Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 12: New Abilities

Sam entered his bed room and sat down cross-legged on the floor after he removed his coat and put it on a hanger. Yanwu flew towards the coat and started looking at it curiously. Meanwhile, Sam closed his eyes and examined his transparent spiritual core. Inside the transparent core there are two new things appeared. Those are a golden light and a golden flame. They both just stayed still in centre in the spiritual core. When tried to activate the spiritual energy in the core and tried it to spread to his whole body to cultivate and didn't have any change. He felt quite puzzled and stopped. Sam thought for sometime and tried in a different matter. He spread the spiritual energy and after spreading the spiritual energy he tried to convert the golden flame. Then suddenly his spiritual energy converted into Fire type elemental spiritual energy. He felt like he is one with fire. Sam then withdrew the golden flame and tried to use the golden light. This is the light element. These elements came from the Golden Sun Crow. So, they felt different than the normal elements. Sam thought something and immediately opened his eyes and looked at Yanwu. Yanwu is rubbing his head on the coat. Sam looked at him and smiled as he shook his head.

"Yanwu, I have something to ask you." Sam said. Yanwu immediately landed in front of Sam.

"What do you want to know?" Yanwu asked.

"I now have both of your elements. The fire and the light element. But I have a doubt, how I should learn the spells. Should I learn like any orthodox mage or do I have any other methods since I obtained the elements in a unique way?" Sam asked.

"Oh, you probably don't know this. Have you ever thought how the beasts use their elemental skills without doing any hand signs or incantations?" Yanwu asked.

"No" Sam replied directly.

"Because the beast doesn't need do them as they have elemental skills imprinted in themselves. For example, for a normal fire ball spell or a pyro blast spell should require many incantations and hand signs. But I don't have to do it like that. I can just control the flame flow directly and fire ball will appear. Let us go to the Tower's second floor. I will demonstrate it to you." Yanwu said. Sam took out the crystal and then both of them disappeared into the tower as the crystal fell down on the bed.

"See carefully." Yanwu said to Sam as he changed into his original form and opened his mouth wide open and fire ball which is in golden colour flew into the distance. After that Yanwu landed and turned towards Sam. "Using the spells like that is called innate elemental manipulation. It is not only for beasts but also for humans as well. If they practice it over and over again until their bodies are long used to it and imprinted into his muscle memory, he can definitely do it, at least for the spells heh practiced, he can perform innate elemental manipulation. But you don't have to do this, because you got it from my blood line. So, you will also have the innate elemental manipulation like I have and you can also perform other fire type spells with the innate elemental manipulation as long as you know the principle behind the spell." Yanwu explained. Hearing that Sam nodded in understanding. Sam slowly closed his eyes and started to conjure the fire ball in his palm. Slowly, a golden fire ball appeared in his palm and Sam threw it as it disappeared into horizon. Sam now understood how it works. Just when he was about to try again, Yanwu spoke.

"Sam there are other abilities along with the innate elemental manipulation. First one is 'Elemental Fusion' and other is 'Bloodline technique'. Elemental Fusion is like this when one is fully able to comprehend the nature of an element you can obtain elemental fusion. There are three levels of elemental fusion. In level one you can make all your skin one with the element." As Yanwu said all his feathers and skin slowly turned into Golden flame. Then Yanwu continued. "In this stage you can have swift movements with in a place filled with fire element and spell casting may become easy. In second stage you can make one part of you body into an element at a time." Yanwu paused again and turned his wings into golden flames. When Sam covered his hands with spiritual energy and slowly put his hands into the flames. He felt a searing pain on his skin but he was sure that Yanwu is controlling the temperature, but his mind is not on it. He is currently looked at the hand which is passed directly through the flame wings. Sam retracted his hands and Yanwu immediately retracted his Elemental Fusion form. "Final fusion form is making your whole body one with your element. I am unable to do it. Sam you can't achieve fusion directly, but you have a huge advantage compared to others since, the main condition to achieve fusion is to obtain high level innate elemental manipulation." Yanwu paused and took a deep breath and continued.

"Sam the Bloodline technique is a forbidden art. You will also have it since we share the same bloodline. But you have to remember to use it as a last resort."

"How do I use it?" Sam asked.

"Examine your blood." Yanwu said. Sam closed his eyes and started examining his blood with his spiritual sense. In his blood he found traces of golden blood flowing along with it. When he observed carefully, he found out that the golden blood is mixed perfectly with his own blood. "The golden blood is the Golden Sun Crow Blood. You have to concentrate your spiritual sense on this blood and spread your flame type energy along with the flow of you blood rapidly. The bloodline forbidden art will activate. If you activate it you can fight an opponent many times stronger than you. But you have to pay a heavy price for it." Yanwu explained. Sam opened his eyes and looked at Yanwu before speaking.

"What about your light attribute? Do you know any healing spells?"

"No, we don't have any healing spells. We use the light attribute for movement techniques. See this?" Yanwu replied as his wings turned bright with golden light and he immediately disappeared and reappeared quite a distance away and in the same way he came back.

"Humans can also use it but pure light elemental mages don't have any attack spells, So, they don't have much use for it. That is why they only focus on healing." Sam nodded in understanding.

Sam slowly closed his eyes and tried copy Yanwu's movement technique and made his spiritual energy into light elemental spiritual energy and concentrated on his legs. Then suddenly moved. Just like that he also disappeared but instead of stopping normally he fell down face first in a distance.

"Bahahaha" Yanwu laughed as he followed Sam. Sam stood up with a gloomy expression and started practicing the movement technique again and again. Sam fell down many times over and over again and he practiced the movement technique over the hours. Bu tin the outside world only an hour passed. Sam finally has some improvement in his movement technique. Then he and Yanwu got out of the Dimension. Sam sat cross legged as he took out a Fire elemental Spirit stone and started absorbing fire elemental spiritual energy. The fire spiritual energy entered his spiritual core and converged towards the golden flame in it. Then the it turned into golden colour from red colour and finally started converting itself into normal spiritual energy slowly filling his spiritual core. Slowly his fatigue got away. Even though he hasn't slept last night. He as a cultivator can go on for at least 2 to 3 days straight without sleep.

After recovering Sam slowly stood up and took the coat from the hanger and wore it. Then he slowly walked out of his room and Yanwu who already transformed into his raven form is already following behind him as he landed on Sam's shoulder. Both of them entered living room where Philip and his team mates are already waiting.

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