Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 5

Although his heart could not wait for Zhou Yun Sheng to leave the country, Zhou Wenang had the patience to retain a lot of the words he wanted to say, until the other side was confirmed to be leaving he could only compromise and feign helplessness.

After he waited for him to leave, Zhou Yun Sheng looked up from the computer document, lips hooked into a sneer. This document was actually a change of will document, signed by the mother of the original owner of his body, Yang Xi’s. As a hacker, searching for information in the network has always been Zhou Yun Sheng’s favorite hobby. Although he already knows the general direction the world will develop, he will not let any details slide.

This change of will was found in the Yang Xi’s e-mail, it assigned all the shares that originally belonged to Zhou Wenang to the eldest son. In other words, she did not intend to leave a single penny to the little son.

Yang Xi, because of the influence of her husband, very much preferred the little son. If it was a normal situation, she would never treat the youngest son so cruelly. And after the change of will was made- a week before her death and before it was sent to the lawyer-she jumped into the sea to commit suicide.

How could there be such a coincidence in the world? Who tried to delete the will? Did she really commit suicide? And to make matters more suspicious, after her death, the lawyer still received a change of will, but all the property was left to the youngest son instead, the eldest son only received three villas and a few pieces of jewelry.

Of course the original owner was disturbed by such an unfair heritage distribution, he even felt taken for granted, Yang Xi parents also felt it was inappropriate and personally contested the will. At that time, the father gave the explanation that the eldest son would inherit Zhou in the future, so the youngest son was left his mother’s legacy instead.

Yang Xi’s parents also loved the littlest grandson, so they accepted this reason. After feeding them that bull, under the guidance of Zhou father, Zhou Yunsheng alienated his relationship with his grandparents. While Zhou Wenang visited home to accompany them from time to time, and was given many benefits.

The original owner was confused to this extent, no wonder he died so uselessly. Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head, closed the will and locked the computer. Sooner or later one day, he would bring back everything that should belong to this body.


When Zhou Wenang learned that Zhou Yunsheng planned to go abroad, he sped up the plan to push out Zhou Wenjing. Once the two pieces blocking his road were removed, Zhou Group would be in his bag.

That day, because valuables worth hundreds of thousands were stolen from students in the classroom Zhou Wenjing was expelled from school. The victim’s parents also demanded to personally go to Zhou Group and have a long talk with Zhou father. Zhou father felt endless shame, and so when the guests left he took a belt to Wenjing’s back, then decided to send him abroad.

“I didn’t steal anything, it’s Zhou Yun Sheng who framed me! Uncle, you have to believe me!” Zhou Wenjing was lying on the bed, revealing a scarred back, one hand clenched into a fist, the other hand forcefully pulled at Du Xu Lang’s sleeves.

“I know you did not do it. Uncle believes you.” Du Xu Lang patted his head to appease him, so he was filled with tears and quickly fell asleep. When he fell asleep, he quietly left the juvenile’s room, he raised his hand but did not know where to put it. He believed that Zhou Wenjing was innocent, but he also believed that this was not planned by Zhou Yun Sheng.

Whenever Zhou Yunsheng bullied Zhou Wenjing, or fought with him, or threatened, he always had no fear, he was not afraid to make people know he was behind it all. Actions like today, framing and, ruining his future secretly, really was not his style. The only person that’d do that was the honey mouthed, back stabbing Zhou Wenang.

But even if it was clear in his mind, Du Xu Lang was not going to explain it to Zhou Wenjing. He did not have the intention of growing him in a greenhouse. He wanted to let him go through a storm, and finally grow into a towering tree. Dark bellied and hypocritical people like Zhou Wenang were common in the business world, he needed to learn how to read people like that.

When Du Xu Lang was preparing to quietly leave, a door opened lower down in the hall, a juvenile appeared with his hands folded on his chest, reclining on the door frame.

“Ready to fight for Zhou Wenjing’s injustice?”

Du Xu Lang shook his head, he was about to explain but he saw the boy wave into his room, indicating that they should talk inside. He had to walk in.

“Sit down.” Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to the single sofa next to the floor lamp, the orange halo shrouded the velvet sofa, giving off a warm feeling.

“Do you mind if I smoke?” Du Xu Lang crossed his slender legs and pulled out a cigarette from his suit pocket. He stood high but he has always been cynical, so the question was just courtesy. Moreover, the boy’s room layout was warm and comfortable so he unwittingly relaxed.

“I mind.” Zhou Yunsheng walked over, removed the cigarettes from his mouth and threw them into a glass of warm milk. The hissing sound seemed to be ridiculing someone.

Du Xu Lang froze. Since he turned 20 and took over Du Jia, no one dared to disrespect him so casually. He suddenly felt that things were very interesting, he leaned his forehead on his palm and laughed.

Zhou Yunsheng was too lazy to take care of him, sitting straight at the desk in front of the computer, he spoke without lifting his head: “Zhou Wenjing was not dismissed by me.”

“I know you did not do it, I didn’t come to accuse you.” Du Xu Lang stopped laughing and softly explained. He just wanted to say a few words to comfort the boy. Since the day he exposed his dark side and inner fragility, he always felt some sympathy for him, always involuntarily paid more attention to him.

Zhou Yunsheng glanced at him, after a moment of silence: “Then you should know who’s behind the writing on the wall. I also wanted to tell you, I’m going abroad the day after tomorrow.”

