Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 17: One month

One month passed on outside. But Sam spent about 10 months in the second floor of the tower. All he did was practise his techniques. Since, he can imagine anything inside the second floor of the tower. Sam used it to his maximum ability. He practised his hand to hand combat using his attribute powers. He just practised the same basics over and over again until he was mentally exhausted and sick of doing it again. He practised the same basic movements tens of thousands of times if not hundred thousand times. He followed the principle of one of the very few people in his previous life. It was none other than Bruce lee. As Bruce lee once said 'I am not afraid of a fighter who practises a thousand kicks. But I am afraid of a man who practices a kick for a thousand times.' From this quote Sam experienced the result for himself in his last life time. Even a basic punch is a deadly attack from a fighter who really knows how to use it. That is the reason Sam just keep on practising his basics. Other than the hand to hand combat, Sam also practiced the staff techniques and archery to increase his arsenal of attacks. He picked archery to practise long range attacks. Even though he was pretty skilled in all different types of guns in his previous life and is even skilled in making it, he really doesn't want to bring the guns out as of this moment. Sam always felt like the guns are most dangerous in human's hands. Even though they can't provide the damage as big as bombs and stuff, guns make people realize their toxic ideas easier. A man with gun in a hand feels superior to others and wants to be treated as a superior. That is how it happened in his previous world and Sam felt like it won't be much different in this world. So, if he made some guns, he would only use them himself.

Apart from improving his combat skills, Sam also started studying formations and inscriptions. He first felt puzzled as he saw both the formations and inscriptions put together. But later when he studied, he realized that they both are completely analogous. They have a vast number of similarities. An inscription is the way of condensing the spiritual energy in a certain form in a certain place according to requirement of the Inscription Master. Where as the formation is guiding the energy in a certain way and do a certain work by converting into a certain work. The most common thing in both is that they both require the energy nodes. The runes are used as the nodes in case of inscriptions and the formation flags or other objects as energy nodes. From another perspective both formations and inscriptions can be combined as well as interchanged. That means the runes of the inscriptions or the inscriptions itself can be used as the energy nodes for formations or the formation principles can be used to guide the energy flow to create an inscription.

Sam came to this conclusion after a long time of hypotheses and contemplation and result baffled him so much that he felt so shocked of his own thought process. The final completion of the Inscription and Formation merging is creating the Array Disc. This is a process of condensing the formation itself into the Disc using inscriptions. That is the reason why both of them are grouped together. From the look of it, Sam thought that it is not impossible to create his own self-created inscriptions and formations if he tried and experimented, by observing and manipulating the energy flow. After all Observation and Manipulation are both his innate core abilities.

After having these thoughts Sam suddenly felt like these people are really stupid. All these Inscription Masters and Formations only work on how to memorize the nodes and the process to achieve an already set inscription or formation. They don't really care about how and why these things are working like that. 'They have this much of valuable resource, but these things are such a waste in a people like this. They can't really use them for their full potential.' Sam inwardly lamented when he was studying the inscriptions and formations. He had almost completed all the wisps related to the subject. After all, Sam himself is a genius and he can clearly understand all the theoretical knowledge easily. The problem is he can't really make them practically. He could be considered as one of the most knowledgeable people, theoretically this field. But his practical skills are completely restricted by his own cultivation base. Sam sighed thinking of his cultivation base. After one month in the outside world passed, Sam came out of his tower. But he still stayed in the divine dimension.

At this moment the garden of different climatic zones is not as empty. Yanwu went back to the lava rock village and brought back a type of grass that is suitable for the Bulls. The Heaven spirit silk moths can eat any type of leaves. The environment in the Garden in filled with the various elemental spiritual energy. So, the silk moths are divided into various groups and are kept in different regions. There are total of three moths that broke through to the Level-3 beasts and they are from three different attributes. Fire, Metal and Ice. This made Sam extremely delighted as he would get a new type of resource. Other silk moths are kept in the normal zone when they are cocooned as Sam needed this type of silk as well. The Bull beasts are still in the Evergreen family.

The most major things happened to the Panther cubs as they finally grew up a little. They are now at size of an a.d.u.l.t panther of the modern earth. But in this world, these are still considered as slightly grown cubs. These panthers are happily playing around in the Volcanic zone. As soon as they saw Sam arrived, they immediately pounced on him as they happily licked his face. Sam smiled as he struggled to get up. These are now at Level 1 beasts at Middle stage.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." Suddenly a voice came from behind. Sam turned around and saw a majestic looking three-legged golden crow. Sam saw it and smiled. Yanwu has a Deer like corpse under its talons. Sam smiled at Yanwu.

"Here, I have been waiting for you to take your share. Yanwu said as he transmitted a large amount of spiritual energy to Sam. Sam put the cubs aside and accepted the energy as he stood straight.

This is a daily routine for them. As Sam cultivated in the Myriad Beast Blood line technique, he doesn't need to cultivate himself. His contract beasts will share the spiritual energy equally with him and vice versa. Since, Sam was busy the whole time, Yanwu was the only one cultivating for both of them. But it is not slow at all. Yanwu can cultivate using the spiritual energy inside the garden since he is a beast. And on top of that beasts can increase their cultivation as long as they consume the flesh of others. So, Yanwu has no problem because, it has vast woods to hunt. So, in the past few months, Yanwu reached limit of initial stage level 2 and Sam is at 3rd stage Acolyte stage. This rate of improvement is quite high even it is considered in 10 months' time frame. But the outside flow time only one month. Sam slowly digested the Spiritual energy as he sat Cross legged.

