Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 6

In a dark room, a thin bodied young boy was tied to the four pillars of bed, covered with sticky sweat. His deep eyes were depressed, his skin showed signs of drug abuse. He struggled in withdrawal, his eyes had no focus, staring at the head of the bed mantle- it’s unknown what was running through his mind.

Steady footsteps slowly approached, a man wearing an iron gray suit and of tall stature opened the door, went to bedside a looked at the man. His dark hair was combed back, revealing a handsome face, he narrowed his eyes and it flashed a daunting dangerous light.

“I’ll let the nurse help you take a shower.” He took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiped off the cold sweat of the youth.

The young man licked his dry chapped lips, his dumb voice said, “Uncle, Zhou Yun Sheng framed me. I remember, that woman I’d seen her before, she was with Zhou Yun Sheng in a bar drinking Bourbon Whiskey. I’m sure of it, he told that woman to harm me!”

This youth was Zhou Wenjing, now a sophomore. A few months ago he got involved with a beautiful woman, but he did not expect that woman had ulterior motives. She gave him a cigarette, which was mixed with a strong drug, just smoking it once can lead to addiction. Zhou Wenjing, although his nature was suspicious and he was very cautious, but he happened to have a fatal weakness. That was beauty greed- whenever a beautiful women appeared he’d undoubtedly fall.

When the first drug addiction signs showed he’d reacted, but it was too late. He had to journey to the far away J country to plead with his uncle.

Du Xu Lang expressionlessly threw the handkerchief into the trash, his heart turned over anger. This anger was not because he heard of his nephew’s complaint, but because of hatred, despair and disappointment. He had warned him thousands of time- do not accept things handed to him from strangers, he even sent a few bodyguards to secretly guard him.

But the bodyguard was not a full-time nanny, they could not dig into the employer’s private affairs. Zhou Wenjing was fooled by a woman and they could not intervene.

He was killed by his own hand!

Du Xu Lang restrained his strong wrath to wash his hand, then he picked up the phone to inform the workers to give his nephew a bath. He sat on the sofa, calmly said, “Don’t play around. Who do you think did it?”

He had already found out who was behind it, but did not intend to tell his nephew. If he wasn’t even clear who was his own real enemies, he would sooner or later be chewed up and spit out. He will guide him, if necessary, help him, but he would not personally eradicate his enemy. If he had not told him that his sister was forced to commit suicide in the bathtub by Yang Xi, he would not have thought about killing Zhou Yunsheng.

Strong hatred was contagious, his nephew hated Yang Xi to the bone, so he did not ask anything, only decided to help him get revenge. If he was not awakened by Zhou Yunsheng, he’d have almost become a villain for the wrong revenge. Since then, his credibility for his nephew was greatly reduced.

“If it’s not him then who? Who else would profit from killing me?” Zhou Wenjing’s thin face was filled with resentment and unwieldiness. He was already aware of his uncle’s growing gratitude for Zhou Yunsheng, his inexplicable concern. Once, when he walked past his uncle’s bedside cabinet he found many photos of Zhou Yunsheng, from many perspectives, each one was beautifully shot, – his eyebrows immediately rose.

Zhou Yunsheng, although he was not as handsome as himself, but his feminine facial features had a strange attraction, especially the pair of peach blossom eyes. He just had to slightly look at a man and their heart would beat out of control.

In the top corner of each photo was some wear and tear, which showed how the collector could not put them down. If he did not restrain himself, Zhou Wenjing believed that his uncle would mount up each photo and cover the whole wall.

He did not understand where this kind of concern came from, was it because his mother sent a few clothes and toys when he was a child? Uncle was five years old when he left the orphanage, how could his grace stretch so far? Even if she funded his mother, his mother used her life to pay off all she owed, was that not enough?

Yes, Zhou Wenjing finally realized – Zhou Yun Sheng’s mother did not force his mother, but his mother forced Zhou Yunsheng’s mother. At first, he thought that his mother cut her wrist in Yang Xi’s bath to retaliate, until that day in the dark alley with Zhou Yun Sheng. He understood that his mother was so kind, her heart was certainly filled with guilt for Yang Xi. She died in Yang Xi’s bathtub to tell her – All I owe, I give back to you.

But her idea was too simple and too blind, she did not expect that her death indirectly led to the death of Yang Xi. They forced their children on the road of hatred, until their relationship could no longer be fixed. Even if he was willing to make up with Zhou Yun Sheng, Zhou Yun Sheng refused him.

