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Chapter 1490 - Dusk Has Arrived

Chapter 1490 - Dusk Has Arrived

The leader finished the first barrack and moved to the second one.

Similar things are happening in different spots.

But one of the unit members is standing on a large tree with his red metallic bow as he shot arrows.

They are silent and not flashy at all. But as soon as they landed at different spots, the arrows exploded and threw some kind of liquid into the surroundings which then immediately turned into raging flames that looked like they came straight from hell.

The whole camp that just went peaceful suddenly became an inferno with screams and smells of people burning to death.

But the Fire unit didn't show any expression. In fact, they didn't even show their face. Their face is covered with a mask and they are killing and burning everything alive and dead.

The camp organizers and the leaders are all alerted by then and started running toward the troublemakers.

The person in charge of the camp in particular ran toward the leader who is causing the most damage.

"Who the fuck are you? How dare you attack the Mari clan's camp?"

The leader of the fire unit didn't speak. He looked at the leader through his mask and started estimating the strength.

He is gauging whether he could take him out or not.

The leader of the camp, on the other hand, is very pissed and immediately made a move. He took out his sword and swung it at the unit leader.

The unit leader dodged the attack and ran to the side and spoke on his communication device.

"Attracted the leader, from the initial attack, looks to be a bit out of my league. Requesting aid."

"Number 3 reporting. I am nearby, coming to you in two minutes. Can you hold on?" One of his unit members replied.


"Number 5 reporting. I will also be in two minutes."

"Sure. I can handle the situation for the two minutes."

As soon as the communication was over, the leader turned around and clashed with the person in charge of the camp.

He took out some small marbles and threw them at him.

The camp in charge dodged them barely, even though he didn't sense any threat, but he felt weird as soon as they brushed past him.


The marbles turned into some weird powder with some explosion and seeped into his body.


The camp in charge groaned in burning pain loudly as he stopped in his tracks.

He felt his whole shoulder is literally being roasted over a flame.

The unit leader took his chance and made his own move. A massive fiery snake formed at the tip of his hands and made its way to the camp in charge.

The camp in charge felt the full brunt of the attack and rolled on the floor as he tried to defend it with a shabby barrier.

The unit leader turned around and started running after landing that attack. He started throwing small trinkets in his way creating explosions and obstacles for the opponent.

By the time the camp in charge caught up, the other two unit members also arrived.

The unit leader stopped running and turned against him. All three of the unit members attacked the camp in charge who was caught off guard by this.

One hour later.

The whole campground is burning in flames.

At the entrance of the campground, the person in charge of the campground was crucified to a cross with his body half burnt and naked.

He is the only one who has an intact body, the rest of them are all dead.

They are burned to ashes with nothing left for the world to see, except for their skeletons.

The unit collected every single of the spatial rings.

After that, they left a large text in front of the body.

"Dusk has arrived."

After writing that, the puppets that are flying around until then came back.

The unit collected all of them and left the place.

While they are doing it, on another corner of the Mari clan's territory in one of Sivan's direct territories, there is a park that was arranged.

A lightning unit arrived there and they are currently standing at the centre of it all with a large pillar in their hands.

They put it up in the middle of it before spreading to different corners of the park and placing smaller pillars there.

After they did that, the leader activated the formation.

Massive lightning appeared out of nowhere and crashed the whole park.




There are a series of lightning strikes and before long not a single structure in the park.

After the destruction was over, they collected the pillars and did a crucifixion, before they left the place.

But before leaving, they didn't forget to leave the same text.

"Dusk has arrived."

Similar situations happened in different territories of the Mari clan.

Parks, cities, camps, factories, businesses… A lot of properties of the Mari clan were destroyed and the news quickly spread to Sivan.

The next day, Sivan who was ready to send the lava worms away got hit with the reports.

When he saw the common text in every one of these reports, he saw red.

He is extremely angry.

His thoughts immediately went to Sam.

"You bloody fuckers. Why did I not get the information about Sam's movements? What the hell are the clan and the Divine League doing. What the hell is wrong with them?

They literally have one fucking job.

Sam made a move. We lost a lot of resources."

He immediately ran out to meet with the grand elders while screaming.

He entered one of their residences and threw the reports to that person's face.

"Sam has made a move. Why did I not know about this before?"

"What do you mean?"

"Dusk has arrived. That is literally Sam's line."

"How is that even possible? Sam is within the Gaja clan's territory. In fact, none of the Gaja clan members came out of the territory for a while."

"That is not possible. Dusk is the name of Sam's organization."

As soon as he said that, he realized something.

"Holy fuck. Sam's organization. It is Sam's organization.

His bastard friends. The three other Orphan bastards."

"What are you even talking about?"

"The orphan bastards. Sam has three friends. He gave a piece of his soul to one of these friends before I made an exchange. Since it was in the middle of the process, I didn't get what he sent them.

I stupidly ignored the organization until now. Even after I got the memories, I was only thinking of taking over the organization instead of thinking about what they could do.

Fuck, fuck."

He immediately ran to the side and started drawing the images of Philip, Watt and Jack. I need these people.

I need them as soon as possible."

The grand elder is extremely confused, but he still nodded his head.

"We are immediately making a move on the Gaja clan. Send the people. I will be handing over the Lava worms, they are leaving immediately. I will also use a different set of weapons. There is a demonstration in an hour."


The grand elder completely ignored whatever Sivan did. It is almost like the utter disrespect was completely negligible.

Sivan left and led the grand elder to the Lava worms.

The grand elder leads the people that are going to operate the lava worms to the Gaja clan's realm.

He escorted them to certain locations all by himself using his divine dimension fragment before letting them go deep into the earth with their respective worms.

The worms are successfully implemented and they moved towards Gaja city.

By that night, the worms travelled underground and they stayed in spots from which they could operate at maximum efficiency.

The Mari clan's grand elder felt pretty satisfied and left.

But what he doesn't know is that within a certain radius of the Gaja clan, there are few trees that are withering as soon as the worms arrived and as they withered, some of the scouts of the Gaja clan immediately broke them and took them to Sam.

Sam looked at the withered trees and chuckled.

"He really went for lava worms? How pathetic?"

Giyon looked at the withered trees. They are red in their withered shade and there is a faint trace of fire elemental energy.

"What is this?"

"This is called litmus tree. It adapts to the elemental energies in the surroundings and if there is any sudden elemental energy change in the atmosphere in any way, it will wither in a certain way.

This is the indication of the fire elemental energy and from what your father described, lava worms are the only ones that could fit the criteria."

"Really? Are they good?"

"They are really good."

"Then why are you saying it is pathetic?"

"Well, if I am in Sivan's position, I would have used Lightning worms or Metal worms instead of Lava worms, they work more effectively against your clan and the city."

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