Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 11: Sam the tailor

Sam is waking through the streets as he is returning to his house. He is quite curious because all the streets are pretty much empty and very few people can be seen on the street. But threw his thought back of his mind. The raven on his shoulder is looking around excitedly with out blinking his eyes.

"Sam, do you really live in this village?" Yanwu asked curiously.

"Yes, why?" Sam replied.

"The houses here are all so small." Yanwu said slowly.

"Don't worry we won't be staying here for long." Sam said as he patted Yanwu's head. He is quite happy today for the first time he came to this world. He can finally say goodbye to the helpless feeling of a weakling and choose the path to develop and finally leave this backward village. All Sam wanted right now was to go to his house and examine himself to understand his own strength perfectly. As Sam thought up to this point, he reached his home and opened the door. Inside he saw the 'guests' who are sitting in the living room and all of them looking at various papers. One glance and Sam knew it that they were the designs of various attires 'he' made previously. By the scene in front of him Sam involuntarily frowned. And in middle of them were huge chunks of meat which are obviously barbecued. This meat is none other than the meat from the bull he killed. 'Are they really nobles from the city? It is one thing for them to stay here shamelessly. But to think that they won't have any shame to open his work room and comfortably look through all his designs. How thick is their skin exactly?' Sam thought inside his head.

Suddenly all four people inside the room noticed the new presence and looked towards the door. When they saw Sam and noticed his expression, they immediately knew what he was thinking. So, they immediately avoided his gaze. Particularly Paul immediately soaked in his own sweat as he was afraid Sam's temper will raise again and beat him up. After all he is not Sam's match despite him having the superior cultivation level. But his worries were unfounded. Then everyone noticed the black raven on Sam's shoulder and Philip asked to break the silence.

"Sam, why did you bring a Raven with you?"

"It is my new friend, Yanwu." Sam said with a normal tone. The usual coldness was nowhere to be seen. Everyone felt a bit bewildered. Sam didn't even see them as friends even when Philip helped him to get out of the pinch from the village head. But now he went outside this morning and brought back a big black raven and saying it is new friend. So, they were little lost. 'Bro, on what standards do you usually make friends?' this is the thought on their minds. Well except for one person.

"I want to make a deal with you." Haley spoke slowly in a low voice from the side. Everyone came out of their wandering thoughts and looked at her including Sam. Her three teammates were a bit surprised. Because, this is not how she usually talks. The Ice goddess Haley and her cold and haughty manner are famous all around the Starwood city. Now hearing her polite tone, everyone felt like they were dreaming. But Philip was smiling from other side with an amused expression as he looked at both Sam and Haley.

"What do you want?" Sam asked in an equally polite tone. This time even Philip felt a little surprised. All the three boys only have one thought. 'What happened to all the cold persons today. Why did they become so polite all of a sudden?' But Sam didn't care what they thought. His personality is akin to a mirror. What ever the other people offer hr reflects it back in full scale. Listening to his tone Haley relaxed as she was afraid, he would react just like he did yesterday. Then she took a deep breath and continued.

"I want you to make me some dresses." Haley said slowly. Listening to this all her teammates felt that they heard it wrong. Because, based on her wealth and status, she could get as many dresses and as many types as she wants. But they were bewildered to take her such a polite approach and request a person like that. But they didn't know what thoughts that Haley has. Haley has seen Freya's dresses she got from Sam from before. Every dress is like an art work and since they were specifically made for Freya, they clearly matched her very well. She ang Freya are from the same academy and are of same age and they have an obvious rivalry that is known to all the Starwood city. Now after seeing the elegant and beautiful dresses Freya wearing, she felt that she lost in comparison. She tried to find out where Freya got these dresses, but all the efforts are in vain. But her teammates would never guess that. Because in their hearts Haley is an Ice-Goddess, who is aloof to all the mortal thoughts. Who would guess that the goddess in their thoughts is like every other young maiden? That is why she felt a little anxious since no one can give the dresses she wants other than Sam. But the reply she got disappointed her a bit.

