinfang saw Qin Li and Ning Wangshu in the studio watching Wei Xiyan, she was desperate to stop them but didn’t want to cause suspicion. But she was also afraid of what she’d say to Ning Si. In the end she had to pack a get-well basket and went to the hospital to see Wang Ma.

Wang Ma’s two legs were wasted, this finally made her understand Ning Si Nian’s true ruthlessness. How could she dare to give a hint to Zhao Xinfang?

“Xinfang, as you can see this is not the time. Wei Xiyan and Ning Wangshu? You want to do it yourself? No you can’t! Ning Si sees me as a godmother, he would never doubt me. But you are different, you are a stepmother if you hit him Wangshu will fear you and Ning Si will definitely suspect you. So when I’m discharged I’ll help you do it. The money………”

Are you tying to make it look like it’s not about the money? As the saying goes –Money can make a ghost slave away!Zhao Xinfang’s heart laughed, but she had to admit that Wang Ma was correct. If she personally abused Wangshu, it’ll not take a long time for Ning Si Nian to suspect. She hadn’t intended to deal with Wangshu this early, it was just a coincidental opportunity.

Forget it, the small bastard can wait until Wang Ma was discharged, I first need to find a way to get rid of Wei Xiyan. While Zhao Xinfang was running her head to think of a solution, Zhou Yun Sheng and Ning Wangshu’s relationship was becoming more and more intimate.

Qin Li deserves to be an expert in mental health for adolescents. She didn’t talk with the two children, or deliberately get close to them, she just guided the two children together and let them explore happily.

While Wangshu was wrapped around Zhou Yun Sheng, she simply sat on a rattan chair, sitting under the garden shade, if they didn’t approach her she would not move.

Wangshu felt that this nanny is much better than Wang Ma.

Zhou Yunsheng was forced to be a villain by the system, that didn’t mean that he was a bad guy in reality. Of course, after dying so many times without burial then reincarnating, he was more or less a little emotionally damaged, but the child was really hard to hate.

Whenever Ning Wangshu sat on his lap, his watery eyes staring at him, he could only silently sigh. Then he helped him frame the canvas, and held his little hand to teach him how to draw a straight line, draw a curve, draw a circle etc.

These basic things, to adults it would seem very boring, but Wangshu took it to heart and practiced over and over again to figure it out. Over time, Zhou Yunsheng found that he was very talented in painting and started to seriously teach him.


Ning Si recently developed a bad habit. Every lunch break he would sit staring at the computer. The secretary brought him a cup of hot coffee, saw him as usual staring at the screen, and gently exited.

However, the computer screen did not show the expected stock market future prices and other business information, but two figures- one big, one small.

The slender teenager held the small child in his arms, his big hands holding the child’s hand, and painted on the canvas. Opposite the two was an apple and a banana, which was their material for today.

The boy gradually let go of the child’s hand, letting him freely paint, and took two steps back. His gentle eyes was focused on him. After a long time, he picked up the palette and brush and quickly started on his own white canvas, but his eyes from time to time watched over the child.

He used the oldest painting skills, except for thin pieces of color you couldn’t see any shape, only he himself knows how amazing the painting will be after it was completed. He gradually immersed into his wonderful mind full of paintings, when the child suddenly pulled his clothes.

The hand holding the brush visibly shook, so the dab of color under his brush was a little heavier. But he was not angry, he just bent over to appreciate the child’s drawings. He didn’t say anything, only rubbed the child’s head to show approval. The kid’s small mouth revealed a hint of cheerfulness.

They were so quiet, serene, leisurely, happy, and the sunshine outside the window made people feel warm. Ning Si Nian looked at them a long time, his expression was gentle.

Suddenly, the boy seemed to have found something was strange, he actually looked over on the screen. Ning Si Nian instantly stiffened in his leather chair. Only when the young boy looked away did he find that he had forgotten to breathe.

Did he find out? His mind filled with doubts. He knew that his daily peeping behavior was somewhat perverted, but he can’t control it. At that moment, he was surprised to find that the young boy had a pair of beautiful peach eyes, even if he was always pokerfaced, as perplexing as it was, as long as his eyes blinked slowly, people felt that he glowed with luster.

Ning Si’s heart jumped twice, he couldn’t help but light a cigar, puffing at the screen. After a long time, his mood slowly calmed down. But he had a kind of impression, as if he once sat in this same position, quietly watching the teenager on a screen, the time was leisurely and quiet.


Zhou Yunsheng knew Ning Si Nian was still monitoring him, so he deliberately peered at the camera to give him a scare. He felt happy imagining the man holding his breath with a 囧 face, afraid of being found.

After carefully storing Wangshu’s first masterpiece, Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed a pencil and sketchbook, and took him to sketch outside.

The studio was empty, for a long time no one came in. Ning Si Nian felt that his heart was empty. He quickly switched to other surveillance videos, but he could not find the two people. He became anxious, he threw away the cigar and called Zhao Jun.

“They are by the lake painting, it is a public place so I didn’t install a camera. If you want to see you have to monitor the district. Boss, with all due respect, I feel that Mr. Wei has a normal spirit, his character is also very good.” Zhao Jun was standing not far from the two people, while he was on the phone he observed the surrounding environment.

“Fit all the places they go with cameras, I want to see what they are doing at any time.” Ning’s tone had some anxiety, he paused for a few seconds before he added “I am not suspecting Wei Xiyan. I know he’s a good person.”

Monitoring him, carefully watching his every move and enjoying it, Ning Si Nian also felt that this practice was abnormal. But he can’t quit, he felt pretty helpless about it.

Zhao Jun was silent for moment before he agreed, then he hang up the phone. After an interval of one second, the phone rang again, the caller ID was still BOSS.

“Boss, what else?”

“I remember your house has a monitor, can it see Xiyan’s every move?”

“Yes, what’s the problem? Do you want me to keep an eye on it?”

“No, immediately remove it…. and later you’re not allowed to monitor Wei Xiyan,” ​​a silent moment, then Ning Si sternly added, “You’re also not allowed to listen to him.”

“Yes, I know.” Zhao Jun hung up the phone. He secretly lamented how his boss’s mind seemed to be becoming more and more indefinable.



Suspecting someone of stealing an axe- might not be the best translation. After googling, it means suspecting someone unjustly of a crime.

Money can make a ghost slave away! – Money is so important that it could be used to persuade ghosts/the devil to work for you. Money makes the world ground

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