“You can doubt anyone, except for Yun Sheng, who would benefit, can’t you think about it?” He asked.

Yun Sheng? Even the way he called him had become so intimate? Zhou Wenjing’s face concealed his hatred, but when he saw his uncle’s sharp and cold eyes, he seriously thought about it, and could only think of Zhou Wenang.

No, he was too gentle. He was the first person to show him goodwill in Zhou Jia. He would secretly send medicine when he was sick, secretly celebrate his birthday, secretly accompany him to him mother’s grave, how could he hate him? Father said that since he’d inherited the legacy of Yang Xi, Zhou Group would not go to him.

They had no conflict of interest, why would he harm him?

Zhou Wenjing shook his head to deny the idea, struggling to think in circles, he really felt that Zhou Yun Sheng was behind the scenes.

Du Xu Lang saw that he had no revelation, too lazy to speak, he left him to the nurses and returned to his study then he connected to a video call.

“What do you need?” On the screen a lazy looking handsome face appeared, because it was the middle of the night, his eyes looked blurry.

“You’re still programming? It’s half past two, time to sleep.” Du Xu Lang stared at his watch, his seemingly plain tone hid his real concerns.

“Sleeping now.” Zhou Yunsheng looked up, dropped a few drops of eye drops to ease his dry eyes.

The youth wiped out the overflow of water droplets, slightly narrowed his glittering eyes – an action effective enough to move the heart and soul. Attracted, Du Xu Lang’s breathing briefly stopped. He leaned on the back of his chair, overlapped his slender legs, and tried to smooth out his breathing and heartbeat before opening, “Wenjing is currently being detoxified. Do you know an Elsa?”

Elsa was the woman who lured Zhou Wenjing to take the drugs. Zhou Yunsheng immediately laughed, “He’ll die in a woman’s belly sooner or later.” He picked up the steaming cup of milk off the table and drained it, licking his lips he continued, “I know her. A few months ago she tried to offer me something, you know that my nose has always been spiritual, so I refused.”

With 007 in hand, Zhou Yun Sheng could freely adjust his physical data, such as enhancing the five senses, strength, spiritual power, and so on. But he usually adjusted his body to the level of a normal person, not for any ethical reasons, but because it could cause the world to collapse.

Before Elsa’s cigarettes had even been handed to him, he’d smelled the pungent smell of drugs.

“Don’t you have people watching me?” he said, “You should be able to take care of your own nephew.”

“How can I have people monitor you? My hand can’t stretch so long.” Du Xu Lang’s eyelid twitched, but his face gave nothing away. He was still using a fake identity, even Zhou Wenjing did not know his uncle was the helm of Du family. He only thought that after he resigned he’d joined a company in J country, and was currently the company’s middle management. He had a little money, but no power.

“There’s no pie in this world you cannot stick your hand into Du Xu Lang.” Zhou Yun Sheng dug out a photo from a drawer, brought it before the camera.

This was the only photo captured by the media. By chance the heavy barrage of bodyguards had separated, but the lens was very far away, only a side of the face was captured, and it was very vague. Not to mention others, even Du Xu Lang himself may not recognize who it was. So this picture, after it was leaked, was not found and blocked by Du Fu.

“Who would think that this Du Xu Lang was also J country’s Du Xu Lang? But it’s the truth without a doubt. Are you bored? “Zhou Yunsheng put down the photo, raised his eyebrows slightly.

Du Xu Lang was doubtful, “That photo is so vague, how can you be so sure that’s me?”

“I forgot to tell you that our company has just developed an advance identification software, not to mention the side of the face, even if the photograph was of the back of the head, we can distinguish the true identity of a person according to bone structure, height, weight, gait and other factors. At present, the defense department of A country is preparing to buy the software at high prices to track terrorists. Shall I give you a demonstration? ”

Zhou Yunsheng picked up the scanner and was preparing to scan the photo into the computer to contrast it with Du Xu Lang.

He knew his relationship with Noah Universal was absolute, but he’d never flaunt it in front of him before.

“You don’t have to, I’m Du Xu Lang.” Du Xu Lang helplessly laughed and asked, “When did you find out?” He was aware of his identity but the still easily got along with him, inexplicably, this made him feel a bit of pleasure.

“For the past two years. You wanted to play with me so I played along, you satisfied yet?” Zhou Yunsheng moved his hand to turn off the video.

