Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 16: After the Auction

Sam along with Philip and others went to his newly bought mansion. The mansion inside is really good and concentration of spiritual energy is higher than outside by many times. The scenery from the front balcony is really good as the river right beside the mansion and the distant mountains are really great to look at. All of them came to this mansion to celebrate. After they ate dinner, they sat together in the living room and chatted leisurely.

"I will be going somewhere tomorrow. I will be back in a month. So, all of you guys can stay in the mansion if you want." Sam said. Everyone became silent. After all they didn't expect Sam to go outside the city, the very day next day he bought a house. This is somewhat unexpected.

"Why don't we go together?" Philip asked.

"No need. It is personal." Sam didn't explain further. Then Sam turned towards the two girls and spoke. "Ms Haley, Ms Freya after I come back, I will make the dresses I promised you." Sam said with a smile. Both the girls didn't reply and just nodded their heads. After chatting for some time, everyone left the place other than Sam, Yanwu and the cubs. He left the Bulls at the Evergreen family. Sam then entered the bedroom. The mansion is already fully furnished and he climbed up the large bed and closed his eyes peacefully.

While Sam is sleeping peacefully, the noble families in the city are not sleeping at all. The Fire elemental spiritual stones gave everyone a great shock. Every noble family in the city knew the value of the fire elemental stones in this place. Especially, the crimson flame family. They have a large number of fire attribute cultivators in crimson flame family. The crimson family is one of the main recipients of the fire spiritual stones. So, as soon as Freya went to home, she was immediately summoned to the main hall where family meetings were heard. As she entered the room, she saw the family patriarch and other elders sitting there silently with solemn expression.

"Freya, who is that person that used the fire spirit stones? How do you know him?" An elder asked impatiently as soon as Freya entered the hall. Freya frowned as she heard the elder's tone and immediately felt displeased. She immediately turned to her father who is the patriarch of the family. But he didn't seem to see his daughter's displeasure and gave a look which is expecting her to answer. This made Freya even more angry, but she gritted her teeth and said. "He is a friend from the Lava rock village. We had a business deal before. Now he came to city to enter Starwood academy. Hearing this many elder's frown eased. One of the elders said with a commanding tone.

"Invite him to Crimson flame family tomorrow. We have something to talk to him."

"Why?" She asked with a frown.

"We have a deal for him. We need the fire spirit stones from him." The elder replied.

"Why do our family need to buy from him? We are not short on wealth, right?" She inquired further. But there is no reply. What she said is indeed right. The crimson flame family really doesn't have any shortage of wealth. But the fire spirit stones are different altogether. As they are fire cultivators, the fire spirit stones will have a higher rate of absorption and the energy inside their body will have less impurities. They are extremely beneficial to fire cultivators particularly the younger generation at acolyte stage and it will give them a solid foundation. So, they could advance further. The fire spirit stones are really scarce in this region and even with their connections there are only a hundred stones which can be imported to the city every three months. So, a cultivator with no background and a lot of fire spirit stones is too big of a juicy meat they can't miss. That is the reason, they can't leave this offer. But Freya's answer immediately made them stand up from the chairs.

"He is going to leave the city tomorrow. He said that he has something to take care. So, he will be leaving early in the morning." As soon as she finished all opened their eyes in disbelief and immediately sent orders to visit Sam's mansion now. Looking at their reactions Freya finally understood what is going on and she immediately regretted saying what she already said. She looked at her father, who is silent from the start and spoke slowly. "I am really disappointed in our family father." She said as she left the hall and went to rest. Similar scenes happened in the Evergreen and Heartfield families. The Heartfield family has same reaction as the Crimson flame family. Even though they are not completely fire attributed clan like the crimson flame, they still have a lot of Fire attribute mages. So, they also set their eyes on him. The city lord mansion even went a bit further and even sent people to lava rock village to inspect how Sam got the Fire spirit stones. The Greyhound family also sent people to mansion. Because the young masters of the family can't swallow the embarrassment, they brought upon themselves. So, they sent people to take care of Sam. Finally, the Evergreen household has different reactions. This is because their head ordered them not to get near Sam again after they held a meeting just like the Crimson flame family. The second reason is they already got a total of 2500 fire spirit stones already. If they get too greedy, they might get in to trouble. That is why the elders also stayed silent when Patriarch ordered them to stay put.