"I can't do that now." Sam replied. The other guys all felt shocked again. 'Damn this guy really knows how to play hard to get. The goddess is clearly requesting politely and he didn't even hesitate to reject.

"Why?" Haley asked with frustration. 'Why is this guy so hard to please? I am already asking politely. Damn it many Scions in the city are trying so hard to please and he is not even hesitating to reject me.' She inwardly thought as she felt her pride for her beauty shattering.

"Right now, my shop is not in a condition for creating clothes as I lost all the instruments when Oliver thrashed the store. Moreover, I don't have enough raw materials. So, I can't do it." Sam replied with the same polite tone. Hearing this Haley felt a little better yet disappointed. She clearly felt better since he doesn't reject her for any reason but circ.u.mstances and disappointed because she can't get the dresses. Looking at her disappointed expression, Sam continued.

"I will be opening my shop in the Starwood city. Since you asked me now, I will only create clothes for you first. But the number of dresses will be same as Miss Freya that is a total of 10 dresses and will be done in same quality." Listening to this Haley's eyes sparkled. Then Sam continued. "But you have to keep the prices a secret because, I will be charging new prices as I am changing my products a bit." Sam said. Haley immediately agreed.

"I will be in my work room as I have something to do. So, please don't disturb me till morning." Sam said as took two huge pieces of barbecued meat chunks in middle of the team and went towards his work room. he didn't really feel any shame to grab the meat as it came from the Bull he killed. 'This meat really tastes.' Sam thought as he took a bite and entered his work room. After Sam left all three guys in the room were about to ask something. But Haley beat them to it. "Don't you dare talk about what happened now get out of your mouth." She said coldly as she sat down and continues eating. Everyone just shook their heads and they also continued eating.

Inside the work room Sam sat down as he started eating. And Yanwu also started eating other piece of meat. Suddenly, Yanwu asked.

"Sam who are they?"

"They are a few people from the city who I made a deal with." Sam replied slowly.

"Oh" Yanwu replied as he continued munching on the meat. After they had their fill Sam stood up and started searching for something and after an intense search in all the mess, he finally found a big piece of black cloth. And he slowly walked towards a wooden mannequin which the previous Sam had it made. He picked the mannequin and placed it properly before searching for other tools. All this time Yanwu is looking at his actions curiously. Sam finally got all the tools he wanted. He placed the black cloth on the only intact table and took a few pieces of the ribbon strips which are the measurements of himself and started marking the black cloth. Looking at him work rapidly Yanwu asked a little curiously. "Sam what are you doing?"

"I am making an over coat for myself." Sam said without stopping.

"What is a coat?" Yanwu continued.

"Hmm, how should I explain? It is an outer garment which is worn on top of the clothes. You will see it in a bit." Sam said with a smile. He clearly understood how curious Yanwu is. Even though he doesn't know how old Yanwu is, he clearly understood his brain is of a little kid. Every in this world is new to Yanwu. Sam finished his markings as he took a scissors and started cutting. All this while Yanwu asked various questions and Sam answered them patiently with a smile on his face. But the people outside clearly didn't what is going on inside. All they could hear is a Raven Cawing nonstop while a person is speaking. After some time, they completely disregarded it as they don't have guts to go and see. But Haley can't control her curiosity and walked towards the work room and slowly opened the door. The scene in front of her made her shocked. Because the cold and aloof person who is always on his temper is now smiling while working on the cloth. The smile on the handsome young man's face made her heart skip a beat. His smile is so warm and looked like a radiant sun in the dawn as he is explaining each and everything he is doing to the Raven as if he is explaining it to a child and Raven is nodding and cawing at him like it understood. The scene looked so mesmerising as she stared at the handsome young man working precisely and elegantly without batting an eyelid.

"Haley" Suddenly a slow whisper was heard in her ears and she saw Philip standing near her with a smile.

"Is he looking good?" Philip asked with a meaningful smile. He clearly saw her mesmerized gaze and now teasing. Hearing him say that Haley really felt extremely embarrassed and looked down while her face become red.

