Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Just An Arrogant Brat

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“You beat… God Jiu?!” Yu Xiangyang swallowed his saliva.

Su Huiqing took out a pack of chewing gum. Upon hearing Yu Xiangyang’s words, she turned around and narrowed her eyes. “Is there a problem?”

‘Is there a problem? Of course, there’s a problem!’

‘You beat Su Jiu, a car racer who had raced at the International Association before for goodness’ sake!’

Racers from the International Association were talented people, and it was no easy feat that Su Jiu could enter the association solely through his abilities.

After all, people associated with the International Association were considered as the best of the best in their field.

What about Su Huiqing? She was so bad at studying and was a good-for-nothing. In other words, she was just a dumb person who could not even understand financial reports.

Yet, she beat God Jiu… so easily?!

Forget about winning. How could she even remain so calm after beating him? Was she even aware of what she had done?

Yu Xiangyang’s mind completely shut down after receiving a shock after another.

Su Huiqing took a glance at Yu Xiangyang and shrugged her shoulders. She thought otherwise. The thing she did wasn’t exactly that extraordinary in her opinion, and instead, she felt dissatisfied. After trying out her ability on the track, she felt that some movements she made seemed a little uncoordinated.

When she was racing at the International Association in the past, even the best racer had to bow down to her.

Her performance just now was miles away from her performance when she was at her prime. Thus, she felt that her win earlier on was nothing much.

People were overreacting.

“Young Master Chu sought for you?” Yu Xiangyang finally found his voice again after falling into a daze.

Su Huiqing leaped over the railing and opened Yu Xiangyang’s car door. In a casual voice, she replied, “Probably.”

Did she just say probably?!

Yu Xiangyang felt that the girl in front of him became more and more of a different person at each passing moment. They were talking about Chu Xuning, for goodness’ sake! He was a top-notch politician in the whole Green City who would not even show his face to just anybody. Even members from wealthy families might not even have the chance to meet him. And yet, she had the audacity to tell Young Master Chu that she was not interested in him? ‘Missy Su, what are you trying to do?’

“May I know what you are interested in, then?” Yu Xiangyang asked with determination.

“The only thing in my mind is studying.” Su Huiqing rested her hand on the car window and looked out with a raised brow. “Hop on! Unless you don’t want to leave this place.”

Someone who had ranked last in their level said that she loved to study? What a joke! Yu Xiangyang rolled his eyes. However, upon meeting eyes with her, his heart skipped a beat. He immediately sat on the front passenger seat, and he quickly said to the chauffeur, “Start the car.”

The chauffeur was still in a daze.

Su Huiqing spun the phone in her hands, but the car still did not leave.

She turned around and used her phone to tap the car door a few times, and that frightened the chauffeur. He immediately started the car.

“She left just like that?!” Chu Xuning looked at his subordinate and his pupils constricted. “Are you sure?”

Other than that arrogant brat from the Su Family whom he saw this afternoon, there was another person who would leave after knowing who he was?

Chu Xuning lit a cigarette and broke into a smile. “What about the photograph?”

The man dressed in a black suit lowered his head in guilt. “She deleted it, too.”

Once both of them heard it, Yu Shijin, who was leaning against the window, suddenly raised his head. One could see a hint of elegance from his facial expression while his pitch-black eyes looked especially sharp. He looked at Chu Xuning and gave a few light taps on the window. In a deep voice, he said, “Find her.”

Chu Xuning licked his lips and a spark flickered in his eyes. “I didn’t know that there was such an ace in Green City.”

It was Yu Shijin who had brought along the man dressed in the black suit with him, and the man was from the International Association. If Chu Xuning were to fight him, he might not be able to beat the man. If it wasn’t because they needed to catch an international fugitive, these men would have not followed them to Green City.

Little did they know that a stranger could actually beat them down and even have their photographs deleted.

The stranger definitely did not have a simple background. Considering her skills, they could only find such a talent at the International Association. At least, not in Green City. Thus, he had to find her!

