Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 10: The Gift & A New Partner

"Greetings young master." As soon as this voice was heard in his head. Sam became dumbstruck with shock. He looked at the massive bird in front of him. It is almost 4 times his current size. But Sam felt like this bird is still quite young. But that is not the main reason Sam felt such shock. The main reason is that the bird in front of him is the Legendary 'Three-legged Golden Sun Crow' which he only read in the myths of his previous world. He saw this bird in the 'Beastuary' but it said that the bird only exists in upper Heavenly realms. But he is seeing one right in front of his eyes. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a bright light appeared from the 'Golden Sun Crow' and then formed into projection of a man who is very familiar to Sam. He is none other than Ling Tian. Then Ling Tian spoke with a smile

"Congratulations Sam, you didn't disappoint me. In fact, you came earlier than expected."

"So, this 'Golden Sun Crow' is sent here by you?" Sam asked as realization dawned onto him.

"Yes, he is one of the younger generations from the 'Golden Sun Crow'. It is the same age as you." Ling Tian replied.

"But if my first contract is one of the strongest bloodlines, where can I get the blood lines of the same level as I advance in the cultivation levels in this 'Mortal realm'." Sam asked with a frown.

"Hahaha, you don't have to worry about that Sam. Mortal world you are living in is not as simple as you think. The world you are living in is a fallen world. Even though you can't get the pure-blooded beasts of the Heavenly like the 'Golden Sun Crow', you can still find the beasts with at least a of those bloodlines. That is what the reason that I gave you the 'Bloodline Evolution and Refinement technique'. If you can find a beast with at least a trace of bloodline you can activate the blood line directly by making some effort." Ling Tian said. Sam nodded in understanding.

"Can I ask you something?" Sam said.


"If you created this cultivation technique that is this unique what kind of technique did you cultivate and how did you create this type of technique?" Sam asked slowly.

"Bahahaha." Hearing this question Ling Tian burst in to a fit of laughter and continued. "I didn't expect you to ask that question. If you really want to know then come and find me and win a duel with me. Then I will tell you what you want to know. Ling Tian said. Hearing this Sam frowned. 'From this guy's words, he must be really strong. This guy is definitely from the Heavenly realms. But how much higher he has to be in so that he could even send a 'Golden Sun Crow' to this world. I wonder how many years it would take me to get there. Sam wondered. Just then Ling Tian's voice came.

"I don't have much time to chat with you. I already told you that I will give you a present if you pass the test now that you passed the test accept the gift." Just as finished his words a transparent blue gem which is spherical in shape flew out from the lava pool and floated in front of Sam. Sam slowly extended his hand and it landed on it. Looking at it, Sam felt quite puzzled, then Ling Tian's voice came. "Spread your spiritual sense in to it." Sam did as he was told. Then Sam suddenly entered into a different world. He looked around in astonishment. The world around is completely against all the science he learnt in his previous world. The world is divided in to four quadrants. One has is like a volcanic land mass, one is like a polar region, one is like a Spring field and the last one is like a desert. Other than that, the spring field has various mountains on which clouds are roaring and there is a large lake in the point where all the four quadrants are intersected. In between the lake there is a land mass and upon that land there is a large circular tower. Sam felt like he is dreaming when he saw this.

"Like it?" Ling Tian's projection suddenly appeared beside. Sam almost jumped out of his skin but he nodded his said after the moment of shock. They slowly floated towards the tower in the centre of the lake. As they landed in front of the tower entrance Ling Tian gestured Sam to open the door. As the door opened a majestic scene entered their eyes. Then Ling Tian the spoke.

"This miniature world is a Divine Dimension which I refined myself. This tower is also my creation which I am presenting to you. The first floor of the tower which we are in right now is a library." Ling Tian paused and Sam looked around. There are several wooden shelves in the room just like a library. But the racks are not filled with books instead they were filled with a lot of wisps of light.

"Those wisps are also called Divine wills. These are all the data I collected from various people and some are my own self creation. Some of them are cultivation techniques, some of them are insights on battle and arts, some of them are martial techniques, some of them are auxiliary professions like Inscription arts, Formations, Weapon making and so on. the speciality of this floor is you can read here as much as you want as the time flow is 10 times slower than the outside floor. But you can't cultivate here. You can only read and gain insights. Then let us go to the second floor. Ling Tian said rapidly without giving Sam any time to continue. They suddenly appeared in the second floor. Even before Sam digested the information from the first floor, he became stunned again. The second floor is a large white space. Ling Tian spoke from beside him.

"This floor is an illusory space. This floor is also having time flow same as the first floor. But the difference is you can simulate any kind of situation here. Just imagine and you will understand." Then Sam imagined the lab from his previous world and suddenly the lab appeared in front of him then he imagined the battle he had before his death. Then the battle played like a video in front of him. Just as Sam was marvelling from the scene Ling Tian suddenly spoke. "You really have good battle sense." Sam came out of his reverie. Then the scene disappeared. He felt a little melancholic.

