Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Useless Trash is a Useless Trash

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The whole training grounds for predecessors became dead silent.

Su Huiqing scanned the class once.

Her eyes were black and clear, as though it was as smooth as a brushstroke. She lowered her eyelashes and in that instant, her eyes shone with brilliance and looked harmless.

The sun rays passed through the windows and shone down. As she stood there, a golden ray of light enveloped her, and she even had a calm expression on her face.


The smile on her lips looked so evil, no matter how one looked at it!

“It looks like all of you understood my words.” Su Huiqing moved her gaze away and loosened her grip on him.


The bald young man fell.

Su Huiqing popped the chewing gum into her mouth and walked back to her seat.

She had an indifferent expression.

As if she did not stump everyone.

These people unknowingly even opened up a pathway for her to walk.

No one expected things to end up that way. Was it really Su Huiqing who had moved so fast that no one could even catch a glimpse of her?

They instinctively tried to protest, but the moment they recalled Su Huiqing’s frightening presence, they all backed down.

She really was crazy!

The person in front of them who had such a strong presence was once that useless piece of trash—that one felt dirty with just a glance?!

Zhang Mingxi, who was consumed by his anger, also had second thoughts. Upon staring at Su Huiqing, that strange feeling came back. However, he knew Su Huiqing very well and knew what kind of character she had.

She was like a mud patch in a smelly drain which could never be bleached white!

Hence, after pondering for a moment, he disgustedly retracted his gaze.

At that moment, the clock on the door rang.

A punctual young man donned in casual attire walked in. He was wearing a pair of golden spectacles on his handsome and elegant face.

His looks stumped everyone. They never expected him to be so young.

He was very handsome, too!

“My surname is Xie so everyone can call me Mr. Xie.” He took a glance at everyone and pulled a warm smile. “Before we start our lesson, I would like to test everyone with their knowledge regarding economics.”

With that, he bent down and typed on the keyboard. A question then appeared on the bright screen.

“This is a renowned, difficult economics question. Please write down your answers.”

In the training classroom, everyone lowered their heads in concentration. The nervous students tried to rack their brains to write an outstanding answer to earn Mr. Xie’s favor. Mr. Xie came from the International Association, so he must have a distinguished background!

All of them knew that first impressions were very important!

Then again, since he was from the International Association, of course, his question was difficult to answer.

Most of them bit their pens and racked their brains for ideas, yet they had no idea how to answer it.

Shen Anan only took five minutes to ponder before she wrote down her answers with vigor using her left hand. She had a confident expression on her face, and once everyone saw that very confidence, they sighed in exasperation. The title ‘top achiever’ definitely belonged to her again!

Shen Anan had always been intelligent, and they did not even know where to start being jealous.

Yu Xiangyang also bit his pen in frustration. He started writing only after he had pondered for twenty minutes. When he was halfway on his essay, he suddenly raised his head to look at Su Huiqing.

With a glance, he froze.

Most people were lost in their deep thoughts, even Shen Anan!

However, Su Huiqing just leaned on her chair and did nothing.

She spun the pen with one hand while her other hand twirled her hair locks. She played with it from time to time and even looked bored.

“Missy Su, he’s a tutor from the International Association, can you be more serious?!” Yu Xiangyang took out a blank piece of paper and placed it in front of her. With a helpless expression, he said, “I know you like car racing and that you do not possess an aptitude for subjects like economics. But even if you don’t want to do it, can you at least pretend to be serious for once? After all, if you provoke someone from the International Association, you will drag down the Su Family’s reputation as well!”

Despite the anxious tone, he had a worried look on his face. “If you don’t understand the question, I will explain it to you…”

Suddenly, her slender fingers stopped twirling the pen.

And she pressed the tip of it on the white sheet of paper.

Su Huiqing straightened her body and raised her eyes to look at him. “Okay, I’ll start writing.”

After the words had gone out of her mouth, she raised the pen and wrote two lines of words in less than a minute!

Yu Xiangyang leaned over and saw two lines of crooked symbols.

‘What is this? Are they considered as words?!’

“Missy Su… forget it. You are already being very generous by your willingness to write. I can’t expect too much from you.” Yu Xiangyang sighed. He should have known this would happen. “You don’t even understand the question, anyway.”

Yu Xiangyang’s voice was very low and deep, but Shen Anan and Zhang Mingxi, who sat not far away, heard it.

Shen Anan looked at Zhang Mingxi, and she saw the hint of disdain on his face. She lowered her head and her eyes could not hide the happiness it bore.

So what if Su Huiqing had a better family background? She was a downright moron!

Su Huiqing casually threw the pen on the table and continued to lean against the chair, looking terribly bored.

When she heard Yu Xiangyang’s muttering, she gave an insouciant laugh. He could not understand those symbols?

It was great that he did not understand it!

This language was specifically used in the International Association. If he understood it, then he was considered a genius!

After an hour, Mr. Xie knocked on the table. “Please place your papers on the upper left corner of the table, and feel free to chat with your classmates.”

With that, he walked ahead and passed by the tables.

There was a piece of paper on everyone’s table and he merely gave a glance at it before walking off. Since he had a refined face, no one could tell what he was thinking by his expression.

The people could not help but hold their breaths as they stared at him walking past tables one by one!

No one could make him stop for at least ten seconds!

“It looks like only Anan will earn the teacher’s favor again.”

Psh… Do you even have to say it out loud?”

“Other than her, who else could it be!”


Xie Zhengyuan walked towards Shen Anan’s side and momentarily paused. “Did you write with your left hand?”

Shen Anan clutched her palms tightly and tried to suppress the excitement in her heart. “Yes, Mr. Xie.”

Xie Zhengyuan nodded his head and walked away. He passed by another table before walking towards Su Huiqing’s table. He had only glossed over her paper, but then his gaze suddenly narrowed upon noticing something. He then blankly stared at that white sheet of paper sitting atop her table!

He raised his head to look at Su Huiqing, and he spoke after a long while. “What is your name?”

Su Huiqing turned his head and slightly squinted her eyes. “Su Huiqing.”

Xie Zhengyuan’s eyes were deep, and he had instantly suppressed the rampant emotions he had inside. “Today’s class will end here. We will continue next week.”

With that, he left with hurried footsteps.

Su Huiqing raised her brow and took another look at the paper on the table. The words were unreadable, such that not even people familiar with such words could recognize them!

She retracted her gaze and lifted her backpack with two fingers. She had kicked her chair before she lazily walked out of the classroom.

The students in the classrooms were all lost in their thoughts.

Su Huiqing—that useless piece of trash got their teacher’s attention? This was the biggest joke they had seen this year!

Zhang Mingxi stood up with a ‘bang’ and walked towards Su Huiqing’s seat. He took the piece of paper on her desk and momentarily froze once he saw what she had written on it. He then threw it away without hesitation. He could not hide the sharp contempt in his eyes as he shouted, “A useless piece of trash is indeed one! And here I thought she grew up and became smarter! Tsk! I can’t believe she even dared to show such alien scribbles and embarrass herself!”

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