Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 20

In the past, Ning Si would not go home until midnight. Now he would pack his briefcase and leave on time at 5:30.

Looking at the time, Qin Li quickly called the two children back. While walking Zhou Yunsheng found that Zhao Jun had installed a lot of cameras by the lake and in the trees. He had to sigh at the other’s weird new hobby.

“How was your day?” Ning Si sent Qin Li away, when he came back into the house he kissed his son’s forehead, and then he extremely naturally held the boy’s cheek and kissed it, as if they were born close.

Zhou Yunsheng was initially very surprised, but as the days passed he also got used to it. He just lifted his lips and nodded slightly, but did not answer. How was our day? Don’t you already know you pervert?

Zhao Xinfang heard the sounds downstairs, she attentively took Ning Si Nian’s jacket and briefcase. The two people hugged each other with a sweet smile, as if they were a pair of loving husband and wife.

This family, except for Ning Wangshu, were all actors.

After eating dinner and coaxing his son to sleep, Ning Si Nian went to find Wei Xiyan to talk to him and cultivate their feelings, but found that the he had already slipped away. He also locked the door.

If it were not for his misguided and bad attitude Xiyan wouldn’t be so afraid of him. Ning Si Nian irritably smoothed his hair, his heart regretted and he also couldn’t wait to devour Zhao Xinfang alive. But Qian Yu was still of use to him, so he had to hide his hate.

The teenager took a picture book out of the bookcase and sat on the bed. He sat on his own legs while taking notes. Ning Si Nian smiled while watching for a while, then he saw that the time was still early so he also used the computer to deal with business.

Around ten o’clock, the phone issued a slight beep to remind Ning Si.

Ning Si Nian turned off the alarm clock and glanced at the screen quickly. The teenager who always kept to schedule was stripping, ready to take a hot bath and go to bed.

His white shirt slipped from his shoulders, he turned, revealing a beautiful butterfly bone, flexible waist, very upturned buttocks…… Ning Si only looked for a moment before he looked away, he suddenly felt some restlessness. He stood up, poured a cup of coffee, and walked two laps around the study, listening to the boy trickle water into the bath.

He felt very irritable, tearing the top two buttons on his shirt, and finally carried the coffee cup slowly back to the desk, his eyes stuck to the screen. He had to admit that he was looking forward to this moment almost every day. What was the difference between this habit and being a pervert? He denounced himself in his heart, but he couldn’t control himself.

He placed down the coffee, pulled out a cigarette and lit it, trying to make the smoke blur his line of sight. But this move was obviously superfluous, the steam of the water in the bathroom had long ago misted the camera, leaving only a slim silhouette.

Ning Si began to feel unsatisfied, silently cursing.

The sound of water finally stopped when his cigarette was finished. Due to being too focused on the screen, his cigarette butts almost burned his fingertips. He uttered a curse and ruthlessly pushed the butt into the ashtray.

The bathroom door opened. The boy walked out with wet hair, wearing only a loose white shirt that barely slipped over his hip, covering his most secret parts but revealing his slender straight legs. His feet were very delicate, a perfect shape. As he stepped on the wool carpet he slightly hooked his toes, the action was very cute.

Because he stayed too long in the studio, his skin was very white, you could almost see the light blue blood vessels. He appeared even more soft and fragile.

The last time, this is the last time, tomorrow I’m removing all the cameras. Holding the coffee cup, Ning Si Nian customarily comforted himself, then he put away his guilty conscience and gave into his greedy gaze.

Suddenly a sharp knock sounded on the door. It was Zhao Jun.

His hands shook, half a cup of coffee fell on his shirt and pants.

He immediately stood up to wipe with a paper towel, and found that he was a bit…stiff. He stopped, then fiercely cursed himself, forcefully pulling his hair. He knew that if he went on like this then he would sooner or later go astray, but he was powerless to stop his perverted self.

“Come in.” He sat down, his expression slumped, his voice depressed.

In the moment of his panic, the young man on the screen quickly lifted his lips and silently whispered – Good night, big pervert.


Two months of summer vacation soon ended. Ning Si Nian lived in struggle every day, he felt physically and mentally exhausted. Maybe I should think of a way to stay away from Wei Xiyan, he told himself. The thought didn’t take long to smack him in the face.

“Why are you packing?” He saw the boy carrying a trolley downstairs with a ready to travel look, his face changed instantly.

“Live in dormitory.” Zhou Yun Sheng hid behind the luggage his demeanor somewhat nervous.

Ning Si coughed and used a softer tone, “How long till you come back?”

“Come back for winter vacation.”

Winter vacation? That was at least three or four months away. Ning Si’s mind buzzed, he snapped and refuted, “No, no boarding school.” He had forgotten his previous determination to alienate Wei Xiyan.

You’re addicted aren’t you, pervert? Zhou secretly sneered at him, but his surface was showing a frightened protesting expression, his pair of watery peach eyes staring at Ning Si Nian.