Yu Shijin did not speak any further, only sitting by the window while looking past it with his pitch-black eyes.

After a moment, Chu Xuning came in with a few pieces of paper in his hand. He passed the paper to Yu Shijin with a stern expression. “We have searched all the surveillance cameras here and that person avoided all of it. This is not a coincidence.”

“Who is the organizer of this event?” Yu Shijin suddenly asked.

“Now that you’ve mentioned that, things are pretty unfortunate for the Zhang Family.” Chu Xuning gave a light chuckle. Although he seemed to pity the Zhang Family, his face was void of expression. “They especially invited Su Jiu so they could win the bid, but a racing guru suddenly came into the picture. Zhang Mingxi will cry real bad…”

Once the car reached the Su Residences, Su Huiqing hopped out. But she was not aware of the happenings inside their house.

She was about to sneak into her house when she suddenly remembered something. She took a few steps back and stopped beside Yu Xiangyang.

She stood there with one hand in her pocket and another holding her phone. She wore a faint smile and lowered her eyelids. In a deep voice, she said, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened tonight, do you understand?”

After that, she stuffed her phone into her pocket and walked away without hearing his reply. Under Yu Xiangyang’s watchful gaze, she supported herself with one hand and easily leaped over the wall.

Yu Xiangyang wiped his face and looked at the chauffeur beside him. “Say, chauffeur, don’t the Su Residences have electric grids on their walls?”

Even if they didn’t have electric grids, they should at least have alarms.

But why did everything seem like displays when it came to her?!

“Do you remember what she said?” Something came to You Xiangyang’s mind. “Don’t tell anyone about what happened tonight.”

“I know.” The chauffeur vigorously nodded his head, seemingly unable to hide the excitement in his eyes. “I will keep it a secret.”

With his back leaned against his chair, he touched his chest and could not calm down even after a long time.

Su Jiu.

They treated him like a god in everyone’s eyes. For a long time, no one in the country could surpass him.

However, Su Huiqing easily defeated him by a big margin earlier on!

Those beautiful yet risky turns and drifts she did re-played on the screen…

Even if it was Su Jiu, he probably would not be able to complete it so beautifully, like the way she did.

But Su Huiqing did it, not to mention her casual attitude about all of it. Was she unaware of how big of a scene she would make after defeating Su Jiu?

‘Useless? Dumb?’

Yu Xiangyang could not help but bury his face in his hands. If she was useless, would there even be geniuses in this world?

He even pointed his finger at her nose and looked down on her earlier on! Oh my gosh…

Even if Shen Anan were to stand next to her, Su Huiqing would outshine her. It even seemed that she did not take the well known, so-called genius of Green City that seriously.

After returning to her room, Su Huiqing massaged her shoulders and could not help but sigh. She walked into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water. She then placed her jade pendant into the bathtub before taking off her clothes. She lay in the bathtub with her slender and fair legs hanging on the bathtub’s edge.

She accidentally found this jade pendant while she was on a mission. It was a very mysterious piece of jade. However, even until that moment, she knew nothing much about the jade’s abilities. One of the abilities she knew was it could improve one’s physique.

In the past, her body was comparable to that of a robot. She was nothing like her current self—weak and her body ached easily.

At the hospital.

Liu Qingyu scooped a bowl of soup and gave Shen Anan a look of worry. “Anan, what are we going to do? Your dad said the Su Family’s useless fool will attend the predecessor training again.”

“She can’t even understand simple financial reports. Mr. Zhou was so angry at her that he could not stop scolding her.” Shen Anan took a napkin and wiped her mouth while her eyes flicked with cold mockery. “And yet, she wants to attend the predecessor training? Is she even capable enough to attend it?”

She was a very talented kid, which even Mr. Zhou, who had countless successful disciples, praised her and took her in as his disciple. Su Huiqing was so dumb and arrogant. She was just a pile of mud! Shen Anan did not even take her seriously!

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