Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: What If It Turned Out True?

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Liu Qingyu kept the bowl, and after hearing Shen Anan’s reminder, her mind drifted to the past.

Mr. Zhou was a well-known economist in the country and had written several books that became a popular teaching material abroad and within the country. Ever since Mr. Zhou had retired from Beijing University last year, wealthy families invited him as a speaker for their predecessor training.

It was just that Su Huiqing was so ignorant and incompetent that Mr. Zhou kicked her out of the class within half a day.

Mr. Zhou had a warm personality, and yet he got terribly angry that he chased Su Huiqing out of his class.

One could tell how dumb Su Huiqing was!

Thinking about that, Liu Qingyu heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone in the Su Family was no mediocre, but everything just seemed different when it came to Su Huiqing. She was nothing like the members of the Su Family—be it looks, intelligence, or even plotting techniques. She was basically out of place with the upper class in modern societies.

Rumors also spread that Su Huiqing and Shen Anan were swapped as children. Otherwise, why would there be such a stark difference between them?

“Mom, we should be wary of Su Ruohua and Old Master Su, not her.” Shen Anan raised her head to look out of the window while her lips curled up to form a smirk.

If it wasn’t because both of them were so protective of Su Huiqing, she would have finished her off long ago.

Hence, Shen Anan did not take her seriously.

Liu Qingyu nodded her head. After a while, she suddenly recalled something. In a soft voice, she said, “I heard that they invited teachers from the International Association for the training classes this time. Your father took painstaking efforts to reserve a seat for you, so you must perform well during lessons.”

“What did you say?” Shen Anan froze and raised her head to face Liu Qingyu. In a bewildered tone of voice, she asked, “The International Association?!”

“That’s right. The International Association.” Liu Qingyu was also aware of what the International Association entailed. If she was not sure of the news, she would not have dared inform Shen Anan. “Anan, you must seize this opportunity. Those who came from the International Association are not people with modest backgrounds. If you manage to catch their liking, no one in the whole of Green City would dare belittle you ever again. Even Old Master Su would think highly of you. When that happens, you could have everything you ever wanted. My dad and I are pinning our hopes on you.”

Hearing her mother’s words, Shen Anan’s gaze clouded, but she quickly regained her composure.

She held Liu Qingyu’s hands and said in a determined tone of voice, “Don’t worry. I will perform well during lessons.”

Her daughter had always been more outstanding than others since she was young, and Liu Qingyu had always been proud of that face. She felt much better after hearing her daughter’s assurance.

Who could be more outstanding than her daughter in the whole of Green City?

“But your wounds…” Liu Qingyu looked at Shen Anan’s elbow and her eyes became clouded with hate. “Su Huiqing! That wretch!”

“I am fine.” Shen Anan shook her head while her eyes glowed. “This would be my first stepping stone towards fame. Su Huiqing… I will make sure she understands that the predecessor training classes aren’t a place where worthless people like her could attend just because she wanted to!”

The following day. The Su Residences.

Su Lun woke up early in the morning and sat down on the sofa. Uncle Chen served him his cup of tea as per usual.

“Where’s Su Huiqing?” Su Lun flipped a page of his newspaper. Upon seeing that Su Huiqing wasn’t downstairs, he could not help but furrow his eyebrows. He harshly threw the newspaper onto the table. “This wasn’t what she promised me yesterday!”

Uncle Chen’s eyebrows twitched. He was very aware of Missy’s habits and he immediately consoled, “Old Master, please don’t be angry. Missy was still a little feverish yesterday.”

“Is getting sick an excuse?” Su Lun became angrier. “Shen Anan’s arm is broken and yet, she still insists on going to the predecessor training, while she is just having a fever. Could it be any worse than a broken arm?”

“Old Master, Missy…”

“You spoil her too much!” Su Lun glared at him before standing up. “Prepare me a cup of water. I will go and see why that brat isn’t up yet…”

He was just talking about her when he suddenly stopped and looked at the door, stumped.

Uncle Chen was confused as to why the Old Master would suddenly stop talking. So he followed his gaze, and he ended up in a shock as well.

A slender figure stood at the door as she sauntered towards them. She had tied her long black hair into a ponytail which accentuated her exquisite and delicate features. Even her lips were curled up to a casual smile, too. The golden rays of the sun cast a faint shadow on the ground, and although the rays that shone on her weren’t that strong, the butler and the Old Master felt like she looked especially striking in it!

Su Huiqing reached out to take off her jacket. Holding the jacket with two fingers, she raised her head, only to see Su Lun and Uncle Chen looking at her. She tilted her head and gave a light chuckle. “Good morning grandpa and Uncle Chen.”

“Good… Good morning.” Su Lun stood frozen on the ground.

It was not until Su Huiqing had walked up the stairs that he finally snapped out of his trance. “S—she woke up so early in the morning?”

“Old Master.” Even the maid who served her a glass of milk felt like someone had ripped her soul out of her body. It had been a brief moment when she snapped back to her senses. “Missy woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go for her morning jog.”

‘Morning jog?’

‘Missy Su went for a morning jog?!’

Even after his breakfast, Su Lun still was in a trance.

Su Huiqing reached out to take her bag, which Uncle Chen prepared for her. With one hand in her pocket, she wore a casual smile on her face before preparing to leave the house.

“Qingqing, give me a minute.” Su Lun finally regained his composure and raised his head to stop her.

Su Huiqing turned around to face Su Lun.

Su Lun glanced at her. In a sincere tone of voice, he said, “Qingqing, I don’t need you to be exceptionally good. Just look at Shen Anan and Mingxi, especially Shen Anan. Mr. Zhou praised her and that investment proposal of hers was simply brilliant! I don’t need you to excel in the business area, but if you could catch up to at least 10-20% percent of Shen Anan’s capabilities, that would already satisfy me.”

Su Huiqing smiled. “Don’t worry, grandpa. I will be better than them.”

“Better than them?” Su Lun glanced at her. “You are quite a confident person. I would thank the heavens if you could match up to 20% of Shen Anan’s capabilities and yet, you are telling me that you would be better than them? Aren’t you scared that your nose would grow long if you lie!”

Su Huiqing had already heard Su Ruohua say this to her before, so she remained as calm as ever.

She casually popped a chewing gum into her mouth. “What if it turns out that way?”

“Just look at yourself.” Su Lun gave her a look of despise. “How can it be?”

Yu Xiangyang walked in and heard Old Master Su’s words. He stopped in his tracks and silently looked towards Su Lun.

‘Old Master Su, you might not believe me, but she ain’t lying!’

At the predecessor training camp, Zhang Mingxi got out of his car with a sour expression. Shen Anan was waiting for him at a corner with a cast on her arm.

“Brother Mingxi, what happened?” Looking at his sour expression, Shen Anan became a little worried. “Things did not go your way last night?”

“There are some problems, but it’s okay.” Upon hearing Shen Anan’s voice, Zhang Mingxi’s expression softened. Anan was poised, gentle, and smart. She was so talented in the business world that she might even surpass him. She amazed him in many ways.

But why wasn’t his fiance Anan, but that useless piece of trash, Su Huiqing?

Upon thinking about it, Zhang Mingxi felt more depressed. He must break off this engagement! He clenched his fists and his gaze darkened.


Just then, a white car stopped not too far away from them.

The car door opened.

A figure lazily got out of the car.

Zhang Mingxi widened his eyes in surprise upon recognizing the figure.

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