Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 19 - The Invincible Dali

Chapter 19: The Invincible Dali

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Regardless of how he behaved, Liu Mingcheng only wanted to gain the upper hand using his words to scare Hong Dali. After all, Hong Dali was known for being weak and sickly, and his parents doted on him. Whoever dared lay a finger on Hong Dali would be sure to disappear into thin air within an hour.

Although Liu Mingcheng’s family background was almost on the same level as Hong Dali’s, laying a finger on him would only cause both families to openly declare war. Hong Weiguo and his wife would not hesitate to make use of their influence to fight the Liu family.

Liu Mingcheng was not the only son of the Liu family. He could not bear the consequences.

Hence, when Hong Dali collapsed, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Quick, look, Young Master Dali has fainted. Liu Mingcheng is doomed now.”

Another classmate said, “Oh, yes, Young Master Dali is known for being sickly. If anything happens to him, his father will definitely kill Liu Mingcheng!”

A third classmate continued, “But I didn’t see Liu Mingcheng touch Hong Dali. Why did he collapse?”

The fourth said, “We all know that Young Master Dali is weak and sickly. After Liu Mingcheng raised his fist, Young Master Dali must have been scared.”

The fifth classmate said, “Um, that must be the case. Liu Mingcheng is in deep trouble now.”

Liu Mingcheng panicked. “Hong Dali, I was just kidding. You, you didn’t really get scared, did you? Quick, say something! Say something!”

Hong Dali lay on the ground, trembling and grabbing his chest. “My heart, you scared me to death! Liu Mingcheng, does your family know that you’re so vicious…”

Hearing Hong Dali, Liu Mingcheng finally calmed down. If Hong Dali had really fainted, he would have to pack up and leave the Liu family. “Dali, I admit, it’s my fault. Are you… okay?” He begged.

Shivering, Hong Dali responded, “My body… My feet gave way. What do you think…”

Liu Mingcheng was almost scared to tears. “Check and see if you are okay. Does it hurt anywhere? Quick, get up!” Hong Dali was known for being weak. To collapse like this, he was almost useless.

Hong Dali could not get up. He groaned, laying on the floor. “My elbow… My hip bone… My knee…” Hong Dali felt himself for injuries as he spoke and groaned everywhere he touched. Every time he groaned, Liu Mingcheng would frown. It seemed like Hong Dali had hurt himself when he had collapsed. Liu Mingcheng was in trouble this time.

The surrounding classmates were shocked. It seemed really serious. Once his parents found out, they would be stomping into school any minute.

After Hong Dali groaned and groaned, he finally concluded, “Aye, it doesn’t hurt anywhere…”

“Why did you groan if it doesn’t hurt!” Liu Mingcheng finally felt a sense of relief. It was like he had just taken a roller coaster, his heart was beating so fast. “Stop eliminating the places it doesn’t hurt. Quick, get up! Since it doesn’t hurt, quick, get up and see if you can still move?”

“Try?” Hong Dali circled the floor using his left shoulder. “I… can move…”

Liu Mingcheng was on the verge of breaking down. “I asked you to stand up and walk, not move around on the floor like this! I beg of you, please, stand up. I admit I was wrong. Will you please get up first?”

Ji Zhiruo, who was standing behind Hong Dali, could not take it any longer. This little girl was clearly on Hong Dali’s side. She stood in front of Hong Dali, protecting him, and shouted: “What’s the hurry? Don’t you know Young Master Dali is weak? How could he get up so quickly after he collapsed in this manner? Can you be responsible if anything happens to him if he stands up too quickly?”

That was good! Hong Dali groaned while laying on the floor. He looked up and…Um, white.

This girl is still protecting me at a moment like this… not bad. Hong Dali continued complaining, “I could walk, but why does my hip bone start hurting? Aye, it’s hot…”

Liu Mingcheng was almost going berserk. “You bruised it while circling on the floor just now!”

“Ah… is that true…” Hong Dali groaned, trembling. “Aye, I fell really hard today. I… Why can’t I stand up? Aye, I feel giddy…”

“You, stop scaring me! Should I rush you to the hospital?” Liu Mingcheng clearly freaked out, begging. “How about you tell me what you want me to do? I’ll do it if I can.” Tang Muxin might be important, but it was clearly more important to keep his position as the second master of the Liu family. Without this status, there would be nothing he could do in the future.

“Really? Anything?” Hong Dali continued to convulse on the floor, scaring everyone.

“Yes, I’ll agree. I’ll agree to anything you say!” Liu Mingcheng was desperate. “Quick, get up, Big Brother Dali! I’ll treat you as my elder brother. Will that do?”

“I have nothing to say, then…” Hong Dali hung his head low, his arms trembling. “Aye, I was rushing this morning and forgot to take my pocket money. I won’t have any money to squander today…”

“I’ll give you the money!” Liu Mingcheng quickly took out a card from his pocket. “This is my pocket money for the week. There’s about 500,000 yuan on it. The password is 123456. I’ll give you this card, will that do?”

“Really…? You’ll give it to me?” Hong Dali signaled Ji Zhiruo to accept the card. “I feel much better now, though my leg is numb. I hear that the car you drive usually is quite good…”

Liu Mingcheng fished out his car key. “I’ll give you the car too, will that do? Brother Dali, my real big brother, please get up, I beg of you!” If Hong Dali continued lying on the floor, if the news got to Hong Dali’s parents, it would be over for him.

“Ah, really? Thank you…” Hong Dali waved at Ji Zhiruo. “Zhiruo, will you help me up? I’ll see if I’m okay, and…”

“Oh, okay, please be careful…” Ji Zhiruo pulled Hong Dali up with her delicate hand. Liu Mingcheng couldn’t care less about others now and hurriedly helped Hong Dali up.

When Hong Dali finally stood up, he only said, “Aye, okay, I think I’m okay…”

“Good, good, as long as you’re okay!” Liu Mingcheng used his gift for sprinting and ran off in a jiffy.

Watching him run off, Hong Dali sniffed and swept the dirt off of himself. He was overjoyed. “Going against me? Even if you drove a Penz, I’d make sure you leave in a bicycle!”

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