Under those eyes Ning Si’s body completely melted, his ears involuntarily burned red. Ning Si’s eyebrows became more solemn, determined he said, “No, your self-care ability is too poor, once you start painting you never stop. You don’t leave your room and even forgot to eat. Live at home, I’ll be responsible and drive you to school, otherwise I can’t be at ease.”

Zhou Yunsheng was sitting in his usual corner, staring at his breakfast, silent.

His temper was really stubborn. Ning Si Nian had no way to persuade him so he finally looked to his son. “Baby, your uncle has to go to school, he won’t come back for three or four months. Will you miss him?”

Ning Wangshu finally realized the seriousness of the situation, he immediately jumped out of the chair, thump thump thump he ran to Zhou Yun Sheng. His two small hands tightly grabbed his trousers, he had on a sad weeping expression.

Dead pervert, even using his own son. Yun Sheng almost wanted to facepalm, but he restrained.

“I won’t live in school but I need to be there in the daytime.” He spoke slowly.

‘Well, I’ll drop you off every day.” Ning Si Nian was finally satisfied, he took the opportunity to sit at the side of the boy, picked up his son and happily kissed him. Good son, you really live up to your father.

Wearing an apron in the kitchen pretending to prepare porridge, Zhao Xinfang’s face was dark. The past two months, not only did Wangshu begin to return to normal, even Ning Nian’s attitude for Wei Xiyan had undergone earth-shaking changes. In the beginning of the year he regarded Wei Xi Yan as a transparent person, but now he was pampering him.

What the hell is going on here? Did he forget how he treated Ning Wangshu? Or did he find out the truth? No, if he knew about Wang Ma, would he visit the hospital almost every other day and take care of her? Certainly his parents must be protecting Xiyan and he had no other way. But if their feelings get better and better, and Wei Xiyan talks about that day at the hotel what could she do?

No, I must get rid of Wei Xiyan as soon as possible!

Zhao Xinfang’s eyeballs turned, she seemed to have thought of a wonderful idea.


Wei Xiyan was a freshman in the Kyoto Academy of Fine Arts. He hadn’t participated in the college entrance examination, Ning father knew a famous oil painter in F country who wrote him a letter of introduction and he got in.

Ning Si Nian let an assistant fill in the procedures while he personally went to the dormitory to help Wei pack up.

“I’ll do it, you sit.” He took off his suit jacket, rolled up his shirt sleeves, picked up a few huge albums and stacked them together, preparing to move out.

As the male protagonist, Ning Si Nian’s appearance was naturally very outstanding, not impeccably handsome like Du Xu Lang, but full of masculine atmosphere and perfectness. He was almost 190 cm tall, a pair of long legs shifted in front of Zhou Yun Sheng, his thin shirt vividly sketched his explosive muscle lines.

The man was moving hormones.

Zhou was clearly aware of this and had to look elsewhere.

“Is it hot? Look at your face it’s all red. Living at home really is more comfortable, home has air conditioning.” The boy’s cheeks were reddish, eyes glittering. Ning Si Nian’s mouth dried, it was an effort to speak. He pinched his nose.

Zhou Yunsheng nodded a little, his ‘shy’ appearance made Ning Si’s heart itch.

He packed the albums and brushes into cardboard boxes, one hand holding the box, one hand holding the boy’s hand, Ning Si slowly walked toward the parking lot.

“You’re not saying goodbye?”

When Ning Si Nian opened the trunk to pack his things, Zhou Yun Sheng heard a shout. He looked towards the newcomer, his eyes instantly held a malicious smile. He knows this person, he was Wei Xiyan’s senior Fu Xuan. After Wei Xiyan left Ning home, before he had a chance to perk up, he was destroyed by this person. He copied the paintings of Wei Xiyan and took them to participate in the international oil painting competition, got the Grand Prize, and became famous.

This event was the last straw and crushed Wei Xiyan.

Zhou Yun Sheng squinted, walked up to him and respectfully called out to his senior brother. Fu Xuan knew he was going to live off campus, he pulled him away and carefully advised him on what kind of paintings are more likely to win the grand prize, and also encouraged him to call him if he was not satisfied with a painting so he could give him some advice.

Zhou Yunsheng nodded, not bothered. Fu Xuan saw a man in the distance parked by the roadside, while smoking he stared at him. His eyes were a little ruthless. His heart quickened with some fear, so he found an excuse to leave.

“Who is he?” Ning Si Nian sternly asked when they sat in the car.

“Senior brother.” Zhou Yunsheng blinked his peach eyes at him.

Ning Si’s bitterness evaporated, but he still mumbled, “He seems really chatty.”

Zhou Yunsheng was choked by the car’s smoke, he couldn’t help but frown, “Put off the smoke.”

Ning Si Nian immediately snuffed out the cigarette, then he raised his hands into a surrender action. This skillful and natural reaction shocked both people for a moment.

Zhou Yunsheng stared at him for a long while, trying to find a trace of familiarity from his handsome face. It was fruitless. On the way back, the two fell into a strange silence.

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