"Okay then, the remaining five floors are blocked for now. You can open them if you meet some certain conditions. Let us go out." Ling Tian and they instantly appeared outside the door of tower. The land around you is storage for your beasts. Since you are cultivating the 'Myriad Beast bloodline technique' and already reached the Acolyte stage you can already tame the beasts. But remember you must always make contract as an equal for the beasts you choose for your cultivation. Finally, the land around you is an herb garden. Because of these various conditions, you can almost cultivate any kind of herbs and they also have same 10 times. But this time it is faster. Not only you can cultivate the herbs but also you can raise the beasts here in this space. But the beasts don't have any effect of the time flow. If you enter this dimension the crystal will fall down and it would make you vulnerable. So, beware of that." As Ling Tian finished up to this point his projection blurred and almost became invisible. "Seems like I don't really have any time left. Be careful Sam I will be waiting for you."

"Wait, I still have many questions, I want to ask." Sam shouted.

"Don't worry Sam. There will be a next time. But I have a final advice for you. Don't be alone. I know you don't believe in people. But find some true friends and develop along with them. If there is know one around to share the joy and Sorrow, the journey will be boring and incomplete." As he finished. Ling Tian's projection faded. Sam stayed in silence and after sometime he willed to go out of the Dimension. Then he appeared before the Golden Sun Crow. Both of them just stayed in silence. Sam quietly examined the bird. It is majestic looking bird. Its feathers are like golden flames which looked quite majestic and bright with l.u.s.tre. Its three talons are sharp and big which can rip apart anything.

"Hello." Sam finally said to break the atmosphere.

"Hello, young master. I am the Prince of the Golden Sun crow tribe." The bird replied.

"Prince of the tribe?" Sam asked in bewilderment.

"Yes. I came to this world on the arrangement of Master Ling Tian." The crow replied.

"What is your name?" Sam asked.


"Just call me Sam. Since, our contract is based as equals there should be no need for such honorifics and we are going to live a long time together." Sam replied.

"Thank you, Sam. By the way congratulations on becoming an 'Acolyte'. Master Ling Tian has a present for you." Yanwu said and he flapped his wings and absorbed all the lava inside the pool. There are a lot of spiritual stones in the bottom of the wide pool. As Sam watched the stones his eyes sparkled. Because the stones are not white in colour like normal spirit stones rather, they are red in colour. They are Fire elemental spirit stones. These spirit stones are extremely valuable because they can increase the cultivation speed by many times. The market value for these stones is very high. One elemental stone is same as five normal stones. It may even increase depending on the location. And the pool Sam can see at least thousands of them. Sam shifted his gaze towards Yanwu and asked slowly. "How many are they?"

"They are not that much. They are only around 10,000 stones." Yanwu replied. Sam can't see from his face or from the cawing of Yanwu. But he can sense that Yanwu is smiling. As Sam was still in his shock. Yanwu spoke again.

"Sam this is the gift from my Golden Sun crow tribe." And Yanwu flapped its wings. After a small gust of extremely hot air there flew hundreds of black feathers and landed in front of Sam. Sam caught one of them and examined them with a confused expression. Seeing that Yanwu let out a cheerful cawing. His eyes bright with smile and said.

"Inject your spiritual energy into them." Sam did as he was told and the feather became bright and golden colour then Yanwu continued. "These are the feathers of the elders and current king of my tribe. These feathers have high endurance and can be used for attack and defence if used properly. Since you have Golden Sun Crow bloodline from our contract, you can also use them and you are also very compatible with them." Sam was shocked again. After sometime he looked straight at Yanwu and said. "Thank you." Sam felt really grateful as these are really valuable treasures for anyone and even more valuable for the Golden crows themselves. Even though he knew most of it was due to Ling Tian. He still felt grateful.

"Okay Yanwu. I think you have already enough of this place. So, let us go outside. From now on we are partners. Let us reach the top of the world." Sam said with a rare smile on his face. Just when he was about to say something, he saw the feathers and the spirit stones and felt troubled. 'How should I take them out of this place?' Sam thought. Feeling Sam's trouble Yanwu spoke. "The Dimension can be used for storage. There is bas.e.m.e.nt under the tower which can store anything."

"That Ling Tian guy really is forgetful." Sam muttered as he waved the hand in which he was holding the crystal and said. As he waved the crystal all the spirit stones and the feathers vanished.

"Come on I will give you a ride." Yanwu said as he bowed. So that Sam could hop on. Sam climbed on stood there. Then Yanwu Cawed loudly as he flew out of the volcano and straight up into the air. It is already time for the sun to set. Then suddenly Yanwu transformed into a large Raven from its Sun crow form and flew down towards the entrance of the forest. Generally, by this time no one would dare stay in the woods. So, nobody saw their arrival. As Yanwu landed, Sam jumped to the ground and Yanwu turned into the size of a normal raven and landed on Sam's shoulder. Then Sam walked towards his home along with Yanwu with a smile on his face. He is very excited and anticipated for the future. This is the first time he felt happy since he came to this world.

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