Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 18: Experiments

Sam is in second floor of the tower in the Divine Dimension. But right now, the room is not in its usual illusory state rather it is just like any other room. Just that it is several hundred times larger. Right now, Sam can be seen squatting at one place and drawing something with his brush. There are two large concentric circles that are formed with some small runic figures could be seen. This is the main skeletal frame of an inscription. This is mainly used for condensing and compressing the inscription to the object of the inscription. The big circle is in about three feet in radius while the small circle is about two feet in radius. These circles will differ for each rank and it will be more difficult to draw the higher it goes. The gap between the two concentric circles is used to place the runes of the inscription, which are responsible for the energy flow and energy conversion as well as to achieve the purpose of inscription. When Sam finally finished all the Runes, he drew some lines joining to wards a much smaller circle in the centre, which is the place where the object on which the inscription laid has to be kept.

After finishing the drawing. Sam stood at a point in between the concentric circles, where there is no rune. This is the place where the person who performs the inscription has to stand. Sam stood there and observed the inscription patterns he drew himself to make sure there is no mistake. Sam still felt cautious since he already experienced what will happen in the simulation. Sam had tried the same process many times and failed may times in the simulating environment. There will be a high backlash when the inscription failed. Sam took out an ordinary sword and checked it. The sword is one of the items Sam asked Marvin to buy in the list he gave. Sam came out of the inscription circle and went towards the side of the room where there are two logs of same kind and same thickness. Sam the sword at the log with only using his spiritual energy partially. The sword lodged into the wood until it is half way through. This is the Starwood, which is one of the most important resource available in the woods near the Starwood city. This is a strong material which is used for making weapons and handles for swords and sabres.

Even the low quality of the Starwood is still highly valuable. The logs in front of him are low level as well. Sam then took the sword back and walked back to the inscription circle and kept the sword in the centre and came back to his spot. Then suddenly he started circulating his spiritual energy and the inscription circle is activated and the runes started moving as the concentric circle converged, the runes are directing the spiritual energy in different ways and started condensing towards the sword. Sam didn't even bat an eyelid as he closely observed the nature of energy flow and how each rune is directing the energy. Sam tried this in simulation before. But the simulation is only showing the success and failure of the resulting inscription but the actual process is still can't be observed and the energy flow is not visible. That is the reason why Sam went outside and asked Marvin and others to buy the items.

Sam completely observed the whole process but still felt a bit disappointed, because it is very difficult to observe how the energy is being modified and directed by each rune individually. Sam went to pick the sword. There is an obvious inscription on the blade. He then walked towards the intact log of Starwood and swung the sword, this time the blade of the sword directly passed through the log as if it was a hot knife cutting through the butter. He slowly examined the cut and looked at the sword. Then he nodded in satisfaction. This is the power of an inscribed weapon.

Then he looked at the place where he drew the inscriptions and couldn't help feel a little disappointed. Even though he clearly succeeded in inscription, he really failed in achieving his objective. Sam sat down and took out a note book. He took a brush and started writing.

'Experiment-1 Sharpness inscription.

Objective- Observe the energy flow and direction caused by a single rune individually.

Inscription- successful

Energy flow- Visible but not possible to analyse

Final result- Failed.'

He flipped the next page started drawing in the next page. It is the drawing of the inscription circle, he did earlier. He looked at the inscription circle and started observing the circle from various angles and started brain storming seriously.

After sometime Sam abruptly stood up as an idea came. 'What if I divide them individually?' Sam thought as looked at the inscription circle in his note book. The runes with in the gap between the inscription circle are all connected in some way. 'If I look at the runes as a gear train and look at the whole resulting energy flow as the final gear ratio, then each rune will be an individual pair of gears in mesh. That means just as input gear and output gears rotate in different speeds, then input of energy flow for the rune is the speed of the input gear and the output of the energy flow is the speed of the output gear. Then the difference in the energy flow between the input and output of the energy flow can be termed as the individual gear ratio. Then just like how in a gear ratio, it is possible to obtain the final gear ratio from the product of all the gear ratios of the pairs in the mesh, the total energy flow and change in that energy nature to perform a successful inscription will be the product of the changes in the energy flow in the runes.'

As he thought up to this point Sam felt like he was enlightened and heading in the right direction. 'Now that I already know the input and output of the energy flow. If I can calculate the individual change in links one by one, then it will be possible to understand the energy flow. Since, I am also part of the gear train and I know my specifications, it will be much easier. Since, Sam is the one inputting the energy standing in the circle, he is also a link of the energy chain created and an important link at that. So, Sam turned the page over and wrote the ideas he got and stood up.

He went to the place he made the inscription circle and took out a different brush and a bottle of ink. This is the inscription ink which he made himself from the materials Marvin has brought. Different inscriptions have different requirements. But the neutral type inscriptions like the sharpness inscription Sam made just now can be made with the same ink. So, right now Sam is practicing with neutral inscriptions. Sam stood and observed the inscription circle in the note book. He is thinking how he should dissect them individually without making anything go wrong. Sam started drawing the first and foremost rune which would be on his left from his standing place on the inscriptions. He slowly and accurately drew the circle where he should stand and then the first rune. The first rank inscription circle has a total of 12 energy nodes, comprising of the inscription master and the other 11 runes. So, Sam should try to analyse all the 11 runes.

As he completed the first rune and the extension lines which would connect with the next rune, Sam stood up and put away the ink and the brush and stood at the node and started activating the rune with his spiritual energy. Then Sam saw how the rune is processing the energy. He was clearly able to tell the difference in the energy when it was sent inside and came outside. Just as he felt a little excited. There is a change in the energy flow.