After sometime Sam opened his eyes and looked at Yanwu and said. "Let's go and see outside." As he spoke, Sam waved his hands and both of them landed on his bed. Yanwu already changed into his Raven form. Sam took the crystal from the bed and placed it back on the ring and walked downstairs while Yanwu was still on his shoulder. As soon as they came downstairs into the living room, the mansion door opened and five people entered the room. They are none other than Philip and others. Looking at Sam all of them were surprised, but the two girls were more than just surprised as they saw Sam and blushed as they averted their gaze. Because Sam right now didn't wear anything on his upper half of the body. He is only wearing pants and his well-defined chest and torso are fully exposed. Sam didn't feel anything strange as he just he invited them.

"Come on guys, Sit here." Sam said with a faint smile. Then only Philip and others came out of daze.

"Sam, when did you arrive?" Philip said as he made his way to the chair and sat down. The other two boys also exchanged greetings, but the two girls didn't say a single word. Sam didn't think much at first and sometime later he noticed that they are completely silent.

"Sam, you don't know how popular you are. Almost all the big families' representatives came here very often in the past month to meet you. But all they got to see is your empty house or us sitting here like this," Marvin spoke without thinking much. But this statement made the already gloomy mood of the girls further down. Then the atmosphere suddenly turned awkward. Sam, finally understood why the two girls are like that.

"Seems like I am quite popular, huh. Ms Freya, Ms Haley. I did friendship with you and I don't have any relationship from your family. So, please don't feel guilty about it." Sam said to ease the atmosphere. Sam didn't blame these girls. He might be the cold and ruthless type, but he really is not so petty to blame the younger generation for the decisions of their elders.

Both the girls looked at him with gratitude and were about to say something. But when they looked at Sam's n.a.k.e.d upper half, they blushed again and looked down again.

"What happened again?" Sam asked in confusion.

"Sam, you probably should wear something." Paul said in low voice. Then only Sam realized what is happening and immediately took a sleeveless vest from the spatial ring and wore it.

"Ms Haley. I can understand why Ms Freya is like that, but why are you behaving like that." Sam asked Haley, who was also clearly feeling guilty. Haley just stayed silent. Instead Marvin answered.

"Well, Haley is city lord's daughter."

"Oh" Sam acknowledged and stayed silent for a while. Then he continued. Ms Haley, Ms Freya your dresses will be ready by the next month. But I am not doing it completely with the feathers. I have some new ideas. But you should still pay after the work is done. I will give you the discount though. Sam said completely changing the topic. Both girls looked a little startled and finally smiled. Seeing this, others also smiled and they soon went back to their cheerful selves. After sometime Sam took out a list and handed it over to Marvin and said.

"Marvin can you buy these for me?" As he said that Sam gave him the list and was about to pass him some spirit stones in the leather pouch. But was immediately stopped by Philip.

"Sam, it is better if you don't takeout the fire spirit stones now. The topic of these fire spirit stones is still sensitive. So, its better to pay using normal spirit stones." Philip said.

"But I don't have any normal spirit stones." Sam said awkwardly. Hearing this everyone was dumbfounded. Then Philip came out of his daze and said.

"Then Paul will accompany Marvin. He will exchange your fire spirit stones, with the normal spirit stones with my father and then they will buy you the items that you want." Philip said after some thinking.

"Sure" Sam said and handed over the pouch to Paul. Now their previous awkwardness is completely wiped out. Paul took the pouch while Marvin looked through the list. The more he read, the more he opened his mouth wide. He came out of his daze and looked at Sam in bewilderment and asked.

"Sam, why do you need so many items, what are you going to do?"

"Let me see." Philip asked as he grabbed the list and he also got shocked. He then said to Sam, his wide open. "Sam, when did you start dabbling in the Formations and inscriptions?" This time Haley and Freya also lost their cool. 'He knew inscriptions and formations. Since when did he know. Where did he learn those?' this was thought in everyone's mind. Sam didn't bother to reply. He instead turned towards Marvin and spoke. "Please get them as quick as possible. If you are left with change bring formation flags." The list contained all the items that are required to create any type of formation or inscription. The items include every type of material required to create even the most complex of the first rank inscription or the formation." Marvin nodded and went outside along with Paul.

The rest just chatted leisurely. It already became evening by the time Marvin and Paul came back. When they came back, they saw that Sam and others are still in the living room and two panthers are also playing around. Both Marvin and Paul were exhausted as they dropped onto the chairs.

"Sam, next time you better give me compensation for that tiresome job. We had to buy all the items in different shops to not to get suspected and it has been evening buy the time it was completed." Marvin said in an exhausted tone. Everyone looked at Paul. He didn't say anything. But from his expression, they all understood that his is in same state as Marvin.

"Sure, sure." Sam said as he spread his hand towards hand. Marvin took a spatial ring and passed over to Sam and Sam passed over his own empty spatial ring. Sam checked all the items in satisfaction. Then he looked at them and said.

"Guys, I need to tell you something." Everyone looked at him and waited for him to continue.

"I will be going outside the city again and will be back one month later." Sam said with a straight face. Everyone stayed silent with a dumbfounded gaze and then looked at each other.

"Then why did you come at all?" Freya asked.

"It is a bit troublesome to buy all these things." Sam said again with a straight face. Hearing his reply Marvin and Paul looked at each other pitifully. They wanted to cry, but no tears came. Philip and others also looked at them and sighed. You came all the way back just make us run your errands. This is the thought in everyone's heads.

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