Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 20 - Mayor Jiang’s Classic Name-Calling

Chapter 20: Mayor Jiang’s Classic Name-Calling

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Hong Dali set off to class with Ji Zhiruo after he scared Liu Mingcheng off. As they walked, Hong Dali put the card that Liu Mingcheng had given him in Ji Zhiruo’s hands and laughed. “You can have this. Thank you for speaking up for me just now.”

Ji Zhiruo’s family was worth tens of millions, after all. Why else would she be in the most expensive private school? Even though her family background was good, it could not be compared to Hong Dali’s family. Five hundred thousand yuan was not a small amount to her. Shocked, her face turned red. “Young Master Dali, I can’t accept this!”

“Just accept it, stop talking.” This amount might be a big matter to others, but it was nothing to Hong Dali. It was equivalent to his pocket money for a day. Hong Dali still had to depend on Ji Zhiruo’s help in the future. “Oh yes, can you drive? Help me drive Liu Mingcheng’s car to the front gate after school today. I will get my lackeys to take care of my loot properly.” He handed over Liu Mingcheng’s car key to Ji Zhiruo.

“O… okay…” Ji Zhiruo did not wish to accept the money, but she didn’t want to go against Hong Dali’s wishes. She gently asked, “Young Master Dali, are you really okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine! What could be wrong?” Hong Dali’s health stats had already grown to 45 points. It might not be as good as normal people, but he had been prepared when he fell; hence, there were no issues at all.

As they walked on, Hong Dali occasionally stole glances at Ji Zhiruo.

This young lady wasn’t as pretty as Tang Muxin, nor was she on par with Ling Xiaoyi, but she was superior in terms of temperament and gentleness. It was not bad to have a classmate like this.

The most important thing now, of course, was understanding which class he was in. That was an easy task with Ji Zhiruo’s help.

Soon, they arrived outside the death class, year 2, class 14. From afar, Hong Dali could hear the ruckus from the classroom. That was nothing, though. What attracted his attention was Tang Muxin waiting outside the classroom for him.

Hong Dali stuffed his bag into Ji Zhiruo’s hands. “Go in first. Help me with my school bag too.” Hong Dali might not know where he was sitting, but he was witty enough. By going in later, his bag would be at his seat already.

“Um, okay, I’ll go in first, then.” Ji Zhiruo carried the bag that was worth tens of thousands and was made from crocodile skin. “Young Master Dali, do be careful when you come in. The floor is scattered with things. Be sure not to fall.”

“Okay, I understand.” Hong Dali walked to Tang Muxin after sending Ji Zhiruo off. “You came here for me?”

Tang Muxin looked Hong Dali over from head to toe, and when she spoke, her tone was gentler than usual. “Dali, I heard that you collapsed just now. I got worried, so I came here. Are you okay?” She looked Hong Dali over again.

This girl was always so conscious about her relationship with him, so he was surprised. “I thought you couldn’t bear the sight of me. Why would you come here of your own accord?”

Tang Muxin was conscious of their relationship and was rarely so mild-mannered when she was with him. Coming all the way here to show her concern, Hong Dali had not expected this at all.

Tang Muxin looked around to make sure there was no one around. Embarrassed, she replied, “Who… who is taking the initiative? I was just thinking that, no matter what… I’m your fiancée, and you have always been sickly. I was afraid you had hurt yourself…”

To think that Tang Muxin was worried for him. Hong Dali never blamed Tang Muxin for treating him in this manner.

Hong Dali was a prodigal, while Tang Muxin was like a goddess who was good at everything, studies being something she excelled in. If she had been in a hurry to marry him, that would have implied that she was with him for his money, and that would be morally wrong.

That was why Hong Dali never got angry with Tang Muxin. Hearing her concern, Hong Dali spoke gently to her in a way he never had. “Thank you for your concern. I’m okay, you don’t have to worry. I feel okay now.” Before long, he returned to his usual self. “Oh yes, I’ve asked for Xiaoyi to take care of the dogs. Let’s go take a look at them tonight? There are Tibetan mastiffs, Chow Chows, Huskies, and Samoyeds. There should be hundreds of them. I intend to squander even more tonight. If there aren’t enough houses, we’ll buy a few more.”

“You… All you know is how to squander!” Tang Muxin’s face was red with anger. “I’m not talking to you. You bought those places and properties just to rear dogs. That’s so maddening!”

Hong Dali couldn’t help but argue with her. “Aye, It’s not such a big deal. The houses are in Tianjing City, after all, which is the capital. It’s not considered much squandering if you treat them as fixed assets. Why are you overreacting? I think I’m not squandering enough!”

Tang Muxin grunted. “Go squander all you want. I’m going back to class!” Her pink and full lips were pouting as she turned and left.

“Was it so scary?” Hong Dali sniffed. “Forget it, I’ll be returning to class first. I need some sleep since I woke up so early today.”

At the same time, in the mayor’s office on level 12 of Tianjing City’s government building.

“Mayor Jiang, my apologies for causing an inconvenience by visiting so early.” Hong Dali’s father, Hong Weiguo, smiled apologetically as he leaned back into the sofa in Mayor Jiang’s office.

Mayor Jiang was about fifty years old and had a square face and bushy eyebrows. He had big eyes and looked like Zhu Shimao, an actor from Earth, where Hong Dali had come from. A single look and one could tell he was a good person, though one might wonder what he was scribbling. Mayor Jiang responded, “Stop kidding, Hong. There’s no need to stand on ceremony when we’re already so close. I’m curious, though, why did you come all the way here to look for me?”

Hong Weiguo sipped his tea, waiting for Mayor Jiang’s secretary to leave. When only he and Mayor Jiang were left in the office, he finally spoke. “It is all because of my prodigal son, Hong Dali.”

“Dali?” Mayor Jiang frowned and curiously asked, “Did something happen to him? That shouldn’t be the case; you don’t look it. Generally, you wouldn’t kick up a fuss because of his squandering.”

“I wouldn’t usually, but it’s different this time.” Hong Weiguo replied warmly. “This prodigal went ahead and bought some properties near Ye Lai Xiang west of Four Loops. He said he wants to rear some dogs.”

Shocked, Mayor Jiang stopped writing. “Dali bought houses to rear dogs? What did he buy?”

Hong Weiguo shrugged. “Properties worth 3.3 million yuan, deducting his squandering, valued at about 3 million.”

“F*ck!” Mayor Jiang cursed, completely different from his usual calmness.

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