Looking at her Philip's smile became a grin. As she saw the grin Haley felt even more embarrassed and stomped the ground. As the sound came, Sam looked towards the door and his gentle smile immediately gone and a deep displeased frown occupied his face. Both Philip and Haley felt a bit awkward and looked at each other.

"I remember saying not to disturb me." Sam said. His tone is full of displeasure.

"Hahaha Sam we just wanted to take a look at what you are working." Philip directly ignored what Sam said and made his way into room with a shameless smile and Haley slowly followed inside with an embarrassed look. Clearly, she also felt curious and wanted.

*Phew* Knowing that it is impossible to get them out because of Philip's shameless nature he completely ignored them and then again started working by himself. This time Yanwu didn't make a single sound as it just looked at the two intruders with displeasure. He is obviously pissed as he was having a pleasant conversation with Sam and it is clearly interrupted. Both Philip and Haley involuntarily shuddered as they felt the gaze of Yanwu. They don't know why they felt a sense of crisis from the Raven. Sam finally cut the pieces and grabbed a needle and a black thread roll as he started stitching. Haley looked at him in daze again. This time even Philip felt a bit stumped. Yanwu is as usual curious. Sam right now is not a cold arrogant man, not a strong fighter with a great combat prowess. Right now, he is an expert tailor. His hands are moving with such dexterity that they felt like flowing water. His actions are graceful yet precise and most importantly fast. With in an hour they saw a piece of garment in Sam's hands but all three other characters other Sam in the room clearly can't understand what it is. It looked like a cloak and a long robe at same time. But they clearly know it is not. Sam took the over coat he made to the mannequin and put the coat on it. It is a black over coat with a hood. Sam left the room and came back with a large bunch of feathers in his hands. Looking at him go to his bedroom and coming back with black feathers the other two guys also felt puzzled and followed him in to the work room. Sam put down the feathers and picked one up and put it on the coat. He slowly started sewing the feather on to the coat surface. After sewing one feather he picked another feather and did the same. Since he had a lot of feathers, he sewed them densely and sewed in an orderly pattern. Time slowly passed by as he sewed one after the other. All the people looked at Sam working with shock. They could clearly see his strong concentration and care as he was afraid, he would damage a feather even a little. Night slowly passed as dawn approached. Finally, by the time sun rose Sam sewed the final feather and the coat is completed. By the time is coat is finished, it did not feel like the feathers are sewed on it, rather it looked like a feather like pattern naturally formed on the cloth itself.

Sam took the finished coat and wore it. He felt quite satisfied as he looked at the coat. He felt rather worried as he wasn't certain that the previous Sam's skills are still with the body. But his worries are rather unfounded. All the other people in the room looked at the coat with astonishment. Never saw this type of cloth. Its length is up to knees and it looked quite stylish. While Yanwu is cheerfully flapping his wings as it felt even closer to Sam with the familiar aura from the feathers. Only then did the others came out of daze. Then finally Haley couldn't help but say. "Incredible." She felt like Sam's way of making the coat so great. If she hadn't seen it herself, she wouldn't believe that the coat is made of feathers. She took a deep breath and said.

"Mr Sam I would like to change my request." Haley said. Then only Sam realized these 'shameless' people are with him. He felt like he would be in trouble from Haley's expression. He asked cautiously.

"What does Ms. Haley want?"

"Can you make me a formal gown with feathers like this?" She asked him with an anticipating gaze. Looking at her expression all her teammates smiled wryly. 'Where is the aloof goddess? She is obviously a fan girl." After some thinking Sam agreed with some reluctance.

"Sure, But I will only do one and only this will have a discount. Next one will be of high price."

"Alright. It is a deal" She nodded and left the room with her teammates in excitement.

Sam came out of the room and said. "I will go hunting after some time. We can leave the city tomorrow."

"Can we join for the hunt?" Philip asked immediately.

"Sure." Sam agreed as he didn't want to hear another shameless excuse to tag along and continued saying. "Let me prepare for some time." Sam left to his bedroom to examine himself after the breakthrough.

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