River Side Mansion

Several black shadows can be seen moving swiftly in the dark of the night. They slowly entered the mansion and started searching. When they reached all the members looked at each other and reached a tacit understanding. They will finish the job first and then think who gets what. They immediately pushed open the bedroom door and were only greeted with an empty bed. They realized this person is swift then their households. Then they returned to their households. As soon as they left the house a Black raven slowly flew in the mansion and directly dashed towards the bed and disappeared in front of a transparent blue crystal on which is now fixed in between various gems of the head board of the bed.

Inside the Divine Dimension, Sam is standing at the window of the first floor of the tower and looking outside. Yanwu entered the Divine dimension and flew through the window and landed in front of Sam. It reverted back to his original majestic Golden Sun crow form and now Sam has to keep is head up to look at the eyes of the huge beast.

"Every family except the evergreen and the city lord mansion came." Yanwu said to Sam. Sam didn't say anything at all and just nodded. Then he said after some silence. I will be inside the tower for a few days and I won't be coming outside unless there is an emergency. So, I want you cultivate as well. Now that our cultivation levels are linked, you just focus on the cultivation and I will be practicing some techniques. I need to increase my cultivation level as soon as possible. And take care of other beasts as well. Bring some food for the bulls and the little ones (Panther cubs). Try to plant some herbs that are useful for cultivation. Sam said. After a brief pause, he said. "Collect your faeces in the volcanic zone." Sam said as looked at Yanwu was a bit confused but still nodded. Then he left to accomplish what Sam asked him to.

Sam already guessed the moves of the noble households, that is the reason he immediately moved to Divine Dimension. He turned around and looked at the Divine wills in the Shelves and walked over to the martial arts shelves. Sam didn't really like the martial arts with the fixed moves. He believed that as long as a person his weapon which might be a Sword, a Sabre, a knife and even his own fists, every move he made with them will be a martial-arts move. Even though he felt the same way in his previous life, he still learnt some fixed martial arts to understand his own body properly, to use it with efficiency. He finally created a fighting style of his own, which solely depends on his understanding of his own body and anatomy of the human being. That is the de-boning technique which highly complements his own claw type weapons. His fighting style is never registered and it never got to outside world in his previous life as he never taught it to anyone. Sam, then looked at the shelf and muttered. "I need to use another type of fighting style and use my own fighting style as a trump card. The less people to know my style, the better." He then selected two wisps which were labelled like this. 'Monkey's staff insights' and 'Hou archery insights'. Seeing the titles Sam felt a little confused and looked at the other wisps and they are mentioned as insights. Finally, Sam found a wisp with no label. He took the wisp in his hands and sent his spiritual sense. The wisp dissolved in to him and a string of entered in to his mind. "I don't want to spoil you by spoon feeding the martial arts to you. Try creating a few of your own – Ling Tian." Looking at the words Sam didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But quickly threw the thoughts to the back of his head and just took the wisps and absorbed them. They also disappeared. Sam then sat cross legged and started going through the newly acquired memories. A majestic human silhouette appeared in his mind as he started moving his staff. The staff felt like it was the body part of the person. Not like an external weapon. The silhouette moved the staff in whatever way he liked, there is no complex stance, no elegant moves, no fancy technique. Every move is unique and simple in its own way. After the performance is done Sam heard a few words. "A staff is a profound yet simple weapon. There are no rules on how to use your staff. Just like how no body can say how you want to use your own hands. As long as you want to use it use it in anyway you want. There is no right no wrong in the way of staff. You can use it in barbaric way like a club or you can use it to perform fancy moves." After he heard the words Sam slowly opened his eyes and recalled the words of the person and started contemplating. Then Sam stood up and went to the shelf named Inscriptions and Formations. He was confused why both of them are combined. There are total of 10 wisps and he took the first one and absorbed it then he then entered the second floor for simulating room without looking through the memories. After Sam entered the Simulating room, he sat cross legged to digest the new information.

Outside world. The day after the auction. The whole city is waiting for the news about what happened to Sam. They learnt that Sam came from a village. So, they were particularly sure that the noble families will definitely get their hands on him. Philip along with Paul, Freya, Haley, Marvin went to Sam's mansion and found no one. Then they all sighed. They didn't understand why Sam wanted to leave the city temporarily just after he bought the house until they returned to their own homes yesterday. They thought Sam is in big trouble. But they soon got the news that Sam is no where to be seen. Last night most of them saw the ugliness of the world as well as their family. While they were thinking like that in mansion. The person they are concerned about is practicing his new techniques in the Divine Dimension.

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