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Chapter 1491: Occupation

Chapter 1491: Occupation

"So, what are we doing about these Lava worms?"

"Nothing. Let them be for now."

Sam said casually and Giyon felt a bit confused.

"Didn't you say they are good?"

"Of course they are, but I don't know what to do with them for now and it is also hard for us to find the location of all of them in a short time. We would need to make a lot of people out, which is not a suitable situation for us.

I will think of a proper solution, by the time they become a real threat."

Sam's words are still calm. Even though he is saying that he doesn't know what to do with them, he is pretty confident about dealing with them, when the time eventually arrives.

While they are chatting, one of the attendants came with a report.

Sam looked at the report and with just a glance, the words "Dusk has arrived" are clearly visible to him.

His face turned into one of surprise, delight and finally pride.

He looked through the reports to check every small detail. And with every detail he read, he felt happier. The grin on his face went bigger and bigger.

"What the hell are you smiling about?"

Sam didn't say anything and just gave the report to her.

"What? Mari clan suffered this much in one day? Particularly these parks? How did someone destroy things in this state? No wonder you are happy."

"I am indeed happy, but not because of that."

"So, what is it?"

"It is my friends. The words Dusk has arrived. It is definitely from my friends."

"Makes sense."

"If my guess is right, the Mari clan is in for a world of pain for the days to come. They couldn't have come at a perfect time."

Sam said with a sigh of relief. Even though he is confident about dealing with the Gaja clan's current plight, extra help is always something to look forward to.

"So, are we making any contact with them?"

"No need, they will come to us all by themselves."

"But the information that you are here within the clan is not known by many, it will be hard for them to find out you are here."

"Let them take their time. It is not particularly necessary for us to meet immediately anyway, they will be here by the time the war is completely unleashed and that is when you actually need them."

"I wonder how Sivan is reacting now. I bet he is pretty pissed."

"Of course, he should be."

While they are chatting, somewhere within the Mari clan's territory.

Philip, Watt and Jack are roaming around in a city. They didn't wear any disguises and they didn't see any explosions for that matter.

This is one of the big cities under the Gaja clan and it is even controlled by a Middle stage Astral Plane consummate cultivator.

After roaming around the city for a while, they went back to the inn they were staying in.

After entering the room, someone knocked on the door and it is none other than Night Ghost.

"So, how did your walk go?"

"Ours is fine. How did the team's walk go?"

"They are reaching their destination. I am just waiting for your cue."

"Don't worry, there is no way, the city is full of idiots who don't know how to identify their enemy roaming around in the city."

"I am having doubts whether they knew about you guys at all."

"With that statement we wrote, if that guy doesn't recognize it is us, then there is no way he could have pulled off changing bodies with Sam."

Philip said calmly as he looked out of the window. At this moment, some of the city guards are already rounding up the building and people with authority are coming over hurriedly.

"Night Ghost, you and the rest of the team are up. Go ahead and deal with them."

Philip ordered and Night Ghost nodded before complying.

He walked out of the inn casually, the guards that are rounding up the inn ignored him, they are currently focused on Philip who is standing at the window.

Night Ghost walked past them and walked towards the estate of the lord of this city.

Several people who are in Astral Plane transcendence made their move and they are all running towards the inn.

"Philip, Sam and Watt. You are under arrest by the order of young master Sivan. We have orders to capture you, but that doesn't mean we cannot kill you. You better surrender before things get nasty."

One of the people in charge yelled.

Philip just smirked at them and went back into the room to take a seat.

"How long is it going to take?"

Watt asked as he stretched lazily.

"Not too long."

As soon as he said that, they heard a commotion downstairs.

Sam's team has made a move.

Saber Monarch, Five elemental King, Paras, everyone made their move from various rooms of the inn as they jumped out of their windows and attacked the people surrounding them.

Meanwhile, Night Ghost smoothly walked into the estate of the city lord and captured him.

"Who… who are you?"

The city lord asked in fear.

Currently, he is kneeling on the ground as an invisible ghost pressed him from the back, but the thing he doesn't know he was hit by a ghost, which made him feel a bit fearful.

"I am the person whose orders you are going to obey for some time."

As soon as he said that, the ghosts started working and forcefully made the guy sign a soul contract.

Meanwhile, near the inn, the team slaughtered the officials and people in charge of various departments of the city before they could throw out the next warning.

Everything this over within a few minutes and at this moment, the city guards and the rest moved.

Many spectators watched the team kill the people, though the whole force of the city guard is coming here.

But to their surprise, instead of coming here, they actually went to lock the whole city down.

They blocked all of the gates and activated the city-wide formations.

Then came the announcement.

"The city lord has announced a lockdown of the whole city. Until his further notice, no one can leave the city any attempt to do that, shall be punishable."

The city was thrown into a commotion instantly.

"Seems like things are done, lets's go to the mansion. We don't have much time, we need to use this time to deal with the other cities on this planet."

Philip said and all three of them followed by the rest of the team went to the city lord's mansion.

They met in a hall with the Night Ghost and Philip started explaining his plan.

There is a reason why they captured this specific city. That is because the city is exactly in a location from which they could move to a lot of other places a lot quicker.

This made it into a business hub.

In fact, the very reason for the prosperity of this city is because of its location.

Now, no matter which direction they travel from this spot, within two hours, they are going to reach another property or a city under the Mari clan's name.

Philip is not going to take advantage of the distance to destroy all of these powers by the end of that day without breaking any sweat and planting some things there.

"Are you guys ready? You will be splitting up for now. Night Ghost you are staying with me, Jack and Watt.

Your job is to control the city and ensure that every one that is sent to this place is allowed inside. The intake process should be as orderly as possible, but it should turn into chaos just in a second.

Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes. I will arrange that."

"Alright then, we have four target cities and luckily, we have four carriers at the moment. So, divide yourself up into teams and take one carrier before leaving. We don't have time to waste."

Philip walked out as soon as the plan was done. He took off on a beast into the sky as he waved his hand. The Divine dimension fragment activated as a large carrier appeared in front of him.

The carrier.

One of the designs Sam sent to him to use.

Vidyut and Jwala came flying as they took over the carrier.

It is half as big as the whole city lord's estate.

After boarding the carrier both of them issued commands to the crew that is operating it to make their move toward the city.

The same thing happened in a few minutes.

The other members of the team also split themselves up as they took other carriers and flew in different directions. The carriers that looked like they are behemoth beasts made of metal and other materials moved at a speed that they didn't think was possible.

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