“Don’t log off yet, I have something to tell you.” Du Xu Lang unconsciously leaned forward, staring at the camera he seriously said, “I’m not monitoring you, nor am I doubting you, I’m trying to protect you. How much trouble do you think I have blocked for you already? Two days ago your bodyguard caught a small mugger who was ready to rob you, in his gun, a bullet had already been loaded. Do you know what this means?’

Zhou Yun Sheng recovered his hand, sneered, “Someone wants my life, who?”

“Don’t you know already?” Du Xu Lang lit a cigarette from his pocket, the rising white smoke blurred the coldness of his eyes.

Zhou Yunsheng’s company was growing bigger and bigger, he’d inevitably offend some people, but the one that wanted his life for personal reasons was only Zhou Wenang. He pondered for a moment, his eyes squinted.

Du Xu Lang spit out a puff of smoke, softly suggested, “Go back home. Back to C country, there he should not blatantly move against you, with your grandparents and uncle taking care of you, it’d at least be more secure than being alone abroad. After a few years you’d have no opponent in that country, when you take over your family business, no one will be qualified to fight with you.”

“Even Zhou Wenjing is not qualified?” Zhou Yun Sheng subconsciously asked.

“Wenjing is also not qualified.” Du Xu Lang nodded certainly. Maybe because he was feeling emotional, perhaps out of sympathy, although the original Du Xu Lang did not care what happened Zhou Group, he had changed his mind. He could help Wenjing open his own business, but Zhou Group had to go to Sheng. He was the true successor of the Group’s name.

Moreover, he felt the relationship between the two Zhou brothers was very strange. Zhou was just an ordinary business group, not a Mafia family, competing for family property did not have to end in blood shed. If Zhou Wenang won, he could just kick the brothers out of the house, why go through all that blood thirsty trouble? It made sense that he’d hate Wenjing, but he unreasonably started a toxic war with his own brother.

Du Xu Lang investigated the two brothers, from small to large Zhou Yun Sheng was always caring and considerate to Zhou Wenang, there were no traces of evil. He would like to know why Zhou Wenang hated Zhou Yun Sheng to such an extent.

He could not help but ask his concerns out loud.

Why? Because Zhou Wenang’s name was a deception, and if someday Zhou Yun Sheng found out the truth he would lose everything he had. Even if Zhou Yun Sheng could not bear to attack him, Yang Xi’s parents would make him die a miserable death. Although Yang Group was smaller in scale than Zhou, their background was extremely complex and their industry stretched into the gray area of morality. Yang Xi’s parents, brothers and sisters were ruthless and justifying. They now doted on Zhou Wenang, but if the truth was revealed they’d immediately hate him to death.

Zhou Yunsheng was a knife hanging above Zhou Wenang, a thorn tied to his heart, only when he removed Zhou Yun Sheng could he really breathe a sigh of relief. And Zhou father probably felt the same, or he would not instigate his eldest son to alienate Yang family.

Zhou Yunsheng thought a lot, but he did not intend to tell Du Xu Lang, while undressing he laughed merrily, “You’ve already done too much, I’ll solve my own problems. I don’t care what happens to Zhou Group, if they want it they can have it. One day my Noah will crush them under its boots.”

Carelessly tossing away his top, flipping his hair, he went straight into the bathroom for a bath, even forgetting to turn off the camera.

The young boy had grown into a handsome young man. Because he traps himself in his room and hardly sees the sun, his skin was almost transparent white, but his abdomen had compact muscle and beautiful lines, showing that he had regular exercise. He stood up to remove his belt, revealing a flexible and powerful waist, his hips were round so the trousers did not fall down, but hung loosely on his waist.

That lazy and casual look was very sexy.

Du Xu Lang stared at him, when the man moved out of the camera frame he even stuck out his neck, trying to follow his figure.

The man quickly took a bath, and came out with a towel hanging on his waist, his straight and slender legs once again attracted Du Xu Lang’s attention. He did not seem to notice the strange expression of the man sitting stiffly, just said good night and turned off the video.

The beautiful picture disappeared- Du Xu Lang slowly let out a breath that he did not know he was holding, and leaned his forehead on his hand. He seemed to be being tempted, but the tragedy was that the other side probably wasn’t conscious of it.


Zhou Yunsheng wasn’t conscious of it? After turning off the camera, his lips lifted in a short laugh. He was a gay man with very high standards. Du Xu Lang was a looker, tall and powerful, the best high quality goods. Zhou Yun Sheng had not point to complain about.

As for how to deal with the aftermath, he had not considered it yet. He had enough of being the system’s puppet, he now just wanted to live according to his own will.

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