Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 22 - I Just Want to Hear It

Chapter 22: I Just Want to Hear It

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Resolved to be a god-level prodigal, figuring out where to squander in this short one-hour lunch break was a serious problem.

Clearly, the canteen was not sufficient. Hong Dali did not intend to buy the whole school lunch at this moment. After thinking about it, he decided to leave school and have a good lunch outside—being a prodigal, it would be too cheap to eat just outside the school. Hence, Hong Dali called for his lackeys to send him to the hotel he had just bought the day before to have lunch. That would suit his status.

The cost of fuel for the journey was not on his mind at all.

He would do it, as he had set his mind on it. Once the lunch bell rang, Hong Dali packed up his things and set off. He had only one hour and twenty minutes, after all.

Leaving the classroom, Hong Dali was shocked to see Tang Muxin waiting outside the classroom. “Aye, why is my Xinxin taking so much initiative today? This doesn’t seem like what you’d do. Unless…” Hong Dali looked left and right. No one was there. “Unless my Xinxin has finally gotten into the role of becoming my fiancée?”

“I have not!” Tang Muxin did not understand why she got so worked up every time she saw Hong Dali. “I just wanted to see how you were and have lunch with you at the same time!” Based on her haughtiness, Tang Muxin would never have asked Hong Dali out for lunch, but her father had just called and told her that the Hong family had transferred the emergency funds to his accounts.

Hence, considering their relationship, Tang Muxin felt she should treat Hong Dali better, regardless of how unwilling she was.

But that was how it was in this world. If she were not nice, she could have ignored Hong Dali. Tang Muxin was a kind girl. From a young age, she had believed that if others were nice to her, she would try her best to be nice to others. No matter how reluctant she was, that was why she had taken the initiative to approach Hong Dali.

Hong Dali did not care about the small stuff. He had no bad intentions toward Tang Muxin either. Perhaps squabbling was also a way of getting along with each other. Hong Dali snapped his fingers. “How about this. Let’s go out for lunch.” To be seen with a pretty lady, that would look good for a super squanderer.

“Okay.” Tang Muxin agreed reluctantly. “Where are we going?”

“Need you ask? Ye Lai Xiang, of course.” Hong Dali took the lead. “To be a super squanderer, if I don’t travel a few kilometers for lunch, I’d be letting those who know me down!”

Tang Muxin chose to keep quiet this time, but her thoughts were reflected on her facial expressions: It is such a disgrace, being seen with this prodigal…

At the school gate, Ji Zhiruo was waiting. Seeing Hong Dali walk toward her, she welcomed him, whispering. “Young Master Dali, I have driven Liu Mingcheng’s car here. It is parked over there.” She pointed at the car.

Looking in the direction Ji Zhiruo was pointing, Hong Dali saw an orange-yellow sports car parked on the side of a wide road. It had a streamlined body, a low chassis, a shiny golden trident on its hood, and wings on each side of the car. Hong Dali was not too sure of the brand or its value, but it sure didn’t look cheap.

Hong Dali turned around and asked Tang Muxin, “Xinxin, Liu Mingcheng said he’d give this car to me, but I’m too lazy to drive it. Why don’t you take it?”

Tang Muxin shook her head. “I’m not touching anything of his. I won’t take it even if I die!”

“I’m just kidding.” Hong Dali laughed and waved at the lackeys standing from afar. “Hey, come here!”

The lackeys had seen Hong Dali come out from the school gate, but they hadn’t dared to approach as Ji Zhiruo had been there too. They hadn’t dared to disturb Hong Dali and Ji Zhiruo. They came running when they saw Hong Dali waving to them. “Yes, Master, what do you need?”

Hong Dali picked at his nose. “Go ahead and look for some bricks, steel pipes, and hammers, then hurry back. Be quick, I’m a little hungry.”

“Yes, Master.” The three lackeys ran off promptly, leaving six female lackeys waiting beside Hong Dali.

Ling Xiaoyi asked curiously, “Young Master, this is…”

“Need you ask? I’m squandering, of course,” Hong Dali continued naturally.

Soon, the three lackeys came running back carrying two heavy hammers and one thick steel pipe. They stood at attention. “Young Master, did someone bully you? We’ll go break his legs!” It was quite a scene, seeing a few lackeys talk about breaking someone’s legs.

“Nobody bullied me.” Hong Dali pointed at Liu Mingcheng’s luxury sports car. “Smash this car. Break it into pieces. Nobody wants this piece of crap anyway. Um, yes, be careful not to cause it to explode…”

Gasp! Tang Muxin was speechless. Ji Zhiruo was speechless too. So were Ling Xiaoyi and the other lackeys.

Ji Zhiruo was a little more daring, being Hong Dali’s classmate, and jumped in to persuade him. “Young Master Dali, this is a Poseidon. One of these costs 700,000 yuan. Isn’t it a pity to wreck it just like that?”

“I know.” Hong Dali looked at Ji Zhiruo, expressionless. “I’m too lazy to wreck it since it costs only 700,000 yuan… I just want to hear it.” He turned and looked at the three lackeys. “Wreck it!”

“Yes, Master!” In Hong Dali’s house earlier, his mother, Queen Lan Ruoxi, had instructed the lackeys to follow Hong Dali’s every instruction. Even if there were a fire pit in front of them, as long as Hong Dali wanted them to jump, they had to jump in. Now, he was just asking them to wreck a car, so they did not hesitate at all.

Bang, bang, bang, smash, smash, smash, boom, boom, boom! The three lackeys swung the hammers in their hands and started wrecking the 740,000-yuan Poseidon. A loud crash resounded in the air as the windows broke into pieces. Within minutes, the car looked like bags of rice being trampled by wild boars. It did not at all look the way it had looked before.

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