Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1489 - Unit

Chapter 1489 - Unit

The golems started forming out of the soil. They looked a bit crude and they are not even that strong golems, but they are many.

"Please go ahead and destroy a few."

Sivan asked and one of the grand elders did as he was asked. He started attacking the golems. But they kept on coming.

One, ten, twenty-five, and it only stopped when fifty golems popped up along with a large amount of soil missing.

And it only stopped because Sivan ordered it to stop.

The grand elder kept on destroying the golems, but when the soil landed back on the ground and the large holes that are formed with the golem making, it started moulding back into the golem again.

"As long as the Lava worm is not out of energy or the operators stop making it up, the golems would keep on coming. Of course, if they run out of soil until the Lava worm is clearly visible to the outside, then also we cannot produce any golems.

They may not be powerful, but when you make hundreds and even thousands of them attack the city all at the same time. Particularly an enclosed space which is going to be corroded with fire elemental energy where these golems thrive and they kept on coming back up.

I am sure you can see what kind of effect they could have."

The grand elders nodded.

"How many Lava worms do we have."

"I only managed to make ten of them. But I still think they are enough. I plan on sending them to the Gaja clan's city and let them stay underground around it."

"When are you sending them?"

"Currently, they are charging at a fire elemental spirit stone mine at one of our branches."

"You kept them in a mine? Are you nuts? The Gaja clan is actually targeting all of our resource points, what if they had destroyed them?"

"The mine is near my father's residence and the city that is under his control. I figured they wouldn't go for him and I am right until now."

"That city? That's smart. Your father might not really be willing to do any of this stuff that could help our clan, but his name sure does some wonders for us."

"Yes, I feel the same. I even made sure that the news of that place being my father's city was out so that the Gaja clan would hold back. It worked for the best.

They need to charge for a day more and then they can be moved."

"Is it not possible to charge them remotely?"

"The Lava worms are made from the design I got from Sam's memories, in a sense it an unfinished work. The only charging system he placed is through the mines as they need way too much energy."

"That's all we can do for now, then. Let them charge and after it is done, inform us. One of us will go along with the operators and let them safely reach the land around the Gaja city."


The grand elders are left and only Sivan is left.

"I will see how you will defend against your own creations."

Sivan muttered as he gave the orders to his subordinates to send these two lava worms left behind for the demonstration to charge.

He is really looking forward to it.

Even though he has his own doubts about whether it would work or not, he still has some faith. After all, even if Gail described what things he is making from Sam's designs, it is only that much.

He doubted that Sam would be able to predict every possibility on which thing he would be using when. Then there is also the point of resources.

After all, Sivan still doesn't know the usage of secret resources under Grivon's and Giyon's control.

He really didn't believe Sam would be having many resources to counter him. As for the crystal dome and the spherical cannons, he didn't even care about them.

The others might not have a clue, but he believed that he has enough means to deal with it.

He is pretty confident and content with his preparations and he is really looking forward to it.

But what he doesn't know is that, at this moment, while he is feeling extremely confident about himself, someone entered one of the Mari clan territories.

In one of the corners of the Mari Clan's territory, someone entered the city through a wormhole from a distant place.

There are ten people and all of them are wearing large cloaked dresses, not showing anything beyond their faces.

They walked into the city and entered one of the restaurants to try and fish for some information.

"You guys new in town?"

One of the waiters asked with a smile.

"Yes." The person who looked like the leader of the group answered.

"Are you here for the recruitment?"

"What recruitment?"

The waiter looked surprised and asked.

"You guys don't know? That is what everyone is talking about. Mari clan is recruiting soldiers. They declared war on the Gaja clan. They are looking for strong people and if they do well, they can join the Mari clan as permanent members.

If their luck is good, they even get to marry a lady from the Mari clan.

Everyone is coming to the city because of this."

"Oh? Where is the recruitment happening?"

"Outside the city, a few miles to the eat, there is a large camp arranged to manage this recruitment. You can go and try your luck there."

The leader nodded and took out a space jade ring.

"Thank you for the information."

The waiter took the ring and was surprised by the amount inside. He wanted to thank the group, but before he could, they already left the table and exited the restaurant.

The group went out of the city and walked past.

After a while, they arrived at the camp.

Outside the camp, there are many people, lined up in five queues in front of five different desks. They joined different queues and waited their turn.

When they reached their turn, the first thing they had is a surprise. They need to fill out some applications there and the contents and questions of the application are a bit familiar to them.

They filled out the forms calmly and soon people came for them.

Each of them is guided to different locations based on the data they gave and there are a series of tests.

After going through all of them, all ten of them got selected and were given new information and temporary accommodation in some barracks within the camp.

For the rest of the day, they were given various tasks within the campgrounds. They controlled and managed people in different areas and even helped with the application process.

By night, the whole camp went silent as every one of them was asked to take a rest.

That night, after everyone inside the camp was sent back to their own tents or their duty posts, the ten people gathered together in the centre of it.

The leader looked at all ten of them and spoke.

"This place is going to be our first mission. We are finishing it tonight."

The rest of the team nodded.

The leader tore off the soldier's uniform on him revealing a shiny red scaly armour. He pressed on the bump at his chest within the armour. The rest of the soldiers also followed as their armour beeped a bit.


Fire Unit-1. Team leader reporting.

Currently on Expedition against Mari Clan

Mission 1.

Camp of Recruitment in Mari clan.

Identified several key figures of the Mari clan within Astral Plane transcendence and one person who is in the Initial stage of Astral Plane Consummation.

Along with them several newly recruited soldiers of the Mari clan were also present. Found several of the Dusk organization methods employed within the recruitment as well as allotment process.

Gathered some of the samples and currently taking action against the camp."

He recorded everything and then took out a bunch of puppets from his storage. The soldiers also took out some puppets.

The puppets flew over as they started recording everything.

All ten of them activated their armours and took out their weapons.

Their bodies started emitting flames of different shades of red as they made their move.

The leader ran towards the nearest barrack and aimed his hands at it.

A flaming charge started building up at his shoulders and a huge flaming ball escaped his palms.


The barracks are flooded with red hot flames and the walls started melting immediately.

Half of the camp saw the glow of the flames while the whole camp heard the vast explosive sound.

The leader stepped forward into the burning barracks. Inside there are a few people who are burning and some are even dead.

But there are some people who are struggling to stay alive. He moved towards one of them and threw a punch.

The flames exploded and made the head explode.

He threw the corpse away and collected the spatial ring before he moved to a different person.

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