The abrupt change in its nature made the spiritual energy unstable and a miniature explosion occurred. Then Sam flew over and landed on his back as spewed a mouth full of blood. He panted heavily and tried to stabilize his breathing. After some heavy relentless panting, Sam finally sat up looked at the rune which was obviously disfigured. Then Sam took out the note book and wrote.

'Experiment-2 Sharpness inscription.

Objective- Analyse first rune separately to understand the Energy flow

Energy flow – Can be identified but not stable enough to analyse

Repercussions – a spiritual energy explosion

Reason- In stability due to dissecting

Result – failed.'

Sam then closed his eyes and went deep into thought. He thought of the various scenarios on how to stabilize the energy without using the Binding circle. If the Binding concentric circle was used, then it will be hard to analyse the energy flow. Then he started thinking hard and finally had an idea. The thought that came to his mind is that he has to somehow utilise the energy after coming out. The energy must go somewhere. Even the unstable should have to be used. Then Sam started going through his options and finally an idea came. 'Formation.' There is a Rank 1 spirit gathering formation which is useful for gathering spiritual energy in the immediate surroundings. This formation not only make the use of the spiritual energy efficient; it will also make the cultivator use the unstable energy by stabilising it. Then Sam immediately took out the formation flags and laid down the formation. Again, he started the experiment but the result was still the same.

*BOOM* Sam then understood why this happened. The energy flow of the rune and the formation overlapped and created an explosion. Sam again took out the note book.


Sam continued on doing experiments as he finally succeeded. This time Sam removed a formation flag as the node and then utilised the rune in place of it. Formations can use any thing as a node as long as the formation master can make it transmit the spiritual energy. As the second floor of the tower has no noticeable spiritual energy to be used by the spirit gathering formation. Sam used the Spirit stones. Finally, when Sam used the rune as the input node to the formation and connected the output of the rune to the next node which is the next formation flag, Sam finally succeeded.

'Experiment 10

Objective - Analyse first rune separately to understand the Energy flow

Result – succeeded'

Sam smiled as he saw the result and let out a satisfied sigh.

Days passed slowly on outside. Sam stayed inside the tower and just continued analysing various runes and inscriptions along with formations. He didn't cultivate or practice anything else as he just kept on experimenting. During this time, he had backlashed many times and sometimes he struck with his thinking process. He conducted hundreds of experiments as days passed. Only other thing he did other than the daily routine is that he carved sometimes with the wood. Whenever, he got mentally exhausted, he will take the time to carve different complex shapes.

A month passed on outside and Sam is still inside the tower's second floor. He sat exhausted on the floor, but he has a smirk on his face as he looked at the ordinary sword in his hands. It is similar to the sword as that of the first sword on his first experiment. But this sword has so many runic marks on its handle. The handle is literally covered by a large number messily without any space left. But Sam was not a least bit bothered by it. He seemed quite satisfied. He slowly stood up and pierced the sword heavily into the ground and then concentrated the spiritual energy into the runic symbols on the handle. Then suddenly a dazzling sight appeared as formation appeared in front of him. This is binding formation. This will help to stop the movements of the enemy for a certain amount of time depending on the opponent's strength.

Sam inscribed a complete formation on the sword handle. This is just like creating an Array disc. But Sam just replaced the disc with the handle. But it is easier said than done. Even inscribing an Array disc, itself is not easy at all. The person should be both great at both inscriptions and formations and even then, a person won't inscribe an Array disc unless he is rank 2 in both trades. Then only he would be confident to inscribe an array disc. But Sam who clearly was only a first rank at both trades has inscribed a formation and that too on a handle of sword. Sam looked at the sword and then slowly stood up as he went outside of the tower. There are two panthers slowly dozing off. Yanwu, is also in his original form as slept on a tree. Sam smiled as he went outside the Divine Dimension and landed on the bed. He slept normally after what seemed like an eternity.

Next day Sam wore his black feather coat on the sleeveless vest as he walked downstairs. Yanwu is following from behind. Sam went outside the mansion along with Yanwu towards Philip. Along the way Sam noticed that the streets of bustling with people and everyone seems to be discussing something. The whole city is lovely. Sam made his way towards the Evergreen family to meet with Philip and others.

"Oh, you are finally here." Philip seemed as if he was finally relieved to see Sam here.

"You seem happy." Sam said.

"Well, the admissions to the Starwood academy will happen in three days. I thought you wouldn't make it since there is no news from you. Now that you are here, I am really happy." Philip said with a smile. "Let us go to your Mansion. It is time. Others will also be there." Philip said as both of them along with Paul went Sam's mansion.

After sometime.

"My mansion seems to be your meeting place." Sam said jokingly.

"You are not using it anyway. So, what if we use it for a bit." Freya said from side.

"Now that you are here. We are all relieved. All of us thought that you can't make it to the admissions day." Marvin said from the side. Sam just smiled.

"Sam, I think it is better for you stay in my family for the rest of the days before exam. The attention of City lord and other families may have been directed towards the admissions, but they still kept an eye on you. They might have already known that you already came back and they might plot something." Philip said from the side. Hearing what he said. Both the girls felt a little awkward. After all it is their families that are plotting against their friend.

"My father said that these nobles would do anything to get their hands on what they want if it is in hands of someone with no status." Philip continued. Hearing that everyone stayed silent and looked at Sam waiting for his response. They got the response. But it is not what they expected. Sam just smiled and said casually.

"There is a much better and easier solution than hiding. Don't you guys know?"

"What is it?" Philip asked. He thought that since his family is the only one not against Sam, it is best to stay there. But what Sam said next made all jaws drop to the floor.

"It is simple. Let us just go get some status." Sam said as he stood and started walking towards the door.

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