“Where?” The man who was sitting lazily unconsciously stiffened.

“With Zhou Wenjing to A country, but I’m going to Hodges secondary school.” Zhou Yun Sheng tapped his toe, twisted his chair around and finally looked at the man, “You know, A country’s security is really poor, Drug abuse is rampant. You should closely look out for Zhou Wenjing, so that he does not go astray under someone else’s guidance.”

Du Xu shook slightly, although it was not obvious on the surface. He laughed, “Leaving the country is Jing-shao’s decision, what does that have to do with me? Why should I keep an eye on him?”

Zhou Yunsheng did not answer, instead he readily clicked the Enter key, the computer screen slowly showed a black and white photo- a fifteen-year-old girl sitting on the grass, arms holding a four-year-old boy, the two stared into each other’s eyes, laughing in the mottled sunshine. That girl was Zhou Wenjing’s dead mother, the boy with the lovely facial features faintly resembled Du Xu Lang.

This photo instantly provoked Du Xu Lang’s dusty memory, it was the only time in his life he felt warmth and happiness. But everything ended when she was killed.

“You were adopted by the Du’s but before the adoption you lived in an orphanage and loved Zhou Wenjing’s mother like a sibling. She was your elder sister, your feelings must’ve been very deep for her-how could you leave your nephew to fend for himself? ”

Although Zhou Yun Sheng already knew everything, he did not intend to expose all the truth, such as Du Xu Lang’s true identity. His fake identity was an orphan from A country that a couple from C country adopted, which was also his excuse to become acquainted with Zhou Wenjing.

Zhou Yunsheng’s reason for saying so much to Du Xu Lang was to make clear his attitude of generosity. Du Xu Lang was powerful, if he was interested in making things difficult for him the situation would become more troublesome.

He was still very weak and could not fight the protagonist, so he needed to grow up. Zhou Yunsheng believed that he would eventually become so strong that the other side would not be able shake him. After being reincarnated for hundreds of thousands of years, his greatest capital had long been sealed in his brain. The technology of this world was not backward, but it was not developed, and could not be compared to his original world. He just had to write a few programs, development some software, then he could quickly gather a huge amount of wealth. He has wisdom so no matter what kind of situation occurred he’d be able to react calmly, but if troubles and obstacles had to show up, the less, of course, the better.

Du Xu Lang stared at the photo for a long time, then sighed for the first time in a while. The boy was not simple if he could easily uncover the truth.

Zhou Yunsheng pulled his mouth up ironically, “Do you remember? You two siblings always received gifts from Ms. Yang each year. You were sent new clothes and toys from my mother Yang Xi.”

He was forced to be the villain, so to repay the system he decided that he’d live each new life at the height of morality. Although Yang Xi probably did not kill Zhou Wenjing’s mother, and she was most likely murdered by Zhou Hao, why did he have to tell him? Letting him feel guilty and conscientious meet his ultimate interests.

Du Xu Lang was thoroughly shocked, and after a long while he numbly said, “I’m sorry, I forgot.” He was only five years old, not long after he was taken in by Du Jia, so his impression of Ms. Yang was not profound.

After he was adopted, Ms. Yang continued to support his sister, she was able to leave the harsh environment of the orphanage, studied in the best university in C country and got the opportunity to work in Zhou.

This grace was uncommon, but how did his sister return her benefactor? She destroyed the benefactor’s family, and indirectly led to the death of the benefactor. He also had sins- not only did he never care about the benefactor’s child, he even entertained the idea of getting rid of him, just because Wenjing told him his sister was forced to kill herself by Yang Xi.

If this situation was reversed, he’d undoubtedly hate everybody involved. Du Xu Lang wiped his face, dared not entertain that line of thought.

“Do not apologize, it was not rare for her to give to charity. This time of year, not many people were left wanting.” Zhou Yunsheng got up, opened the door and said, “It’s late, you should go, don’t forget to put away the glass of milk.”

Du Xu Lang smiled, picked up the cigarette drink and left with heavy footsteps, and dived straight into a sleepless night.


The two Zhou brothers left to go abroad, one to Hodges secondary school, the other to the aristocratic school Lei Po Dayton. Not long after his father’s personal assistant, Du Xu Lang, left the post.

A year and a half later, the IT industry was thrown into a whirlwind, a company called Noah Universal Tech. developed a Star Wars online game, just a month later it caught fire around the world. It was exclusively sold with a sensor helmet for players to be brought into an immersive magical world, creating a new era of online games.

With this game and sensor helmet, Noah Universal accumulated rapid wealth, in the following year it will be listed on the NASDAQ, it was the IT industry’s dark horse.

Because the sensor helmet’s technology was too high-end, so far no one could decipher it. It was unknown how many IT giants around the world wanted to find out who the computer genius hidden behind Noah Universal was, but even the owner could not be found out.



If it’s confusing, here’s a brief summary of the situation.

Wenjing’s mother(named Ang) and DXL are childhood friends. ZYS’s mother was their benefactor. After DXL was adopted, she took care of Ang like her own daughter. She sent her to collage and gave her a job in Zhou Group. But then Ang slept with her husband. Filled with guilt, Ang killed herself in ZYS’s mother’s bath as recompense. But Wenjing and DXL thought that she killed herself in her bath because she hated her.

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