Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Ending All Of You is Nothing to Me

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Su Huiqing got down from the car and swung her backpack to her back, and then she casually sized up the place.

She had a pair of pitch-black eyes while her ponytail gently swayed in the wind. Under the sun, her fair face was like a white porcelain jade that brightly sparkled. And as she pursed her thin lips, it induced fanciful thoughts in other’s minds.

Shen Anan glanced at Zhang Mingxi before she turned her attention towards Su Huiqing. Her thin lips moved as though she wanted to speak.


Su Huiqing threw her bag behind her back. With one hand in her pocket, she nonchalantly walked ahead of them.

Her squinted eyes had a hint of sharpness which made others avert their eyes.

The initially dumb woman had such sharp eyes and strong presence that it made Zhang Mingxi’s heart jump in fear.

Behind her, Yu Xiangyang quickly followed up. When he saw Zhang Mingxi and Shen Anan, his footsteps paused momentarily as he recalled the rumors being thrown here and there. But then, he decided to ignore these two people in the end, and he called out, “Missy Su, wait for me!”

The smile on Shen Anan’s lips disappeared as she looked at Yu Xiangyang. She then raised her eyes and looked at Zhang Mingxi, and in a soft tone of voice, she said, “I ended my contract with the Su Family.”

Zhang Mingxi turned his head in a swift motion and his gaze filled with coldness. “Why?”

He knew how remarkable Shen Anan’s proposal was since Su Lun and Mr. Zhou were all praise for it. Even he could not come up with such a proposal as quickly as she did!

Her proposal made Su Lun struck with admiration, yet they broke off the contract?!

The only reason he could think of was Su Huiqing.

“Auntie Su said big sister did not approve of me working at the Su Corporation. You have seen it, too. She has always disliked me.” Shen Anan tried to keep up a calm pretense, yet her smile was stiff. “Isn’t the world always like this? Those with power and authority will always be the big-shots.”

This sentence shattered the fanciful thoughts that Zhang Mingxi had of Su Huiqing earlier on, and his eyes became clouded with disgust once again.

Only Su Huiqing could make the Su Family end their contract with Shen Anan. He initially thought that Su Huiqing, that dumb woman, would at least know her place. But he never expected that she would be so loathsome and even do things such as breaking up the contract!

Zhang Mingxi smirked. It was a pity for her to have such a beautiful face!

Su Huiqing was digging her own grave!

A mocking and cold glint flashed past Zhang Mingxi’s eyes. “Old Master Su is dumb as well. It’s good that your contract ended since you could always come to our Zhang Corporation. Anyway, the Shen Corporation will be yours in the future and you will have a part in the Su Corporation, too. Su Huiqing? She is a just clown and is not worth your anger or sadness.”

Su Huiqing entered the training room and her eyes scanned her surroundings. There were around twenty seats, and she had her eyes on the last row.

After she had placed her bag down, she sat on the chair and carelessly leaned against it.


The initially noisy training class entered a state of silence in an instant.

Most heirs in Green City were familiar with each other, but it was the first time they’ve seen the girl who sat at their back. They all looked at each other in blank dismay.

Another stunning and beautiful woman!

Shen Anan, the beauty that everyone acknowledged, could not compare to this woman’s prosperous beauty.

It was only when Yu Xiangyang sat beside her did these people come back to their senses. A person leaned on Yu Xiangyang’s table and his eyes fully sized up Su Huiqing. “Young Master Yu, aren’t you going to introduce us to the person beside you?”

Yu Xiangyang pulled out his books upon hearing what they had to say. He then raised his head and pulled a smile that had a hint of darkness to it. “Oh, she? She is Missy Su, Su Huiqing. What’s wrong? She just changed her hairstyle and none of you could recognize her anymore?”

‘Su Huiqing?’ That person froze in an instant.

‘How could that be!’

This was how most people reacted since most of them were aware of Su Huiqing’s image. She was a vulgar, ugly bum; while her mother, Madam Su, was a beauty in Green City. She was way too far from Madam Su, and her vulgar personality had been etched deeply in the public’s mind.

So how could this lively beauty be Su Huiqing?!

“Su Huiqing.” At that moment, someone pushed the door open and spoke in a stern, deep voice laced with coldness.

That person was Zhang Mingxi. With an inconsolable disdain, he shot a sharp gaze at Su Huiqing.

Everyone in the training class went strangely silent in an instant.

“You still dare to attend the training class?!” Zhang Mingxi walked to Su Huiqing in large strides and stared at her with an oppressive gaze. The smile on his lips was cold and sarcastic. “Have you not hurt us enough? I heard that the tutor this time is from the International Association, are you trying to chase him away, too?!”

After he had spoken this sentence, the atmosphere in the class had a drastic change.

At first, everyone realized that this person was Su Huiqing.

Next, they suddenly recalled the incident that happened before.

Yu Xiangyang nervously darted his eyes left and right and saw the others’ gazes change as well.

They looked at Su Huiqing with disdain—similar to that of Zhang Mingxi.

The main reason for what had happened before was Su Huiqing had utterly disgusted their tutors because of how stupid she was. The last tutor they had, Mr. Zhou, was good-tempered, but Su Huiqing’s stupidity angered him. He almost left Green City, and after that incident, he never taught again!

If it wasn’t for everyone’s effort to salvage the situation and Mr. Zhou’s reluctance to let go of Shen Anan—who was an outstanding talent—he would not have come back.

This time, the tutor is from the International Association!

The International Association had always been proud of their teaching. If Su Huiqing angered them and left, who could hire them back?

“She angered Professor Zhou before, but if it wasn’t for Anan, Professor Zhou would have left long ago!” A girl shot a cold glare at Su Huiqing. “We can’t let this useless piece of trash enter again!”

“Right, I don’t want to be in the same class as this piece of trash!” A bald young man stood up and took out his phone. With a look of disdain, he shouted, “I’m going to tell my dad to drive this useless piece of trash out of the training class!”

“What is going on? This is an elite training school. How could they agree to let her come in? What kind of right does she have?”

“Since you can’t make it yourself, you want to drag us down, is that it?”


Such words filled the entire classroom and Su Huiqing lowered her eyes as she laughed.

She was really laughing!

Her lips curled up into a devilish smirk.

She tapped her fair fingertips on the table. No one had thrown her looks of disgust before, and instead, everyone vyed to be on the same team as her. Unlike now, people could not even stand to be in the same classroom as her.

It was a fresh experience.

The bald young man had already called. “Hello, dad…”

Su Huiqing immediately stood up. She held a bag of chewing gums in one hand while her other hand snatched the phone from him to end the call.

“You!” The bald young man had a sharp glare. He wanted to snatch his phone back.

Su Huiqing was a little frustrated, so she threw the phone on the table with a loud ‘bang.’ She then held his wrist and casually pinned him against the wall.

“I…” Su Huiqing pinned him with one hand while her other hand peeled off a chewing gum wrapper. “I just want to attend the class in peace. If you don’t provoke me, I won’t provoke you either. It goes the same for that tutor who you say is from the International Association as well.”

“After all…” At that point, her bright face pulled a smile. Her pitch-black eyes, on the other hand, exuded a dangerous, evil intent. “With my skills, ending all of you off is just a casual matter, do you understand?”

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