Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 21 - Neither Predecessors nor Successors

Chapter 21: Neither Predecessors nor Successors

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Mayor Jiang was a composed person most of the time. Seldom did he show any sign of surprise.

Hong Weiguo was surprised. “Old Jiang, you aren’t so easily alarmed normally. Even though Dali bought quite a large number of estates, it isn’t something you should be so surprised about. What’s the real reason?”

Mayor Jiang put down his pen and leaned against his chair’s backrest. He didn’t directly answer Hong Weiguo’s question but instead asked, “Let’s put that aside for now. Old Hong, although Dali bought quite a number of estates, I don’t think that’s the reason you are here to see me, is it? Tell me, what is your plan?” Hong Weiguo’s foresight in the business industry had always been very accurate. Since he had come to pay a visit to Mayor Jiang today, it definitely wasn’t for a trivial matter.

“Nothing much, actually.” Hong Weiguo smiled and said, “Since Dali likes to play. Thus, as his father, I should cooperate with him. You should know how weak his constitution is. His mother and I can’t bear to either scold or hit him. Luckily, his prodigal actions this time are actually worth something. I plan to cooperate with him. Since he wants to play, I might as well give him some aid and purchase all the land in the fourth loop.”

Hong Weiguo paused, lightly held up the teacup, and took a sip of tea before he continued, “I plan to invest another one to three hundred million yuan to develop the land surrounding Ye Lai Xiang. I’m basically just doing a risky investment and seeing how the profits turn out. Old Jiang, what do you think?”

With Hong Weiguo’s wealth, investing one or two hundred million yuan to test the waters in real estate really meant nothing to him.

But Mayor Jiang’s face totally changed. His expression solemn, he said, “Old Hong, regarding this issue, I think that you should really thank your child Dali.”

Hong Weiguo’s curiosity was aroused by Mayor Jiang’s words. “Oh, why is that? Could it be that my house’s prodigal Dali did the right thing in buying these estates?”

Mayor Jiang gave a bitter smile and said, “In the past, I didn’t believe in fate, but now it seems that I have no choice but to believe in it.” Upon saying that, he stood up, took out a document from the bookcase behind him, and said, “Take a look at this and you will understand what I mean.”

“What are you acting so mysterious for?” Hong Weiguo received the document. When he briskly browsed through, his eyes immediately lit up. “This… This can’t be? Our country is actually planning to expropriate the fourth loop in preparation for developing it into a special economic zone!?”

“They have the intention of doing this, but the proper policy has yet to be passed down. Regardless of that, do you know how much this document is worth alone!?” Mayor Jiang slowly sat down and said in a solemn manner, “With our relationship, I should have informed you of this, but the government has yet to officialize this policy. Therefore, I decided to keep it a secret for now. I’m not exaggerating when I say that in Tianjing City, not more than ten people know of this document.” Having said this, Mayor Jiang took in a deep breath. “I never expected this, but judging from the current situation, your Dali has quite the luck on his side. Or should I say that he has inherited the accurate foresight of the Hong family?”

“This prodigal.” Hong Dali’s father laughed loudly. “I didn’t expect him to open up the situation so coincidently. The government is planning to expropriate the land for the development of an economic zone. There are many prospects to be made if my family can obtain the contract for developing the land.”

If the government did indeed expropriate the land for the development of an economic zone, that basically implied that this land had the best location in an area of rapid economic growth. Although things had yet to be finalized, as long as he had the documents to show, the value of this piece of land would without a doubt be immediately doubled.

Mayor Jiang sat on the turnabout chair, smiled, and said, “Sigh, to be honest, I used to pity you. But now I envy you. Maybe your Dali really is prosperous. He gets born into a good family and has parents who deeply dote on him. Even though he frequently squanders, he has managed to earn a few hundred million yuan just this time alone. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a person. He can be said to have neither predecessors nor successors in being such a prodigal.”

Upon hearing Mayor Jiang’s words, Hong Dali’s father felt unprecedented happiness. “Hahaha, that’s definitely a quality he must possess. He’s my son, after all!” He laughed loudly. “Looks like today’s trip wasn’t in vain. I managed to get such precious information. All right then, I will invest two to three hundred million yuan in buying out that land as soon as possible. We will play with it and see what the results are.”

“Yep, remember to keep this matter a secret. After all, it hasn’t been entirely finalized yet.” Mayor Jiang reminded him.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Hong Weiguo said. “I’m not willing to have any competitors. OK, I’m heading back now. Time waits for no one. I have to make arrangements as soon as possible. Speaking of which, it is a good thing that I can use Dali as an excuse to purchase those lands. No one will even have a chance to be suspicious, haha!”

When Hong Weiguo was delightfully exiting the Mayor’s office, Hong Dali was happily taking a nap in class…

Previously, he had asked Ji Zhiruo to bring in his bag first. Therefore, when Hong Dali entered the classroom, he easily found his seat. He then started napping with his head on the table without any further ado—He was actually pretending to be asleep so that he could ignore the classmates around him. In the meantime, he was gathering information from what he heard to figure out the names of his classmates and their relationships with him.

For example, the guy beside him was Qin Lebang. He was a gaming enthusiast who spent most of his time gaming. The girl sitting in front of him was Kong Wanbai. Her hobby was dressing up, understanding the newest fashion trends, and so on.

With his family background and status, none of the teachers dared to speak a word about Hong Dali sleeping in class. They even went to the extent of asking the other classmates to lower their volume so as not to interrupt his sleep. Thus, when school ended at noon, Hong Dali had already roughly grasped the situation and information of the entire class.

There were a total of 42 people in the death class: 18 males and 24 females. Broadly speaking, the class was split into two factions.

The leader of the male faction was Fang Yucheng. His family was the owner of four steel mines near Tianjing City and had assets worth over 500 million yuan. He was a standard nouveau riche who spent his money extravagantly and had a lot of supporters. The leader of the female faction was Ding Yunmeng. Her family had built an empire from real estate and had a net worth of about 600 million yuan. Using words from his previous life, she behaved casually around people and could be described as a tomboy. She was the optimal choice to have a brotherly relationship with.

Additionally, Hong Dali also vaguely heard about an important piece of news. The news was that there was a girl with the nickname “Blood Concubine” who rarely came to class. However, she was the unofficial leader of not only the entire class but the entire school as well. Her background was a mystery. It was said that every time she appeared, blood would be shed. Numerous guys’ heads had been beaten by her until they bled, hence the name “Blood Concubine.”

With regards to this violent type of girl, Hong Dali only wished to be as far away from her as possible. Even though his health attribute had been raised to 45, it was still quite far off from that of an average person.

He did not plan to die an early death.

Those were the important pieces of information that Hong Dali spent the whole afternoon gathering. Then, it was time for a happy lunch break…

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